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Top 20 non-legendary pokemon

Продолжительность: 00:04:59

This is the video of my Top 20 Non-legendary pokemons :D Hope you will enjoy watching it :) Sorry that some of the pictures is bad quality :/

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Написал: Cj Crowder, 26.06.2014, 20:48

Tyranatar could kill umbreon and what about gyarados?
Написал: agus aba, 09.06.2014, 11:45

Написал: neoleon gamez, 04.02.2014, 18:56

yeah lucario is the best!
Написал: Ardcraft Master Of Awesomeness, 29.01.2014, 22:59

Написал: Sonicfan3841, 11.08.2012, 12:35

This isn't the anime.
Написал: m15starrrad, 12.02.2013, 00:05

Написал: Chris Middleton, 17.08.2012, 20:50

Top 20 non-legendary pokemon
Написал: AdamLad00, 29.08.2012, 10:48

Tyranitar should of been in top 5
Написал: Etienne Planche, 07.11.2012, 21:33

Flygon is a lot better then umbreon, and Flygon is not on!
Написал: tehraider123, 23.09.2012, 00:25

Abra=Turns into a dude with a beard Magikarp=Turns into a draconic killing machine of killing and death and pain
Написал: Ollie Hogan, 26.08.2013, 16:07

Tyranitar 18???? Wth... Where is slaking? top 5: 1. Tyranitar 2. Dragonite 3. Slaking 4. Metagross 5. Garchomp Where is Gyrados as well? Mothim is rubbish!!!!!!!!
Написал: Troll Army, 04.06.2013, 00:00

Написал: cat kennerty, 24.08.2013, 14:50

lucario is legendary
Написал: psycoteck0808, 24.07.2012, 07:11

about half this list is bad and while i like starters i think they should not be included in the list i group them seperatly like i do with legendarys and the rest of the pokemon population
Написал: Andrew Zbinden, 29.10.2012, 14:44

Sorry, but all dragon types are 4x weak to ice type moves. Another thing, where is Gyarados? Where is Magnezone?? I like Glaceon better than Jolteon. And Umbreon is the defensive one out of the "Eeveelutions". And as for any other dark type, Hitmonlee is my choice. \m/
Написал: Kelli Gillette, 23.07.2012, 09:45

lucario is a legendary!! and umbreon is not best!!! MAMOSWINE ISINT THERE!!!!!! finally motim sucks
Написал: aemUnited1878, 27.10.2012, 20:50

wheres Wobbufet? Hes one of the best!
Написал: DrakenHero34andDrega, 21.07.2012, 04:01

The truth. This person speaks it.
Написал: shadowslash932, 25.03.2013, 19:42

For everyone complaining about there favourite not getting on and pokemon you think don't deserve to get on two words "his list"
Написал: Cory Steinle, 20.03.2013, 22:51

jolteon at number 5...really? I have one in SoulSilver and it blows.
Написал: egXheadshot, 20.10.2012, 22:14

charizard so low , salamence so low, dragonite even low this is the best non legendary trio
Написал: TrainerRed357, 22.07.2012, 02:09

its called every electric pokemon one weakness
Написал: Nick Hazard, 03.12.2012, 23:38

Написал: ismaelduran15, 07.08.2013, 02:47

Good video!
Написал: Ursula Martinez, 30.11.2012, 21:43

umbrono is cool,where's absol