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Double-Wheel Hollow Grinder

Продолжительность: 00:05:16

double wheel hollow grinder, rough grinding an 8/8s razor

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Написал: lewisrazors, 09.05.2014, 03:34

+gottlieb goltz I have a few kbextra razors, they are excellent shavers, I like them a lot.
Написал: MrLiamCooley, 07.07.2014, 21:56

That is wicked cool man! Why do you not use it much anymore? Would it not be more precise? 
Написал: Jim Barton, 06.01.2014, 17:39

why don't you use this set up anymore?
Написал: Dan Lewis, 03.01.2014, 15:44

Neat set up! I didn't think it really existed. Cool!
Написал: P0tat0_craft, 28.12.2013, 02:33

That's a lot of wasted material 
Написал: Matthew Smith, 30.07.2014, 23:53

What's your opinion on flat bevel vs slightly curved? I sent my chisels away to be re ground and they came back curved! Not sure if I like it!
Написал: VideoNOLA, 05.04.2014, 09:59

Is there absolutely 0% chance of the finished product being propelled at high speed into the forehead of the operator? Watching this makes me worry.
Написал: Darth Bancid, 01.06.2014, 00:39

What grit paper are you using?
Написал: Don Cornwall, 17.02.2014, 17:25

Very Cool
Написал: pa maj, 12.06.2014, 05:52

Написал: وهيب صلاح, 08.03.2014, 11:37

Написал: wfd805, 26.01.2014, 19:53

This is the first time in 20 years that I've seen this set up. Delbert Clark of Clark Knives made a grinder like this in the late 70's and it was cut up and sold in pieces after his passing. Thank you for the walk back! Nice work, by the way!
Написал: Graham Martin, 10.12.2013, 15:51

That is a fantastic way of hollow grinding! I'm no expert on hollow grinding, so I don't know how well the grinds come out in the end, but for time sake, this is an excellent way of doing it!
Написал: AnatoFIN, 05.06.2014, 23:14

Considering some safety issues with that grinder. If that peace manages to fit trough those 2 wheels it might end in to your forehead. Secondly those wheels should be covered and put some lexan in front of machine.
Написал: Celestino Clemente, 03.03.2014, 19:40

Can we see your your single wheel hollow grinder?
Написал: Jakobie14, 26.11.2013, 09:03

Give it a point and a straighter blade. Easier to sharpen. Add grips that feel good in the hand, and boom. Easy seller.
Написал: bjorn derks, 27.05.2014, 20:15

You are the boss
Написал: RainboWw Dash., 21.06.2014, 19:11

Hallo!What power the engine and how many revolutions per minute?And оn the length of the tape which is designed grinder?
Написал: unclemur1, 29.05.2014, 16:56

Good idea using 2 Belt Disc Sanders to sharpen the blade ! But, it may need frequent change of belts in production !
Написал: Medial Fluxocity, 09.11.2013, 00:04

Great tool, I need to make more space so I can build some more tools
Написал: Dust Devil, 30.11.2013, 06:31

Personally, I like that Dovo Gentleman's 5/8" set you have - but guess the wife isn't getting that 'holiday hint' good enough... Beautiful razors, though.
Написал: Machtek Polska, 09.12.2013, 00:33

It's very interesting.
Написал: steffankaizer, 20.07.2014, 13:17

i had this idea about using 2 stone grinding wheels just like this but a lot bigger and make all my knifes a little hollow. that way they are easier to resharpen with a flat stone and the angle should be correct every time. is that a good idea? what are the weaknesses of the hollow grind?
Написал: tryagain1, 16.12.2013, 18:09

This is very dangerous!! It can wedge and broke hands 
Написал: slim salha, 03.03.2014, 16:11

very nice.