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Pokemon Black Lets Play - Part 78 - The End?

Продолжительность: 01:02:20

Hello Youtube, Today marks the end of my Pokemon Black Lets Play. When I started out I set a goal, and that was to Obtain all unova Pokemon, Finnish the main story line and finish the after game. When Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 were announced in February of 2012 I decided to Make it a goal to finish before the Japanese Release. As it shows today, I have met my goal. :) Please be sure to Subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with my recordings and Black 2 White 2 coverage. :) I shall upload my Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Lets Play as soon as the game released for Japan. :) Enjoy, and Thank you all for watching my 78 episode Lets Play of Pokemon Black.

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Написал: Kopator K, 26.06.2014, 14:26

Nice Lets Play!
Написал: Mwphoenix10, 25.01.2014, 01:43

Your team is not very balanced
Написал: Maddy Yarnold, 08.11.2012, 20:04

You should be able to beat the elite four with that team :D If not, try Victory Road
Написал: Game Playz, 19.06.2012, 19:25

Best LP Ever!!!
Написал: AngeloftheNight091, 19.06.2012, 18:26

Sure, Expect all my English Lets Plays to be the Extent this one was. ;) I really Enjoyed it. I plan to do every Pokemon game this way
Написал: AngeloftheNight091, 19.06.2012, 20:12

Sony Vegas Pro 10 is the Key to having great quality content. For the smoothness of the game you need to have a good enough console to run it ;)
Написал: AngeloftheNight091, 01.07.2012, 03:47

I will be doing this exact same thing when I do Black 2 in english and every other english lp.
Написал: jacky79322, 21.06.2012, 06:01

i think the music's kind of slow...
Написал: AngeloftheNight091, 19.06.2012, 20:56

they will be 10 - 20 mins long. Nothing mOre.. unless i forget to stop recording. haha
Написал: Willson Yu, 21.06.2012, 06:36

lookin forward to black 2,btw
Написал: Matthew Limjoco, 20.06.2012, 22:08

I m ready for black 2/ white 2
Написал: COCADAMONCOLA316, 12.05.2013, 00:03

why is it slow motion
Написал: AngeloftheNight091, 19.06.2012, 18:04

Thats why I am doing Black 2 and White 2 Next :)
Написал: Henning Rostock, 28.08.2013, 08:19

why is it only half speeded or am i just too high lol
Написал: NotGonna TellU, 02.04.2013, 14:22

KInda overleveled? :p
Написал: pokemon4621, 07.07.2012, 22:45

Ignore that last one XD
Написал: Willson Yu, 21.06.2012, 06:34

wish i can hear ur voice
Написал: PaxtonXP, 21.06.2012, 02:12

Mence Sent Me From Twitter, lol
Написал: BioVirulent, 11.06.2013, 21:15

I haven't seen this playthrough, but the way you set up the video itself is amazing. Great job.
Написал: iRule, 07.11.2012, 15:29

Most let's plays have commentary?
Написал: reaper aqua, 13.07.2013, 08:37

this was amazing
Написал: Alisha Barresi, 30.10.2012, 17:53

I really need to play this one day..
Написал: Tobey Parker, 12.11.2012, 00:07

gamefreak ftw
Написал: AngeloftheNight091, 21.06.2012, 01:23

Thanks ;)
Написал: finalformsonic, 19.06.2012, 18:20

Ever thought about playing through VoltWhite/BlazeBlack?