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world war two

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Написал: ghos7bear, 27.08.2012, 03:01

Ha-ha, he keeps living in his dreamland where people do things for no reason and logic is non-existent.
Написал: George Benthen, 12.11.2012, 21:42

ya like canada could do shit against hitler lol
Написал: Martyn, 10.12.2012, 15:21

Comment (1/2) You think the Soviet Union could win World War 2 alone? Without the British, The Soviet Union would fall during Operation Barbarossa and Blue, The Soviets would be exiled past the Urals to fight guerrilla warfare campaign against the Axis invadors. You fail to understand, The Allies kept millions of Axis soldiers from the Eastern Front thousands of tanks, aircraft. How do you explain 1945 = The Allies having 6+ Million Axis POWs?
Написал: maddkraut03, 24.11.2012, 18:17

The allies won the war, the russian army wasnt able to feed itself. The US was feeding most of the russian army , russians developed a taste for spam. Also,much other war material was provided to russia by the us. If it wasnt for the dday invasion, the germans could have held off the russians most likely somewhere in western poland. And thank god for capitalism. Communism has been proven to suck. Today we do not have true capitalism in the US, we are going toward marxism fast.
Написал: SuomiTheFinlandia, 26.08.2012, 12:18

A famine can be genocide if it is man made, like Holodomor was. Nowhere else such death tolls occurred due to famines. Again, I ask you for a proof for that ''barely anyone survived''. One thing connects you russkies; you yell '' yes finns really killed 6,7 million people in karelia and then tortured the corpses and ate the babies and...'' without any proofs. You know, your words have no weight, because they cannot be proven :)
Написал: elsmurft, 24.11.2012, 20:45

2. and about the 5 years plan let me give you some facts. The first five year plan was from 1928-1932. the second five year plan was from 1933-1937. the third five year plan was from 1938-1941 and another one after the war. Each plan set a gold which industries and factory had to meet the targets were very high and couldn't be met "except for the 2" but vast improvements were made every time The emphasis was on heavy industries such as coal, oil, iron and steel and electricity and the economy.
Написал: Charles McGlade, 01.11.2012, 00:24

How did this survive the Cold War? It's no wonder that there are so many scenes which I have never seen, US propaganda supporting the Russians. Every American kid should see it - and maybe they will.
Написал: Richard Rosenvinge, 31.10.2012, 17:07

what a big time of horse shit
Написал: CoreMusicFreak, 20.08.2012, 12:01

the same with lithuanians. Especially religious lithuanians. BTW Armia Krajowa did genocide of local lithuanians in Vilnius. That is all I want to say
Написал: SuomiTheFinlandia, 26.08.2012, 12:20

Oh my god... do you expect me to understand that google translate text which makes no sence at all...?
Написал: Martyn, 03.12.2012, 18:58

The Battle of Briain 1940 was everything, Hitler was defeated and Operation Sealion the invasion of Britain was called off. "IF" Britain had been defeated or accepted Peace-Talks, The Soviet Union would lose alone. The Battle of El Alamein marked the end of Hitlers Campaign in Africa, Much like Stalingrad in Russia, The Battle of Malta was the key to Victory in North-Africa and the Med Campaigns, Without Malta = Hitler could not win in Africa. The North-African Campaign was vital!
Написал: SuomiTheFinlandia, 27.08.2012, 13:35

You basicly already wished me goodbye, so f*ck off then and dont come back to talk to me if you've nothing to say.
Написал: Vadim Prozorov, 30.09.2013, 18:28

Brilliant. The proper way to do documentaries.
Написал: Sam Packinpah was a classical composer, 08.12.2012, 04:17

In Yugoslavia there were huge operations against partisans and at least 35 axis divisions were there. I don't know number of divisions in Greece. But where did your Brits engage 35 German or Italian divisions before middle of 1943.? In operation Barbarossa there were 190 German and 50 satelite divisions. Back up your statements with numbers at least. Number of German tanks in France in 1944. is below 2.000. Airplanes 2.000. But did they fight until 1944.? And with Brits? Give me numbers.
Написал: SuomiTheFinlandia, 26.08.2012, 11:24

And I find it kinda ironic to see all those accusations coming from a defender of soviet union who ran the Gulag labour camps where millions died and who committed many mass murders, even against it's own people..
Написал: MrReco12, 25.10.2012, 07:50

The song at the end?
Написал: Erich Schachermayer, 28.10.2012, 12:19

aber aber! so schlimme sachen über den verbündeten frankreich!was hat der de gaulle dazu gesagt??? die grande nation so zu verunglimpfen!pfui! das war doch nur ein taktischer rückzug vom großen feldherren napoleon!dafür haben die franzosen das nato hauptquartier rausgeschmissen!
Написал: elsmurft, 22.11.2012, 15:50

not counter revolutionaries but greedy kulaks. what you gonna say next that Stalin kill 100,000,000 of his own people because he didn't have anything better to do.
Написал: Carlos Roso, 04.08.2012, 13:28

ixonixas, I read a lot of your comments, little boy, and I have something to tell you. Do you know Jerry, the cute mouse? He also did nasty things to poor Tom... And Cinderella, how sorry I am for her... And hundreds of other human tragedies... yes, I understand your tears.
Написал: Martyn, 25.11.2012, 18:04

D-Day was 1944, Hitler had lost the war in Europe 1943 - Battle of Kursk. The US arrived on the winning side, Hitler was been defeated on all fronts = Europe and Africa. The Soviet Industry was the second biggest on the planet, Stalin had the biggest Armies,Airforce and the most tanks in the world. The British-Commonwealth also sent supply and to Russia and most of all intel. The British-Commonwealth could open without the US, Hitlers Armies were in the Eastern Front!
Написал: CoreMusicFreak, 17.08.2012, 15:47

We should feel responsable for what nazies and "Armia Krajowa" did? What the hell?
Написал: Kaptain Kanada, 08.11.2012, 01:56

Stalin was a worse mass murderer than Hitler, although maybe only because he was in power longer. In any case, "our noble allies" were no better than "the fiendish enemy".
Написал: Martyn, 05.12.2012, 11:07

You just dont seem to understand! "IF" Britain was defeated during the Battle of Britain 1940 or accepted peace-talks = Hitler and Allies would focus everything they had into the Eastern Front 1941+ and the Soviet Union would be defeated alone and without help! Do you really think the Soviet Union could win World War 2 alone? You are ignoring how important the Battle of Britain was 1940!
Написал: Vigilante Man, 13.11.2012, 23:54

I like how the Mongols are left out. The Mongols ruled Russia 1240-1480, so ya, this qualifies as propaganda.
Написал: George Benthen, 23.10.2012, 22:06

actually, ukraine was a part of russia for hundreds of years. Poland recieved (demanded by USSR) a huge piece of Germany which they of course will never return. There is not much difference between huge empires like russia, us or great britain. They all do bad things to keep themselves at a high level.