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A walk @ Boot Hill, Tombstone, Arizona

Продолжительность: 00:02:04

a short walk @ boot hill 2 min of old wild west enjoy.

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Написал: CA1965, 31.03.2007, 01:03

yes it is ca
Написал: Joseph Gelb, 04.12.2009, 06:27

Написал: gunslingingardener, 09.09.2009, 23:05

Do you have any info on this gunslinger Jim Gardner who is buried in Arizona?
Написал: Robert Smith, 03.06.2010, 21:21

Been there, thanks-a cool spot. I've got to get back one day!
Написал: CA1965, 13.08.2009, 06:43

well it is something like an outside museum i guess and don´t forget it´s very hot and dry there in south Arizona and that preserves .
Написал: CA1965, 20.06.2009, 06:07

sh*t happens - from time to time ;)
Написал: quiconjinn, 21.05.2012, 13:43

Wow i didnt know Marshal Fred White was buried there to, but then again he was of course shot in tombstone by Curly Bill Brocius who was later shot by the famous man himself.
Написал: Faztlan, 06.03.2009, 02:44

Poor Guy who was hanged by mitake!! 1:30
Написал: IExposeMormonism, 04.07.2009, 20:47

I saw Lester Moore's grave in 1963 and it's burned permanently in my brain with laughter.
Написал: ltuomela, 22.07.2010, 18:22

here lies Lester Moore four slugs from a 44 no less no Moore..lmao!..would love to see a tombstone say that..weeeeee
Написал: Johi2410, 12.05.2009, 16:35

Yep. You really breathered Wild West air there, didn't you!?!
Написал: colorak, 05.12.2007, 21:49

his name was Gardiner, Jim Gardiner a gun slinger,but... r i p...
Написал: CA1965, 27.10.2007, 17:47

well (lol) that is shoes 2.0 on stony ground a small step for mankind but a big one for .....
Написал: martha west, 13.07.2012, 21:58

At :32, there is one tombstone with 5 names on it. Does that mean they dumped them all in that one grave?
Написал: googooghost, 25.07.2007, 22:41

this is where bad man of USA go crazy with guns and shoot other peoples for fun and people get pleasurings. I like it!
Написал: CA1965, 30.05.2009, 06:42

i am sorry for that mistake but i was a little bit of a hurry that day :-)
Написал: CA1965, 06.03.2009, 15:20

:-) Forrest Gump would say - shit happens - from time to time
Написал: Katwagner55, 08.07.2010, 01:45

@oneandatwo - It looks fake because it is reconstructed. Over the years, Boothill Cemetery in Tombstone fell into disrepair. As you can see it is out in the middle of nowhere. All the original markers disappeared. However, they did have a map of the graves and who was in them. So with historic site funding, they identified and remarked the graves and put a protective fence around it with a full time caretaker. You can only get in there during certain hours and days.
Написал: selenawannabe, 24.10.2007, 07:38

interesting sound effects lol!
Написал: johnny kline, 10.06.2009, 23:12

I was there
Написал: mikeymartinez01, 27.03.2007, 22:57

is this the real tombstone?
Написал: CA1965, 12.05.2009, 22:16

yes i think for a short moment i did .. :-)
Написал: Lyle Brunson, 20.09.2010, 17:25

The entire Cemetery is a fake and nothing more than a tourist trap. The Actual Boot Hill Cemetary is located a few hundred feet off of Fitch Street (1/2 mile West of the fake Boothill) and only contains 4 verified remains. It is now on private property and is not "Advertised" for obvious reasons. The Tombstone Cemetary is at 602 W. Allen Street and does have graves dating from the late 1800's. It does conain some not so well known individuals but just as colorful.
Написал: Revelation181, 05.06.2009, 10:14

1:35 "Hanged by Mistake" ??? Nice thing to put on a tombstone, huh?
Написал: Johi2410, 03.05.2009, 19:57

Did you also see the McLowrie/ Clanton gravesite? I didn't see it in the video. The two McLowries and the young Billie Clanton were the ones killed at the "famous" O.K. Corral fight in '81. This sure looks like a scary place. A whole lot of history in this cemetary!