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Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Royce Gracie

Продолжительность: 00:24:23

SoftBank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElit (02nd, June 2007 / Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, U.S.A.) [ MMA Rules / 5Min 3R ] Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan) vs. Royce Gracie (Brazil)

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Написал: dosdadio siapa, 11.11.2014, 01:13

use what is practical for real survival fight where anything can be use by each opponent. In a street fight- a term to mean a fight outside the ring but on any ground or place with no rules prohibiting each opponent to use any means of strike or place to strike, use whatever practical to beat your opponent. But first and foremost you should be able to punch and kick fast and hard because delivering a knocking impact is the most and best convenient and practical way to knock out ur opponent. 2nd comes the choke, bar and throws but this will take complicate way to do it. The punch with other strikes by extending the hand are easy to use since instinctive.
Написал: Aaron, 04.10.2014, 21:32

Написал: Yudi Hilmawan, 01.08.2014, 21:22

Lol... Even with steroid royce gracie is still fighting like a little bitch. BJJ/GJJ is the most useless martial art in the world because if you figthing on the street by lying on the ground like this little bicth (royce gracie) your opponent can easly crush your balls or your head with his foot. Wrestling or Judo is better than BJJ/GJJ.
Написал: Iron Aged, 07.08.2014, 04:31

Unlike the audience with their boos and the referees with their interruptions the contestants were very classy. To me it was very impressive (and refreshing) to see two contestants in a competition like that be so classy and respectful to each other. I liked it when Sakuraba was told that Gracies grandfather wanted to meet him. I couldn't shake the feeling I was witnessing some sort of historic moment in time. As for the fight, if the referees had let them work their craft then we may have seen a submission, but they kept breaking it up. At one point Gracie had Sakuraba on the ropes and was working his legs hard and his face, kidneys, liver, etc and they broke it up. I could see the frustration on both fighters faces when they keep telling them to show some action. It WAS action. All of it. That's what they do. These aren't two schmoes from Jersey slugging it out. These are masters who aren't going to make stupid moves just to "crank it up" for the audience. They work those body parts, work those legs, eventually something gives, and that one special moment one of them is looking for happens and they go in for the kill. It was like the refs were trying to turn a submission match into a boxing match. Anyway I liked it. Thought it was an amazing match to get to see. 
Написал: realm316, 16.11.2014, 15:50

I want my 10 minutes back. That was a waste of time.
Написал: The great one The great one, 15.11.2014, 09:27

So boring I had to forward . 
Написал: KidsKicksforChrist, 10.11.2014, 22:11

booo is right, get up off the ground baby, six minute in shut it off,, booooooooooooooo
Написал: FrankHansen RnDude, 09.11.2014, 03:54

If its someone who should be drug tested there its the judges they had to be on some serious hallucinogens. who knows what illusions they did see some crazy jean claude van damme moments those foot slaps from gracie over and over again and a from back to fly kick HIIIAAHHHH
Написал: Bushi Seikatsu, 05.11.2014, 13:35

I am sick of hearing people say that BJJ is great for street fighting. BJJ isn't always suitable to every situation, which is why they include striking in their training, (the primary purpose is to eht a submit or choke out) they wouldn't need to if ground grappling was always an option and guaranteed which it isn't because for this fight, Royce Gracie had muay thai training! BJJ on it's own isn't as good as people still make it out to be. You need to study all martial concepts, you can't just rely on one strategy (I'll take down and try to get a submission or choke) because it seems the easiest. The more people learn BJJ style of fighting, the more fighters from others style adapt, as has happened over the past decade. BJJ only fighters, even the Gracies, are not proficient strikers, so when they face a guy who is a good hitter and/or quick to avoid their attempts to takedown (as does happen) the BJJ guys are left vulnerable if they can't defend strikes and strike back. This is why MMA has taken over from the BJJ era. The only reason the Gracies were dominant during the 90's is because they fought in a way that others were unfamiliar with, that kind of event with it's rules were new. The guys they fought were predominantly strikers, kickboxers for example. Why do you think the Gracies only really compete in the combat sports where the rules suit their style. None of them have been in a K-1 kickboxing or muay thai style fight. Now others know their way, BJJ only fighters are not dominant anymore. I don’t care what anyone says, in my experience BJJ is not always good for live street defence for reasons that seem so obvious to me.
Написал: NATURUL CAUSEZ, 20.08.2014, 08:47

Royce Gracie Was So Truly amazing When The first and second And Arguably The third UFC came out Just because Of the fact that no one knew how or even about ground fighting People Just simply Knew To kick And punch but with Brazilian Jujitsu He blew people away with such fast Moves and Such Effective Moves. Later On Other People Learn't to do ground fighting and he More or less did not learn To Kick-Box and such and thats why he lost some times. Truly The UFC was made so People could see what the Best Fighting Style was He Fought and beat Sumo wrestlers And Kick boxers and karate Men And Proofed That BJJ Was the best. I Think He Is awesome 
Написал: Dann Maza, 02.11.2014, 13:50

Написал: Reoagentmi, 17.10.2014, 18:45

good fight, I am a Saku fan, but Royce fought a very tactical, well planned out fight. His kickboxing skills improved greatly. He out hustled Saku and kept it standing where he was better this time. I liked the way he stayed out of Saku's strength which is groundwork and guard passing. I had it close, but to Royce.
Написал: General420smoke, 19.08.2014, 21:17

to bad sakuraba never faced rickson. rickson was the biggest champ in the gracie family.
Написал: Cris Fakenames, 28.10.2014, 02:05

The Gracies are the most overrated martial arts "legends" of all time.
Написал: Jesse J, 20.09.2014, 14:24

Sakuraba destroyed the Gracie bullshit legend. Except for Rickson who was too chicken to face Sakuraba. Rickson got out because he knew he couldn't beat any of the new guys who were all learning grappling. Sakuraba uses Catch Wrestling here which is more effective than jiujitsu when learned correctly. Sakuraba was the last great catch wrestler.
Написал: Historical Docs., 21.10.2014, 04:11

omg. what a lazy performance. they both suck. 
Написал: Bobak Behzadi, 17.09.2014, 04:13

Gracie killer Sakuraba
Написал: FrankHansen RnDude, 09.11.2014, 03:26

if they get same point for those foot slaps from ground as the kick standing its just stupid
Написал: HAAS Channel, 03.10.2014, 12:06

Sakuraba was fighting as a real samurai warrior, where Gracie was obviously wanted the win regardless the way.. I love BJJ, but Sakuraba was just amazing and he owned the fight. 
Написал: dicky telecaster nugroho, 01.10.2014, 07:27

Написал: InformationIsTheEdge, 28.09.2014, 15:45

Why can't both of these dudes lose this fight? Clearly they were more focused on not losing than on fighting. What a boring turd. Seriously the only winner of this match-up is whoever pocketed the gate or cashed the check for the television rights.
Написал: Jeffrey Almonte, 26.05.2014, 15:38

On or Off Roids, I still feel like Royce Gracie dead lost this fight lol.
Написал: FrankHansen RnDude, 07.11.2014, 02:30

Omg what a disgrase rise up man you are not a seal
Написал: BlackStarKeepShining, 24.09.2013, 21:36

I don't want to hear it, you dumb bitch. I am not a country. Write a letter to the government if you're mad about something, not me.
Написал: WOLFGANG5520, 26.10.2013, 00:54

Don't confuse brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Gracie Jiu Jitsu. very limited? Depends on who you fight? May not be enough against some UFC fighters but UFC banned joint lock manipulations.But against anybody else even a brown belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu would beat almost anybody.what is your system