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Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Royce Gracie

Продолжительность: 00:24:23

SoftBank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElit (02nd, June 2007 / Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, U.S.A.) [ MMA Rules / 5Min 3R ] Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan) vs. Royce Gracie (Brazil)

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Написал: sakuraba1982, 27.12.2013, 07:39

Total bs they should go back and change this to a no contest
Написал: Jeffrey Almonte, 26.05.2014, 15:38

On or Off Roids, I still feel like Royce Gracie dead lost this fight lol.
Написал: mcpartridgeboy, 09.04.2014, 10:58

shit, if knew getting hit was how to win a mma contest id be the champ ! should have joined ages ago id have got hit way better than royce did, though royce was obviously determined 
Написал: Oystein Haugen, 19.01.2014, 00:52

Well... Royce was on roids...
Написал: Necronaut, 01.01.2014, 02:25

gracie would have submitted him if there was no time limit, plain and simple.
Написал: Ian Hollinhead, 14.06.2014, 00:05

Have you seen the "Fighting Dirty" Documentary by Brandon Bender? That guy has ended all of his matches in the first round.
Написал: Boondock Saint, 02.03.2014, 19:48

Royce DisGracie was on steroids
Написал: bluenickels, 02.05.2014, 16:29

It sickens me to see Royce's steroid swollen face sucking air, trying to get that Kimura. I've grown to loathe Royce over the years and take such pleasure in seeing him get beaten. Not sorry.
Написал: bus ban, 17.04.2014, 09:44

its look like new sex position....
Написал: Plus Aero Services, 02.05.2014, 04:19

After UFC III Royce become a very boring fighter to watch. He stopped being attractive to fans due to his limited evolution to an actual MMA fighter over just an BJJ grappler. Rickson was a real MMA fighter from the beginning. 
Написал: SecretDimension, 16.04.2014, 08:13

This was the fight that Royce took steroids for (and its been proven). He had such little faith in his own skills!
Написал: dick tracy, 27.07.2014, 17:29

I can't see how Gracie won this fight.Sakuraba was clearly the aggressor and controlled most of the fight. Politics, politics. 
Написал: NewAmericaNow, 13.07.2014, 04:33

Grand Master Helio Gracie, The Original Ultimate Fighter. Ush
Написал: Kirito Kun, 20.07.2014, 04:06

I think rickson was better.
Написал: gekiryudojo, 19.03.2014, 16:05

nothing happened so no contest. But I did learn how to frustrate BJJ
Написал: Darran Kern, 23.04.2014, 09:31

Man what a stalemate. Sakura's definitely had the upper hand in standup, and I score it 29-28 with Sakuraba winning the first two rounds. Sak wanted that Kimura in the worst way and Royce wouldn't let him come anywhere close to it. A pretty boring fight. Sak really shoulda pushed his striking advantage. Guess he wanted the submission more than the win... :(
Написал: MannyMMA, 17.06.2014, 00:53

20:50 was that Dennis Rodman or Kevin Randleman hahahaha
Написал: furiousmat, 12.06.2014, 04:16

lol how could this be scored for Royce.. seriously.. he lost that fight he wasn't able to do anything with his BJJ, and ate multiple bombs.
Написал: Andry Safis, 29.05.2014, 05:54

Please! mature.
Написал: TheMan, 22.04.2014, 15:21

I am the MAN.
Написал: SignOfCross, 15.02.2014, 16:15

Master Helio! Oss!
Написал: ETsonggalaxy, 15.05.2014, 03:41

Dam good even match! They are both so good! Their skills are excellent! Japanese are tough!
Написал: PaddyIrishman, 01.01.2014, 11:28

2 legends
Написал: Iain Clark, 02.05.2014, 07:37

The crowd are disrespectful assholes. Try going just 5min in the ring and see if you still want to boo at the quiet moments.
Написал: truuguy, 27.05.2014, 15:44

Looked to me Kazushi pretty much got the better of Royce in every round except for the beginning of round 2. At best I would have made round two a draw. That knock down in the first round should have given Kaz that round. Royce did not do anything substantial to redeem that round. He spent the vast majority of it on his back kicking at dudes legs. The second round, Royce was seasoning dude's legs pretty well with outer and inner leg kicks, but Kaz came back with that flurry of mauy thai knees. Every time they got in close during stand up, I think Kaz got the better of the exchange. I also feel like Kaz was the aggressor when they were on the ground as well. I don't see how they gave that to Royce..