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Paint with Kevin Hill - Still Waters

Продолжительность: 00:10:43

Paint with Kevin Hill - Still Waters how to oil paint

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Написал: hương nguyễn, 18.09.2014, 08:49 so beautiful.i readly like your pictures.
Написал: Nancy SEOSERVICESIT, 05.09.2014, 11:19

Написал: Vũ Đăng Quang, 28.04.2014, 06:03

wow, so beautiful.....
Написал: afonsooex1, 17.07.2014, 12:58

qual cores você usa?
Написал: ervin cruz, 10.03.2014, 00:31

wao I like brother.. I like paint too. But i don't Have experience. 
Написал: ShamalamadingDONG, 31.12.2013, 08:01

Wow, what talent! Such a beautiful painting :) 
Написал: DJ Jamison, 22.11.2013, 22:49

pretty solid
Написал: sindynr2, 18.09.2012, 21:15

Hi :D I'm a beginner and I was just wondering, do you allways thin your colors?
Написал: Lion Heart, 23.02.2013, 12:22

you use watercolors in oil or acrylic?
Написал: Abby M, 15.03.2013, 01:46

I got this instuctional DVD when it was first released, Kevin explains and demonstrates in the intro on a seperate canvas before getting into the painting the techniques needed and more to paint this beautiful scene. With close up shots right up to the canvas he shows you how to form a mountain, and how to highlight it-very detailed. Also, he deomstrates how to form the trees, bushes, and highlighting them. Water reflections, much more. Then, he starts the painting with step by step..
Написал: CHloE748, 15.01.2013, 05:57

Okay, love your vids but u have questions. When you start your painting what's on it? Do you prep it with gesso? Is it just gesso and acrylic on top? Does wet on wet mean there's a layer of paint thinner on the canvas first? How do you prep the canvas?? Thanks:)
Написал: KDF Garcia, 12.06.2013, 01:29

Like it!!!
Написал: Joey Dallos, 10.07.2013, 02:26

Everyone loves prussa! I mean prussian blue.
Написал: frittle79, 16.09.2012, 00:11

mr.hill i am struggling with putting snow on my mountains..i look at other pics and the snow looks like its broken up or something...when i do it it just smears you have any suggestions to what i'm doing wrong?
Написал: xxbigkisses, 15.09.2012, 03:00

wow. that is a nice peaceful picture. do you know how to paint any landscape fall or autumn with the wind blowing the leaves or something like that? id like to watch you do that. you certainly have my attention. you are so talented. you are enjoyable to watch and i understand your instruction. thanks.
Написал: RedonneMoi1712, 24.12.2012, 21:46

i think it would be awesome if you loose a little bit of that bob-ross-style and start something unique from u! :)
Написал: Jose Carlos, 01.11.2013, 21:35

comecei hoje a ver e no meu ver é muito lindo, perfeito e natural.
Написал: frittle79, 16.09.2012, 14:31

HEY THANX KEVIN.....that helped...i lighten up the base coat and and didnt put my forefinger on the blade and it worked...hey if you get a chance could you do a vid on how you apply the base coat?
Написал: bigobigolo, 21.09.2012, 13:14

Hi Kevin, I'm a beginner and find your videos very useful. I would like to ask, if you could make a video to share how you plan your paintings. I notice you use terms like "undertones" and "overtones", and seem to paint background to foreground. It would be great to also understand your approach to the painting. Thanks! :)
Написал: Rosa Aguiar, 25.05.2013, 17:59

Написал: Abby M, 15.03.2013, 01:53

Cont. After the intro, he demonstrates step by step instruction on each technique to paint "Still Waters". In the end you will have a beautiful painting, and use the techniques for future paintings. I am a beginner, Kevin actually inspired me to paint and I thank him for that. I didnt think I could paint, however, with his instruction I can. I did watch it a couple of times before I actually started.
Написал: Sarah Edgecumbe, 16.09.2012, 02:34

Very nice!
Написал: Jennifer Refinn Art, 15.09.2012, 08:17

Pretty please make more videos. I like them very much. :)
Написал: Asoicerp Ravnbo, 31.10.2012, 14:20

im also a beginner, im trying hard and i found your work inspiring and are a good young artist, quiet and dilligent...keep up
Написал: KevinOilPainting, 19.09.2012, 01:05

i only thin the paint when it won't stick any other way :)