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how to crack 4 digit lotteries.avi

Продолжительность: 00:03:09

One quick method of cracking a four digit lottery.

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Написал: Maurence Gibson, 05.10.2014, 10:09

what? I'm confused.
Написал: Barbara Casanas, 18.09.2014, 02:33

Could you please help me with florida play 4 with 8079 I thont know how too do the formula with this
Написал: LSG LT, 02.11.2014, 18:14

what a fag
Написал: fany rosas, 27.09.2014, 21:36

explain more pliss!!!

The formula to 4 Digit for free. If the numbers do not connect to the hit. you are wasting your time. All numbers connect.
Написал: Fernando Garcia, 02.08.2014, 19:53

Could you please send me the steps to make your system work in FL?
Написал: MIANY8, 04.05.2014, 03:04

My question to "youcanwinpick3" is if you are "winning" with your system why are you charging people to help them win too? Either your not really winning or your a really money greedy person.
Написал: siththai sayasone, 28.05.2014, 08:24

Hello, Tomi, i like this tips, i am interested of this VDO, but i got confuse, can you explain to me please!! where 20 and 100 come from ? and where is 8 and 10 and 200 and 6 come from? please clearly how to get these number?
Написал: wotan237, 18.08.2014, 18:13

I too am fascinated by theory or law of large numbers states: each game the odds are reset, ie no prior game has ANY bearing on the outcome of the next game.....HOWEVER- patterns exist. Now- are they due to a too small sample being analyzed, meaning that if the smple were larger, the pattern would statistically vanish....OR is there something else going on?
Написал: Wenny Vazquez, 14.03.2014, 09:20

your ways good but mine is better ..check my video on youtube or find me on facebook..
Написал: youcanwinpick3, 03.01.2014, 18:49

It looks good, but I have won the pick 3 and pick 4 many times using the Double 7 systems, go here:
Написал: Jimmy Lugo, 17.02.2014, 15:41

hey timothy can you explain in detail how to break down the following numbers 0709, 8572, 6070. What about in pick 3, I don't know if you have a video for, explain how can you break 050, 875, or 910, please can you explain.
Написал: Austin Nguyen, 05.12.2012, 20:49

can you send me your system please?
Написал: tomitheory, 29.04.2012, 06:05

my name is not Timothy. I hate SEXISM. Did I mention that? I am female.
Написал: TERRY CALEB, 20.03.2012, 23:42

Can Some Help Crack The The Txlottery Pick 3 And Pick 4
Написал: tomitheory, 03.02.2012, 00:48

@LikeTheTruck working on an easier way this week i found an arc/curve form that works too. I'd like to prove that this is an interval calendar also. that would be great! to win everyday!
Написал: boxing69, 30.10.2011, 20:35

@mukaikof it Was the Number On Top the 3266
Написал: Joan Lewis, 10.06.2012, 21:58

Hey Timothy I am having a horrible time with the Texas pick 3 I'm persistently getting 2 never all 3 numbers
Написал: mukaikof, 30.10.2011, 20:46

@boxing69 ok here are the numbers to play tonight for your state, always play these numbers "BOXED" never play straight. since you can matchg box in any order and have better chances of winning. for your state play these tonight (OCT 30,2011) 2543,4351,5574,1377,2753,1357,3724,2155,4377 play all these boxed and try it out tonight and tell me if you win anything. or if you dont want to play, then watch tonight and see what numbers come up and see if these numbers matched to any of the winningNM
Написал: boxing69, 30.10.2011, 21:03

@mukaikof Dammnnn Thankx im Going to Play if i Hit it Would Be A Blessing Because Since Yesterday i Became Homeless i Lost my Apt. But Thank you Again And God Bless.
Написал: tomitheory, 13.09.2011, 20:58

8825 would be this, 8 (mark), 82 (interval number to change or move), 5 (interval increase/how much to change the 82) on next line, then use total of number 8+8+2+5=23 as an increase, do not increase 23 intervals or (i), 23 usually it means divide 30 by 2, and the increase is only 15 intervals. the four digit lotteries use an interval of two. (*the problem is knowing where to subtract or what to subtract in decimal form). this can be a type of calendar but I can't prove it completely yet. :)
Написал: coolercounselor, 25.06.2012, 05:10

Why did u stop posting ur theories are very good!!
Написал: tomitheory, 01.02.2012, 01:17

@sooooooooosexyphilly On 3pick lotteries(TN lottery), 01/21/2012 "813" just added 6 from a previous number to total to 819 after 13 picks.number series is 328 =13 *(2-8=6), 813=12 then 01/28/2012 "819" after 13. navigation numbers: increase two intervals of 3 or add six to 813 after 13rows. It reconfigured today 01/31/2012 to "814". It used 01/27/2012 "865 = 19" to reconfigure. skip 5 rows, then 19-5=14, this is just recorded as a new mark of 8,14. (Mark as 6 above base)
Написал: PortCity08, 02.09.2012, 06:48

Hey could you email be the step by step for the pick 4 formula.
Написал: Hayokee J, 29.04.2012, 20:02

Sorry I didn't know plz forgive me.........