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Enya - Listen to the rain

Продолжительность: 00:04:10

Enya - Listen to te rain Everytime the rain comes down Close my eyes and listen I can hear the lonesome sound Of THE sky as it cries Listen to the rain Here it comes again Hear it in the rain Feel the touch of tears that fall They won't fall forever In the way the day will flow All things come, all things go Listen to the rain... the rain Here it comes again... again Hear it in the rain... the rain Late at night I drift away I can hear you calling And my name is in the rain Leaves on trees whispering Deep blue seas, mysteries Even when this moment ends Can't let go this feeling Everything will come on again In the sound falling down Of the sky as it cries Hear my name in the rain

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Написал: Marija Pavošević, 31.07.2014, 15:50

Написал: Gillian Uttridge, 23.08.2014, 17:39

Beautiful song 
Написал: Antonio Domenici, 30.07.2014, 11:27

Anche la pioggia può avere il suo fascino. Magari accompagnata dalla musica...
Написал: Dayna Quartz, 18.07.2014, 20:59

Youtube, I DONT want to see your 15 second mandatory, unskippable ads. I will ALWAYS mute, tab out or scroll to the comments to avoid watching / hearing the ad. Give it up already and give us back our five second, skippable, shitty ads. 
Написал: Norman Alexander Agnar, 08.06.2014, 15:52

Enya - Listen to the rain
Написал: marianne lauterbach, 11.07.2014, 13:10

De circonstances ......
Написал: Alicja Wozniak, 20.05.2014, 18:10

Listen to the rain......
Написал: ณภัทร ทองตาล่วง, 27.08.2014, 15:09

Love that song!
Написал: مصطفى محمد المحمدي, 16.08.2014, 12:39

Написал: yasemin yılmaz, 14.08.2014, 19:02

Gözlerini kapattı ve melodiyi hissed 
Написал: DEVILSTOWN TV, 10.08.2014, 07:54

I love the rain.
Написал: Michelle Díaz, 09.08.2014, 22:57

¡Escúchalo en la lluvia! :)
Написал: Vicki Cornett, 09.08.2014, 22:22

As iam doing now .. beautiful .. listen to the rain ....
Написал: Morten Kristensen, 09.08.2014, 10:15

This is such a beautiful song by #Enya !! Just close your eyes and let the music create the story in your head... 
Написал: Ana Vera, 05.08.2014, 12:30

- Ouça a chuva Bom dia!
Написал: aissa maria pedraza martinez, 04.08.2014, 05:24

this music is relaxing
Написал: Mon El, 29.07.2014, 09:44

I love the Rainy days more than sunny days. They are calming peaceful days, the smell of the earth the feel of clean air. When it Rains i know God is in Heaven and ALL is right with the world.
Написал: gabriella grey, 28.07.2014, 10:41

There's only one word that can sum up this song perfectly well.... "ENCHANTING" ♥
Написал: Chris Barrett, 28.07.2014, 08:08

Liste to that VOICE and harmonies!!!!! Wow!!!! I with you on those blasted ads!!! Get them off!!!
Написал: Manuel Miklo, 08.09.2013, 21:29

öffne mal die scheibe... zur realität.... und hör dem "wirklichen" regen zu........
Написал: Sebastian Skalicky, 19.11.2012, 20:45

N1 song ;)
Написал: Simón Salgueiro, 24.07.2013, 11:35

Well, in this type of music its pretty hard to make a bad song. Most tunes use tempus and scales that induce to very emotional feelings, plus they tend to follow similar formulas. Add the instruments they use, which add more atmosphere to the songs, and its quite uncommon to see an artist doing this type of music "badly". But ye, enya is top of the noch in her style.
Написал: marek aspa, 01.05.2013, 12:44

omg!!!! what this voice of angels...deep feelings
Написал: GraceUnderPressure1, 05.12.2012, 06:38

I grew up listening to her music, but I only like a couple of her songs. We can't all like everything.
Написал: sabri Aycibin, 27.01.2013, 17:57

perfect song.....