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"Sling Bow" Explosive Tip Arrow Launcher Prototype

Продолжительность: 00:02:41

Sorry if I accidentally took somebody's idea. I know this isn't completely original. There's tons of videos similar to this but people have been asking me to make an explosive tip crossbow for a while so I thought I'd try something. I know its not technically what everybody asked for, but it works surprisingly good and most viewers can easily build it.

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Написал: Joseph Osborne, 06.06.2014, 18:45

Total shit you gay bitch!
Написал: TheGamingNinjas bro, 30.12.2013, 01:40

use a cap head
Написал: Treetop230, 04.07.2013, 03:37

Написал: webb1t1212, 23.04.2012, 11:27

That's awesome
Написал: bobbydemar88, 28.07.2013, 16:38

instead of a firecracker use a bottle rocket with the stick broken off
Написал: 556Mrawesome, 25.05.2013, 02:45

hi just wandering if you can do something which you can get in australia thanks
Написал: Manik Depresif, 23.09.2013, 12:05

make a dubstep gun for saint row 4
Написал: trollprepper, 07.03.2012, 06:49

line the arrow/dowel rod up with the bands for less side loading on the dowel rod shaft
Написал: eric Enright, 31.12.2012, 19:10

I bout a slingshot just like that and it broke realty easy but fires good
Написал: Hao Cao, 16.07.2013, 07:16

pedobear XD jk
Написал: MrDavo9999, 17.04.2012, 13:41

nice, can you show us you shooting it?
Написал: carmel phenix, 14.02.2012, 00:47

Dang. You are a frigging genios
Написал: creeperkillerxtrem, 09.02.2012, 04:40

i dont want every one able to make one of these. I just want to see it work.
Написал: Johnny Wewoka, 20.01.2013, 06:22

Why do you use 2" pipe??? Wouldn't 1/2 " pipe work just as well???
Написал: Rion Caughman, 21.10.2012, 00:59

yeah totally
Написал: rakso ema, 09.01.2013, 19:41

best vid ever!!!!!
Написал: kacee dina, 07.06.2012, 16:21

i have the gun but it shot fireworks like the rocket types
Написал: Max Strong, 26.11.2012, 02:36

make a fire piston. i made one that fits in my hand, and i take it everywhere.
Написал: Tommy Johnson, 20.11.2012, 12:48

good idea needs to be smaller more portable though
Написал: Kstek10001, 22.06.2012, 15:35

u should put the match and that streak paper backwards and infront of the m 80 then attach it like this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Написал: Bjo15, 21.07.2012, 01:38

Dude that aint BAND its tube
Написал: Busting6Is6My6Thang, 24.08.2012, 01:12

did u ever finish this cuz id really like to see this if u want i can tell u some things dat i thought of if u want still cool video man
Написал: tictac111100, 29.06.2012, 13:37

shoot it,i dare you!
Написал: Luke Miller, 30.09.2012, 18:38

Thumbs up if you thought he was going to light it o.o
Написал: runningsandwich, 24.02.2012, 04:32

@AnoyhilatoR Cover your unnecessary apostrophes........ o.o