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"Sling Bow" Explosive Tip Arrow Launcher Prototype

Продолжительность: 00:02:41

Sorry if I accidentally took somebody's idea. I know this isn't completely original. There's tons of videos similar to this but people have been asking me to make an explosive tip crossbow for a while so I thought I'd try something. I know its not technically what everybody asked for, but it works surprisingly good and most viewers can easily build it.

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Написал: Tanin Moores, 30.09.2014, 15:20

Dislike. You should have showed you shooting it..
Написал: DCWORLD52, 09.10.2014, 03:06

This would be better if there was a way to put the match under the firework so when it hit the striker would light the match and the match is at the top right next to the wick either above or below but all in all your idea is utterly amazing
Написал: Joseph Osborne, 06.06.2014, 18:45

Total shit you gay bitch!
Написал: TheGamingNinjas bro, 30.12.2013, 01:40

use a cap head
Написал: Treetop230, 04.07.2013, 03:37

Написал: webb1t1212, 23.04.2012, 11:27

That's awesome
Написал: bobbydemar88, 28.07.2013, 16:38

instead of a firecracker use a bottle rocket with the stick broken off
Написал: 556Mrawesome, 25.05.2013, 02:45

hi just wandering if you can do something which you can get in australia thanks
Написал: Manik Depresif, 23.09.2013, 12:05

make a dubstep gun for saint row 4
Написал: trollprepper, 07.03.2012, 06:49

line the arrow/dowel rod up with the bands for less side loading on the dowel rod shaft
Написал: eric Enright, 31.12.2012, 19:10

I bout a slingshot just like that and it broke realty easy but fires good
Написал: Hao Cao, 16.07.2013, 07:16

pedobear XD jk
Написал: MrDavo9999, 17.04.2012, 13:41

nice, can you show us you shooting it?
Написал: carmel phenix, 14.02.2012, 00:47

Dang. You are a frigging genios
Написал: creeperkillerxtrem, 09.02.2012, 04:40

i dont want every one able to make one of these. I just want to see it work.
Написал: Johnny Wewoka, 20.01.2013, 06:22

Why do you use 2" pipe??? Wouldn't 1/2 " pipe work just as well???
Написал: Rion Caughman, 21.10.2012, 00:59

yeah totally
Написал: rakso ema, 09.01.2013, 19:41

best vid ever!!!!!
Написал: kacee dina, 07.06.2012, 16:21

i have the gun but it shot fireworks like the rocket types
Написал: Max Strong, 26.11.2012, 02:36

make a fire piston. i made one that fits in my hand, and i take it everywhere.
Написал: Tommy Johnson, 20.11.2012, 12:48

good idea needs to be smaller more portable though
Написал: Kstek10001, 22.06.2012, 15:35

u should put the match and that streak paper backwards and infront of the m 80 then attach it like this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Написал: Bjo15, 21.07.2012, 01:38

Dude that aint BAND its tube
Написал: Busting6Is6My6Thang, 24.08.2012, 01:12

did u ever finish this cuz id really like to see this if u want i can tell u some things dat i thought of if u want still cool video man
Написал: tictac111100, 29.06.2012, 13:37

shoot it,i dare you!