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Detroit 6-71 in GMC Crackerbox pulling a hill

Продолжительность: 00:00:56

Here is my Crackerbox Jimmy pulling hill and smoking, then Jake Braking after we get up the hill.

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Написал: jphritz011, 07.11.2014, 05:29

Bad ass truck!!
Написал: Logan Adams, 01.08.2014, 14:34

Wow that mini van sounds good!! haha but seriously the truck sounds great!
Написал: hu man, 03.10.2014, 22:05

I think my jimmy would be screeming if it was being stepped on that hard
Написал: purdy tony, 22.08.2014, 02:27

healthy for a 50yr old truck love it.
Написал: hafadek57, 24.11.2014, 22:45

when i was about 5yr old my uncle gave me a ride in his crackerbox and i thought i was on top of the world the thing was so high. that was the day i wanted to become a driver and as soon as i was able, i got my license and for 35yr i was proud to be a driver. millions of accident free miles and was a fun time, todays trucking is just not for me anymore, to many wannabe drivers that want to be home everyday. wish they had some gonads and would be a driver like we all use to be, be gone most of the week or stay out as long as you want, no that is driving
Написал: 09adge13, 23.06.2014, 21:18

If that was a cop in the end and was napping I bet the truck woke him up lol
Написал: Lee Huff, 25.09.2014, 22:59

@Trucker5933; I have the same kind of memories, but in my neck of the woods, they were hauling steel out of Weirton, WV and Midland, PA. 
Написал: Billy Barcus, 08.04.2014, 19:07

i was hearing it coming up the hill and i see the mini van im i though why did they put that motor in a d** mini van. Then the gmc finally came up 
Написал: rottysaurus, 25.03.2014, 03:36

That sounds awesome!!!! 
Написал: Bryan Haugen, 06.03.2014, 13:44

oh man, I thought for sure he was pulling a flat bed with 27 ton of steel on!
Написал: mtf62, 18.02.2014, 21:51

Detroits,sounds like you're running 200mph.actual speed 60mph.If a Detroit don't leak oil.shut it off,somethings wrong
Написал: PK7470, 22.01.2014, 16:55

man ... how fast was he going ? ... looks and sounds awesome :)
Написал: DeejayStickley, 02.02.2014, 01:24

Ooooh the beauty of straight pipes
Написал: Jared House, 30.03.2012, 02:59

i thought they had 318 Detroits?
Написал: Benjamin Falkenrath, 13.03.2013, 06:42

I saw the van and thought wth? That Crackerbox is so loud! You can hear him well far away! I LOVE IT!
Написал: Killawat, 13.12.2011, 06:51

thats how a detroit sounds like with a heavy load or not!!.....makes ur heart beat a lil faster hearing a thing like that coming twards u...
Написал: thatstheway107, 27.06.2013, 15:30

there was a cop
Написал: charles toth, 26.10.2013, 13:17

Wish there was more CRACKERBOX"S, nice Truck!!!!!
Написал: truckinman86, 07.01.2013, 08:57

Kinda has a German 6 cylinder sound to it.
Написал: MrDjh66, 26.03.2013, 11:38

Music to my ears
Написал: daveantd1971, 07.04.2012, 21:39

i drove a rear loader trash truck for a place for a long time the truck i drove was the only one there with a detroit it was a 6-71 terbo 4 velve per cylinder every one knew when i was coming them detroit 2 strokes had a sound on there own
Написал: nachos1990, 23.08.2013, 02:25

New model of van Chrysler town and cracker box, and the motor is actually imported from detroit
Написал: Gregory Salvatore, 07.11.2011, 02:13

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just picked up a 1973 D900 with a 8V71 I am looking for a jake for it and a set of injectors to make her smoke , Did youchanr the injectors ?? if so what size did you put in ??? ,
Написал: trucker5933, 22.10.2011, 16:25

That sound reminds me of my childhood in the early 70s as the coal trucks pulled the hills and flew by my house night and day.
Написал: tyler burgess, 05.10.2013, 15:35

That guy in the fan was probably about to shut himself! Haha