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{Funny} Aussie convert story to Islam

Продолжительность: 00:14:22

How Ruben (Abu Bakr) Became a Muslim. He was brought up an athiest with ex christian parents. This is by far, the most comical revert story i have ever heard. A must see for ALL. Brought to you by the Ink of Scholars.

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Написал: Benzene, 19.10.2014, 16:05

Still, this story doesn't answer the why behind the choice of following Islam. It seems that this guy only settled for islam because every muslim around him had the habit of referring to the book instead of their own opinions. All that does is ensure conformity but it also, even worse, causes everyone to take for granted the authenticity of the koran. Is everyone prepared to just accept the koran as the actual word of God? Who wrote the koran and what gave him the know-how to write a religious book? As for the supposed "signs" the plants, the sun, the stars. and all the other things that make nature awesome, realize that we already know the causes for all of those. It takes a very humble person to accept that their lives might be worthless in the grand scheme of things. Without a religion, the next step is to simply breath a sigh of submission, and then realize that your life's purpose is to simply live and experience your consciousness in the realm of reality you happen to be in. 
Написал: Mukith Hussain, 22.11.2014, 21:13

Написал: 4inher, 14.08.2014, 08:06

there was nothing good or funny about this
Написал: Princess Dyana, 28.10.2014, 19:45

MASHALLAH!!!!! Love this story so much. 
Написал: rod garrett, 03.06.2014, 16:24

Now, Islam has a cute, gay guy.
Написал: Mohsin Abbaas, 21.05.2014, 16:00

What verse is he talking about in the video? i need to find out this beautiful verse =) "For those of you who ask for signs, have We not shown you enough already. Look around you, look at the stars, look at the sun, look at water, these are the signs for people of knowledge."
Написал: Ibtisaam Rossier, 16.10.2014, 14:03

Amazing story..!!! just a pity for all thee haters. May Allah guide you to the siraatal mustaqim. Ameen thumma ameen
Написал: tasawor lone, 01.10.2014, 01:41

great revert story
Написал: Mukith Hussain, 01.09.2014, 06:10

Написал: Babar Shakeel, 26.07.2014, 16:50

his story is great, just take 15 minutes and listen your will lighten up
Написал: shoeb imtiyaz, 15.07.2014, 07:30

MashaAllah May Allah be pleased with you 
Написал: Timma, 07.07.2014, 04:42

My favourite revert story. Brilliant mashaAllah!
Написал: Kranken Kumpel, 31.03.2014, 23:29

toller Typ, dieser Kerl, wenn nur die anderen 95% werent fuckwits es wäre gut, dann würde nicht es?
Написал: Saracen Slayer, 14.12.2013, 09:54

The only thing amusing about this is that he's smirking as if he thinks his conceited nature has finally found something compatible.
Написал: Imane Zahouani, 06.12.2013, 17:28

Alhamdulilah !!!!! I to am a convert and to listen to this story has brought strength into my heart I'm so happy for you and your family!!!! Insha Allah May my family find islam as well!!!
Написал: NAZIM Shariff, 31.05.2014, 21:20

Написал: Mahmood Al Abri, 09.05.2014, 11:21

Написал: Zaku061193, 28.04.2014, 23:25

Написал: Hamdaan phoolwala, 22.03.2014, 12:35

Masha Allah :D
Написал: zeina otaibi, 17.03.2014, 07:03

this is absoultly beautiful , made me laugh and cry all together . i will always come back ti this when i feel weak or down , thank you :)
Написал: Mariam Diab, 08.03.2014, 12:52

Amazing :)
Написал: Faisal Mu'azu, 21.02.2014, 08:13

Looool best revert story! Mashallah
Написал: Shaheer Samer, 23.11.2013, 18:21

Masha Allah
Написал: acacius001, 18.01.2014, 23:48

Mashallah this absolutely amazing. May Allah bring you to the Jenna inshallah, and your family too inshallah. Amin