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How to ID / Identify a Meteorite - Stone

Продолжительность: 00:08:32

or Join us on Facebook! In 3 simple steps, you can identify if a stone is a meteorite or meteorwrong. All done in the field while hunting, only requires a magnet, a file, and the knowledge in this video. Far too many people think they have meteorites but don't know for sure. Here is the video to find out. And don't be afraid of bad news, only 1 in a 500 have a meteorite.

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Написал: JadenVlotman, 30.07.2014, 07:01

Does it have to be a diamond file?
Написал: Grimgold Goblin, 03.06.2014, 19:58

You cannot grind a face in a meteorite in centimeters unless you are in France.
Написал: warpull, 08.09.2014, 01:43

will sanding it decrease the value?
Написал: GPC™, 28.08.2014, 00:08

not all meteorites have iron, do they?
Написал: Roop_There_It_Is, 17.08.2014, 13:57

wow. so many flaws in your reasoning. not all meteorites are nickel-iron. could be olivine meteorites to even just some other non-ferrous metal. 
Написал: NorthCentralGPAA GranburyTX, 03.08.2014, 14:12

GOLDGUY Like, Now this is what I'm talking about. This would be a great topic of discussion for the Speaker/Lecture Series at the Abilene Gold & Treasure Expo 6-7 Sept 2014: 
Написал: emma marky, 17.07.2014, 17:15

What if u found a meteorite on a beach would the surface area be different to a one found on land?
Написал: Gavin McDonald, 18.04.2014, 20:30

thanks, my rock has too many holes and has no iron
Написал: michael's southern, 15.04.2014, 01:12

thanks for the help for my project
Написал: Yunisar Ibrahim, 06.07.2014, 14:48

After see the instruction in this video. I 'm sure that i have one... before i see this video i am not realy sure. Is lab test needed?
Написал: jeffs1000, 05.07.2014, 17:28

found a freshly fallen chondrite or stony meteorite that I witnessed. It landed in my lawn shaking my house. Its the size of a tennis ball only issues I have are its not that heavy like most meteorites, and although it has metal flecks its not that much lighter in the inside.
Написал: JadenVlotman, 13.07.2014, 20:51

One of my rocks are rusted but isn't magnetic, wait a minute...
Написал: Barry Plush, 10.03.2014, 12:48

I understand that meteorites fall more or less randomly over the planet. However that does not mean that any area on earth is as good as any other area to find them. In South Australia and Western Australia there is an area known as the Nullabor Plain. It has limestone bedrock, (ie an ancient coral reef) so the ground is relatively light in colour . There are virtually no trees. The area has been geologically inactive for a very long time, so things have not been buried under volcanic ash or covered with other deposits. I am told that when viewed from the air 90% of dark objects on the ground are meteorites. Most of the rest are human artifacts. The one time that I flew over this area was in a commercial jet. That was too high an altitude to pick up much detail. I hope to visit this area again in a private aircraft.
Написал: JadenVlotman, 13.07.2014, 20:42

Meteorites don't have holes you said. But they can have small pin-sized holes that looks like they have been poked by a needle or something 
Написал: eduarda reis, 11.09.2014, 02:04

Написал: Timothy Curry, 09.04.2014, 10:12

Написал: GilgameshEthics, 06.04.2014, 18:37

There are plenty of meteorites that fail the magnet test, but are still legit. Look up the meteorite man episode of the podcast Crystal Clear Radio if you'd like more info.
Написал: eric jacobs, 22.03.2014, 11:56

Anyone know of any high quality videos of lunar samples/rocks that have sound?
Написал: Jenni Reyes, 01.01.2014, 06:57

Interesting and useful if you like rocks.... I do!
Написал: Guile Johnson, 23.02.2014, 02:38

Very helpful that's 
Написал: Ayaz xio ming, 22.02.2014, 10:01

Написал: Philip Gastone, 10.02.2014, 19:51

Ok, I went through all the techniques shown and the last, when sanded.....bright metal flecks, it even sparked. Found this fist sized baby in a stream bed along with several other possible meteorite pieces and I'd say that the iron content is extreme. Probably even greater than 30% as it pulls a regular magnet from over 3 inches away from it and a strong magnet from nearly 4-5 inches. After old Wormouth Brothers Foundry went out of business I obtained the conveyor belt nose magnets for separating iron from the black sand and they can easily lock on to over 50 pound objects so we drag the streams and dried beds for them before but we'll be going out more often now to find even more of these goodies :) My thanks for these easy to grasp techniques,, will take a pic and post on your FB for your opinion.
Написал: stedmans4christ ., 20.01.2014, 04:48

that is the dorkiest hat...and vid
Написал: avgrim77, 30.06.2014, 10:51

What if it was submerged in water and the iron parts rusted out making holes where the metal used to be? You can't tell me that wouldn't happen if it was submerged in water for years.
Написал: avgrim77, 30.06.2014, 10:46

I have a 140 gram meteorite!