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May 2014 Breaking News Four detained in China after radioactive material goes missing

Продолжительность: 00:23:40

May 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Four detained in China after radioactive material goes missing May 2014 Breaking News President Barack Obama visiting Asia Pacific signaling USA military power can blunt Chinese aggression in the Asia-Pacific region and urges Beijing to use its growing clout to help resolve international disputes with Russia and North Korea April 2014 Breaking News Asia Pacific Nuclear Threat Last Days Final Hour News prophecy Update North Korea threatens USA nuclear warning North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has warned that the USA would not be safe in the event of a conflict North Korea will pose one of the largest threats to the Asia Pacific region in the coming year, the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) predicts 2013 Russian nuclear bombers intercepted near Guam 2013 USA scrambles jet fighters after Russian nuclear bombers circle American airspace over Guam December 17 2013 Chinese Account Says USA Ship Was Warned Away From Aircraft Carrier 30th December, 2013 Tanzania Two Giant Chinese Navy Ships in Dar America's China mistake As Beijing becomes more bellicose, Washington clings to the hope that military-to-military relations will somehow relieve tensions. They won't September 6 2013 Chinese Military Ships Visit Hawaii For Joint Exercises With USA The bible the only truth Zechariah 14:12 New King James Version (NKJV) And this shall be the plague (Definition of Plague To afflict with or as if with a disease or (calamity) Nuclear War) with which the Lord will strike all the people who fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet, Their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets, And their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths.

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Написал: u2bheavenbound, 26.04.2014, 20:58

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Написал: dolores brittain, 18.07.2014, 03:52

good video thanx again for taking the time ..... just watching and waiting, just like he instructed us to do!
Написал: King Edmund, 27.04.2014, 05:40

Personally, I think the whole system of North Korea dictatorship is exactly how the New World Order will be like. The dictatorship has been going on for centuries and I feel it is something that was planned as a means to learn all about human control. The whole situation could be staged and I feel its inevitable that war will break out between US and Korea
Написал: Aurav Walden, 17.04.2014, 06:54

The US jingoistic talk against China is ludicrous when one remembers that it is largely China's loans that are keeping US' economy afloat! Perhaps the US wants to go the way of the Mafia extortionists, who, it might be reminded, didn't come to a good end.
Написал: SPOOKYSIGNS1, 16.04.2014, 11:29

"F633" = 666 @11:24
Написал: Prophet Bunesshua Ka Moshiz Lapid, 16.04.2014, 07:46

Shalom what red moon? that is the end? but this sign for G-d with new Law from his Prophet with expanded the Land of Israel...
Написал: Straight Talking Joe, 09.04.2014, 15:56

I can't go on to Facebook I've been kicked off, apparently they don't like the truth. Here is one of them, where does my species thinks it's going with this nuclear crap? I tell you where, to self annihilation, for it is quite obvious, you are all dying to go to war and kill each other, you're just looking for an excuse, I say do it and get it over with. This planet deserves better than us, we are nothing but a vile despicable destructive spaces that tries to masquerade as something intelligent. We can not even get on with each other, let alone with the billions of species that we share this planet with. We won't be satisfied until we either overpopulated and destroy the planet or go to war and destroy the planet, which either way, we are desperate to destroy the planet along with ourselves, not very intelligent is it! let's examine our level of intelligence, "well 98% of the world population level of intelligence, shall we! You do not have the intelligence to understand you live on a planet, which is a limited space, you don't have the intelligence to understand you cannot run a policy of Infinity growth, you don't understand anything about balance, or sustainability, if you did, you would be behaving differently, for a start there wouldn't be over 7 billion on this planet, we wouldn't be destroying this planet. So the evidence is clear you lot out there are not intelligent, you only pretend to be, because the word makes us look good, for to use the real word to describe you, a virus lifeform, is not very nice and you don't like that. Just examine your behaviour, while you are spreading across this planet endlessly multiplying and endlessly destroying it, you claim that you are intelligent and that the world is safe in your hands, how can anything be safe in your when all you do is multiply and destroy, even your own future isn't safe in your hands. No intelligent species would behave in such a way that it actions would end up bringing about its own destruction, so how can any of you out there be intelligent. The human race, the biggest joke ever to walk on the face of this planet.
Написал: Paul McEvoy, 24.03.2014, 23:00

Let God be true and every man a liar.
Написал: vothea khut, 09.03.2014, 07:16

Написал: Adam Eve, 13.02.2014, 14:07

Are we safe general? Good question!
Написал: Cody Colvin, 10.02.2014, 17:18

nasa - asan hmmm something to that???
Написал: Edwin Bondoc, 04.02.2014, 08:47

this asian guy is an idiot saying escalating the issue that china will respond? china grab several small island, that is the threat allready, iwant to used him as a cannon bullet to fight china,
Написал: alexander piigm, 03.02.2014, 11:22

Написал: Bumpkin PiEm, 29.01.2014, 23:26

Regarding 9:13 to 9:37, I have a question: IF our Missile Defense systems DID intercept a nuclear warhead and blow it out of the sky, would that actually TRIGGER the nuclear warhead? In effect, would that actually set off an EMP above the target, still rendering the target effectively destroyed? Lets hope the defense system doesn't actually explode the warhead!
Написал: Astarkat, 25.01.2014, 23:19

I wont feel safe until every man has his own nuclear missile. just for safety.
Написал: Samuel Mercado, 25.01.2014, 15:11

Jan 25 now... Nuclear war???
Написал: Tammy Holz, 24.01.2014, 20:22

Написал: OTTO OCTAVIOUS, 23.01.2014, 09:38

Nonsensical verbage. North Korea know what to expeect if the bomb anyone. This is the usa attempting to justify their 1trillion war budget per year more money for war I tell ya
Написал: georgie areno jacildo jr, 22.01.2014, 07:56

bad people in the world is north korea peoples
Написал: Enjoy!, 21.01.2014, 01:40

I look @ it like this, if "our" missile defence system is so good. Why the fuck didn't "we" shoot those test missile out of the air? And Say..., Try that again!
Написал: john peterson, 20.01.2014, 22:19

We All need more Love, Comfort, and Teaching from God, in the Bible book of John, chapters 14, 15, and 16, The Messiah gives us the Promise of having the Spirit of God for a Teacher and Comforter Forever. The Lamb of God is Worthy, Please hear Him.
Написал: omegafile, 20.01.2014, 06:02

What a load of nonsense. All of the weapons systems in the world are obsolete and can be disabled with a hand held device costing under 200 dollars to build. You can even turn the nuclear material into sawdust making it useless. There's not going to be any more wars.. it's over.
Написал: david zohan, 18.01.2014, 14:07

It is better to just leave all countries to there own fate, to rid the world of Nuclear weapons should of started 60 years ago, today it is to late the USA allowed Russia to development of Nuclear weapons then China along with Britain, France, India, Pakistan, also countries of developed Nuclear weapons but not confirmed is Israel, North Korea, Australia, Iran. The world has become to overpopulated, resources and land will be what war will start over. If other countries stay silent not get involved with other's and peace will be. For an example every country knows Brizil though you never hear about any threat or hear about Brazil military, it is known to be a peaceful country. Though hear of many other countries military who always get involved in other countries affairs such example as USA, Britain, France, Russia , china or middle estern countries that have rouge governments and Islamic militants and always making threats to eachother. Who live by the gun will die by the gun, I am waiting for you all to kill eachother so my country can enjoy the earth in peace.
Написал: MrCpolzin, 17.01.2014, 09:25

Dont believe the hype.Too many puppets please....
Написал: Cris Burnette, 17.01.2014, 03:51

It is what it is. why worry. It has to happen. It was written long before any of us were alive.