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Vacuum tube or HF linear amplifier "home made"

Продолжительность: 00:07:11

This video contains photos soviet tube and linear power amplifiers HF in performance amateur radio.

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Написал: kaerzetusa, 17.09.2011, 03:53

Kamil ? Skladasz sam roznego rodzaju ampy ? powiedzmy ze mam amp ale nie mam pojecia co w nim nie dziala - pomozesz ?
Написал: crysisbox, 23.02.2010, 11:16

gu-81 Top lamp
Написал: thebrian266, 02.02.2010, 01:45

thats a lot of tube and nice amp km5mn
Написал: SQ1JGU, 11.01.2010, 16:32

This is triode OQQ501/3000 used amplifier and generators RF. Equivalent tube - RS329g.
Написал: N8ZU, 01.07.2013, 02:09

life is to short for QRP
Написал: Vintage-Audio-Workshop, 29.12.2011, 18:32

Great Video, Would be interesting to see high power tube amps for P.A systems around 1KW mono blocks e.g. for reggae & techno sound systems etc i have seen 400 watt amps made using up to 24 KT88 type but way too expensive to replace the valves every year also hard to find designs and transformers for this much power...
Написал: hydrolisk1792, 03.12.2010, 00:44

@crowfaceltd Yeah, that is what it is called :)
Написал: mavallarino, 14.01.2010, 21:03

I love Russia! Inspiring! Do you have contacts for possible purchases?
Написал: Serexpert, 11.02.2011, 19:08

Good Jobs & best video!!!
Написал: Thema inproblem, 18.10.2011, 02:42

This was a very cool video! Thanks for sharing it with us. Well it looks like the Russians not only make very cool looking spacecraft but they make cool looking tubes as well. I like the RMH 90! :-) Respect from Apache Junction, Arizona.
Написал: GlennnD, 10.01.2010, 18:06

wow whats that tube @ 2:11 And i mis the GM70 tube :P
Написал: G0IFI, 12.01.2011, 01:58

Fantastic job.
Написал: sinkosav, 14.08.2012, 00:19

all that is soviet military tubes ,my self still believe in good old Eimac,due to low inter modulation characteristic and predictable behavior...mostly use pair of 4CX1500B..tetrode,with third order IMD -55db ...that old rusky tubes are gassy,and hard to find 2 or more tubes with same parameters...only good one used by myself is GS35B...but that russian tubes cant be beaten by price,and everybody used them cuz of that,even US amateurs...
Написал: hydrolisk1792, 03.12.2010, 00:44

Your video is sexy!! LOL, I love tubes :)
Написал: crysisbox, 06.01.2010, 19:10

gu-81 best russian tube
Написал: sinkosav, 16.03.2010, 02:03

@crysisbox for me,GS35B is the best...
Написал: Michal Buza, 24.02.2013, 16:56

Hi its great video and beautiful job but your electric bill must be fascination
Написал: crowfaceltd, 07.11.2010, 14:51

Написал: Jo Z, 11.03.2011, 16:12

sell me some tube ?
Написал: PY5AB, 09.01.2010, 21:57

From PY5AB: Best of the best!!!
Написал: Emerson Capuano, 16.10.2011, 05:23

7 people have Rf fear
Написал: Bob H, 30.08.2010, 16:42

Awsome Linears! At 4:41 and 6:03, you show a external anode tube being cooled without a chimney--I did not know that could be done. Does that work good? And at 6:20, are those tube similar to 833A?
Написал: musherX, 23.03.2012, 17:05

Tube Disco!
Написал: SQ1JGU, 11.01.2010, 16:35

I thank for comments:)
Написал: kulugu, 03.02.2010, 12:43

nice tube's I remember our first amplifier a tube amp which is older than me.