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16 top videos Fluency in English Master conversation Improve in English Easy talking

Продолжительность: 00:29:56

wetalk Top vídeos Fluency now ! Fluency in English Step by step you will learn how to be fluent in English with this video Practice to be fluent in English Master conversation in English Fluency in English in a short time! How to become fluently in English How to speak English well Speak English fluently Tips to speak English fluently Be fluent in English Learn how to be fluent in English Practice English fluency Improve fluency in conversation Think in English English classes English lessons

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Написал: waqas khan, 28.04.2014, 15:03

Practice makes perfect.
Написал: Emerson pinto reis, 18.05.2014, 17:00

muito bom,perfect.
Написал: Marivec Lagrada Pablo, 27.02.2014, 08:55

it will really help me...... thank you and cont helping people who wants to learn the fluency of english....
Написал: Yojana Patil, 24.12.2013, 17:58

For English Improvement!
Написал: Ingrid Matos, 02.03.2014, 20:45

I have a question... In frase: Cats are beautiful. (at 24:27) Why emphasis is in adjective "beautiful" instead "cats"? Cats aren't a noun in this case?
Написал: Abdur Rashid, 14.01.2014, 05:13

Effect way to learn English
Написал: Eduardo Caxambu, 09.11.2013, 19:16

This words is ease. I need learn more and more.
Написал: Skye J, 21.07.2014, 17:46

How did I get here? I'm a native speaker! Haha
Написал: Deepti Shilpkar, 21.07.2014, 10:25

the best video i ever searching to get fluency in English language Minute research and things are described which help to improve the speaking as well as listening to the beginner 
Написал: baburao kondeti, 12.07.2014, 07:40

Really useful for learner`s THANKS
Написал: monica sama, 14.07.2014, 04:52

it was nice for me, thanks!
Написал: Ibrahem Alshybani, 29.03.2014, 05:46

Very powerful indeed. Thanks for this effective episode . Regards
Написал: Camilo Familia moreta, 06.06.2014, 12:02

thank you ..i downloaded it ,so i listen to it and read everyday before going to work
Написал: Hasan Ahmad, 13.01.2014, 18:31

Nice lessons really!
Написал: Raquel Analía Giubergia, 27.06.2014, 19:19

Thanks! Your explain it very well. I appreciate a lot your explanations.
Написал: Baiju Gopalan, 10.07.2014, 10:50

Really good .Thanks
Написал: Minh Luu, 23.02.2014, 04:04

oh. it's great. thanks a lot.
Написал: Wichitsak, 13.01.2014, 23:51

a nice lesson
Написал: Merlyn Luzon, 19.04.2014, 14:08

thank you. I've learned the correct pronunciation of English words.
Написал: Svetlana Lebedeva, 24.12.2013, 12:41

Good practice
Написал: royal lavanya, 11.05.2014, 13:43

its good and i understood very well ............... Thank you so much Practice makes perfect.
Написал: Ma Elizabeth Medina, 20.02.2014, 23:21

So useful in my English class.
Написал: Jose Chemparathy, 04.02.2014, 12:12

Very recomendable video
Написал: mballem, 05.12.2013, 02:22

Great lesson, I really appreciated it.
Написал: Nura Usman, 19.03.2014, 15:27

it's really great.. thanks and god bless!