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Jager Tap Machine Unboxing and Set Up

Продолжительность: 00:07:44

Drunk Bart just bought a new Jager tap machine. I thought that I would share it with everyone!

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Написал: Denis Guerrero, 26.11.2014, 20:21

U should open the Machine first Rinse the parts before u put the bottle.. u never know what in side Machine im going to buy one.... have fun...
Написал: Kainou, 30.10.2014, 17:57

could you fill one og the bottles with redbull for examble and it would mix it ? :)
Написал: melissa bobbett, 15.11.2014, 02:26

My Jager machine suddenly stopped working...there are no instructions anywhere on what may actually be wrong any ideas??
Написал: The Wizard of Rock and Roll, 12.06.2014, 06:49

How it got started in USA and wish we had the Machine back then ,read on: I and a bartender named Freak worked together in the New Orleans French Quarter area on Bourbon St. The bar was run by Dutch ,the Furher we called him ,great guy ,well we adopted Jaggermeister as our shooter , and freak and I were responsible for the Jaggermeister boon that happened in USA in late 70s & early 80s....the son of the importer came to my restaurant in Colorado when my saleslady told him of me ,he called Dutch and he already knew Freak and Dutch told him I was the other bartender that was responsible for it going ballistic in popularity ,all because it was our Shooter of choice ,we turned other French Quarter bartenders on , they in turn turned bartenders & wait staff who came to see them from outside the FQ...then freaking MARDI GRAS came and new Orleans bartenders turned on all those tourists there to party and they went back home and that's how Jaggy became huge in USA ! True story ,if we could only make the movie !
Написал: Derek Lampe, 24.06.2014, 22:54

where did you get the tap machine im kinda intrested in getting one soif you could reply i would appreciate that 
Написал: TheArticSkipper, 28.12.2013, 00:11

No boozer ever got out alive? What sober person did? The only person who they say made it out (Jesus) has been documented drinking wine! Don't just bitch to bitch. The bottle does come with a warning label. 
Написал: Reilly Moody, 13.06.2014, 06:14

What size bottles are those? 750ml or 1l
Написал: RSH21, 09.06.2014, 01:21

So what does "cold" taste like? -guy with the camera "does it taste cold"-
Написал: TheArticSkipper, 14.11.2013, 05:27

If I have to explain, you won't understand. 
Написал: Benicio Del cerro, 18.03.2014, 04:57

Hi bud... Just wondering if that machine have lights? It turn the logos on?? 
Написал: italo wenchulao, 09.06.2014, 14:01

Good video i want one
Написал: RAHIM HOSEIN, 08.06.2014, 15:51

Wow. What a stupid machine to have at home. Its not like you are a bartender and need that thing. How much jager are you going to drink? And you definately dont have room on your counter top fir that massive machine
Написал: Александр Кривоногов, 30.11.2013, 11:47

Написал: ChaosDivides ., 24.12.2013, 00:09

Ultimate jager bomb machine!!!!!
Написал: ChaosDivides ., 24.12.2013, 00:09

Ultimate jager bomb machine!!!!
Написал: Bob Lopez, 27.12.2013, 21:20

Sooner or later your liver gives out. Remember this on your last breath "NO BOOZER EVER GOT OUT ALIVE"
Написал: Pierre Dumont de la Patellière, 14.11.2013, 02:29

so whats the difference between that space hogging piece of expensive power hungry junk and simply put it in the ...fridge???
Написал: TheArticSkipper, 30.08.2013, 07:37

The bottles for this did not come with the machine. Depending on were you order it from it might.
Написал: method6155, 16.06.2013, 05:41

Getting one on eBay* stupid auto correct
Написал: jrodnanfelt, 31.10.2013, 09:34

Love how u throw the directions to the side like fuck that shit idgaf your insane
Написал: Kyle G, 30.08.2013, 05:53

cool thank you just order my today for my home bar
Написал: method6155, 16.06.2013, 05:40

Hey! Sorry don't mean to be rude, I was wondering what this set you back. I'm in Australia and looking at getting me in eBay and want to make sure I'm not getting screwed! Cheers!
Написал: Kyle G, 29.08.2013, 07:02

Can you add new bottles to it even when its full after setting it for the the first time ?
Написал: TheArticSkipper, 16.06.2013, 06:03

He got it for $300 on ebay
Написал: TheArticSkipper, 25.08.2013, 01:29

They are cereal dispensers. I got them at Target. Weird question.