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♥♥ Disney's "Celebrate! - A Street Party" Parade (in HD)

Продолжительность: 00:17:07

Please SUBSCRIBE by clicking here: To see my entire Disneyland playlist click here: Check out my Favorite Theme Parks website for more great videos!: Facebook Twitter: Google+ 欢迎访问我有关迪士尼乐园的中文网站: Check out my other videos: ▶ Disney's Characters -- ▶ Visiting Disneyland -- ▶ SeaWorld's Old "Dolphin Discovery" Show - ▶ Disneyland Fireworks Show -- ▶ Fantasmic! at Disneyland -- ▶ The Mickey Show at Walt Disney World -- ▶ The World of Color at Disney's California Adventures -- ▶ Radiator Springs Racers at California Adventures -- ▶ "One Ocean" Shamu Show at SeaWorld -- ▶ Walt Disney World's Street Party - ▶ Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland -- ▶ Blue Horizons Dolphin Show at SeaWorld -- ▶ The Little Mermaid Ride at California Adventure -- ▶ Princesses at Disneyland -- ▶ Heimlich's Chew Chew Train at California Adventure -- ▶ Star Tours at Disneyland -- ▶ Very Relaxing 3 Hour Video of Ocean Waves -- ▶ The Best Fireplace Video (3 hours long) - On March 27th 2009, Disneyland premiered Celebrate! - A Street Party as a replacement for Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams in Aneheim California. The new "parade" features 99 performers, including 48 dancers, 12 stilt-walkers, 12 chariot drivers, three DJs and 24 costumed Disney characters. Disney characters include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Snow White, Simba, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Pinocchio, Belle and Beast, Ariel, Donald Duck, Goofy ,Pluto Woody, Geppetto, Winnie the Pooh, Daisy, Clarabelle Cow and Clarice the Chipmunk. The show features 15 songs, including swing (Jump With My Baby, Jump, Jive & Wail and I Wanna Be Like You), rock (I Love Rock n Roll, Do You Wanna Dance? and The Twist) and Latin (Cup of Life and Tico Tico). The conga line features a trio of reinterpreted Disney songs: Under the Sea, Friend Like Me and Tiki Room. The confetti-finale includes the infectious Cant Stop the Beat (from Hairspray) and the original tune Celebrate You. Recorded at Disneyland in Aneheim California. Be sure to get your park tickets and hotel or resort package early! Disneyland California is owned by Walt Disney also owns the California Adventure and Walt "Disney World" Resort in Orlando, Florida. Disneyland rides include the "Tower of Terror", the "Haunted Mansion", "Splash Mountain", "Peter Pan" "Alice in Wonderland", and Disney Princess and are located in the "Magic Kingdom" theme park. Roller Coasters include "Space Mountain", "California Screamin", and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Fantasmic is a fireworks. Disney Trivia: "Mickey Mouse" was created in 1928 by Walt Disney. "Gabriel Iglesias" has joked about his adventures at Disneyland. "Hannah Montana" is a television show on the Disney Channel. Michael Jackson starred in "Captain EO," at Disneyland "George Lopez" starred in the Wonderful World of Disney Christmas movie "Naughty or Nice". "Hannah Montana" California Screamin references the roller coaster at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California Other nearby theme parks includes "Universal Studios" and "Six Flags".

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Написал:, 09.09.2014, 08:28

*My daughters like this*
Написал: mohd nazhan, 07.10.2014, 10:13

Написал: BJ Perez, 08.10.2014, 15:23

Написал: Alberto Mancini, 29.09.2014, 05:23

Muy bueno--- demasiado lindo lo que mire en el video----- Se imaginan si voy.
Написал: Jimmy Knight, 29.09.2014, 21:36

Check out this video on mickey hi Me mickey ScoHi obydoo
Написал: BJ Perez, 08.10.2014, 15:14

Написал: Juan Nunes, 06.09.2014, 02:28

Написал: Jesse Tarzwell, 21.11.2014, 04:44

merry christmas 2014 
Написал: Ashley McAfee, 23.04.2014, 00:22

Hannah. Montana. Song is my fav
Написал: Triharini Sugiarto, 02.07.2014, 13:25
Написал: Bella Weeks, 18.06.2014, 15:35

Mppåg vv Rd r
Написал: Steven Hawk, 27.04.2014, 20:58

That's the time to go on all the rides.this parades for preschoolers.
Написал: Joseph Shepherd, 22.04.2014, 15:05

so kiddy
Написал: Little Rose, 16.01.2014, 21:48

Missing Disney 10000000x more now :(
Написал: AmandaWilson, 28.03.2014, 06:44

That little girl in the Mickey shirt dancing was so adorable
Написал: blessstar1001, 10.02.2014, 00:47

Disney world is fun i love goofy he is Funny
Написал: Earl D (BusyWriting2), 09.12.2013, 05:12

Totally awesome parade. One of the many reasons to go to Disneyland.
Написал: kevinchan121, 23.08.2014, 11:06

Написал: hopevol2, 11.10.2011, 16:23

my god it must be awesome to work at disneyland, everyday its a party!
Написал: secondchild0011, 19.10.2010, 23:24

@kaorineji4ever i completely agree with you. This new rendition of the Parade of Dreams only portrays the new and dare i say, "unimproved" disney channel. I remember the different characters dancing through the streets, or them sitting on floats that represented scenes from the disney movies. This is just another example of how modern day disneychannel is ruining today's "disney society". it's all about pop, no magic what. so. ever. I miss it :(
Написал: kameron yue, 21.04.2011, 16:31

Ughhh... Disneyland must be going through a mid-life crisis as there is no parade!!!! How can this be?? Also, splash mountain AND star tours are closed. Disneyland, i love you but hurry up and get over it! I think that you might be done by 2012, just saying ;) Can't wait to go back in JUNE and not a second before... Soundational Parade!!
Написал: Andrew Cunningham, 06.02.2011, 19:13

Parade of Dreams Is Much Better!!
Написал: AWEDDDD, 07.11.2011, 18:21

This parade met an early end Mickey's Soundsational Parade is now the Replacement to this Parade.
Написал: danieljeffrycitro, 12.04.2013, 11:16

Nn Fguklplpkljojkjj
Написал: mohsen benissa, 14.02.2013, 19:34

pour tous mes amie