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Продолжительность: 00:10:01

Biography profile on Patty Duke. Interviews include Sean and Mackenzie Astin, Paul O'Keefe, Barry Bostwick and directors Arthur Penn, Lamont Johnson and Gilbert Cates.

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Написал: Lacy McDuffie, 05.02.2014, 10:55

Написал: Speed Racer, 23.10.2012, 04:33

there is always an adjustment for Christians to adapt to Jewish created Hollywood - there are different sensibilities and pacing in things - fascinating and Hollywood a bright light
Написал: wowoak, 08.02.2011, 19:01

her story sounds so much like Kristy McNichol's
Написал: Keith Holman, 23.08.2010, 20:18

I don't remember ever seeing this biography on Patty Duke.....thanks so much for posting all 5 segments!
Написал: rebecca trafford, 08.07.2013, 21:08

I can not even begin to understand or comprehend why her managers would stoop to such a disgusting vile vicious deprived sickening acts towards that young actress did they not think there would be and consequences and dont tell me oh it was the 60s thats bull what persons within a high profile career would risk there careers by dong something so monsterous especially a women disgusting I hope they paid for there crimes my god no wonder this women was mucked up but justice will always provail
Написал: sauquoit13456, 20.10.2013, 17:59

On this day in 1959 {October 19th} the play 'The Miracle Worker' opened on Broadway at the Playhouse Theater in N.Y.C. {it ran for 719 performances}. And in New York City three years later on May 23rd, 1962 the movie premiered... Patty Duke won the Academy Award for 'Best Supporting Actress'. Then three more years later on June 26th, 1965 Patty's "Don't Just Stand There" entered the Top 100 {it eventually peaked at #8}. Ms. Duke will celebrated her 67th birthday in two months on December 14th.
Написал: Sheri451, 30.10.2012, 18:36

This is so sad Especially that she was taken away from her family and MOLESTED by BOTH her managers! Now that is totally SICK!
Написал: moorek1967, 08.12.2012, 05:51

When she won the award that was so controversial, I watch it today and say "you go girl, that's the way to do it". She was not afraid to speak her mind and that is why we admire her. Maybe she was just ahead of her time because it is our generation that respects and admires her so much. What an awesome lady!!!
Написал: Bravhrt79, 16.10.2012, 10:48

It's sad that she got molested, but who would imagine, abuse like that in Hollywood, say it ain't so. And yes I'm being sarcastic!