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sk8erlewis COD5 Multi Mod Menu! No Jailbreak

Продолжительность: 00:10:15

In this video I show you my COD5 mod menu selector. In this patch you can choose from many different mod menus on Multiplayer and Zombies and use all of them without jailbroken PS3! This works on the latest 1.07 update and you don't need patch blocker. In the video tutorial I will teach how to install this mod menu and use it without a jailbroken PS3. Thanks to Kingmac for showing me how to centre the say text Thanks to Norris Motion Design for making me that awesome intro! —————————————————————————————————— - TUTORIAL AND DOWNLOAD HERE: - —————————————————————————————————— Check Out My Facebook page for updates on this mod menu! —————————————————————————————————— — Thanks to all the guys for their menus! — Crezino — NGU Thread Custom-_-bindz — NGU Thread King___Faicon — NGU Thread Kingmac — Youtube MrBlueMods — Youtube Silent Assassin — NGU Thread Smileh4x — Youtube SourDiesel by kushfriendly — NGU Thread Sox — NGU Thread ZerK_Modz: Youtube —————————————————————————————————— Intro song = Ta-Ku - Daydream Background song 1 = Submatik - Firefly Background song 2 = Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Billy Kenny Unofficial Remix) - Links to artists Ta-Ku: Submatik: Billy Kenny: ——————————————————————————————————

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Написал: Trey Morse, 02.06.2014, 06:24

can u infect ppl
Написал: TheOfficialFelony, 26.01.2014, 12:33

Sometimes my menu either disapears or its invisible -__- so i gotta keep copying the mod to the saved game data :(
Написал: Trevor B, 07.06.2014, 06:59

Psn blazingmoon69
Написал: Steven Radburn, 07.05.2014, 04:09

haha notice the weed named sub menus killa green to
Написал: Zain Khan, 04.07.2014, 12:14

on psn
Написал: malik greene, 27.01.2014, 15:11

can u test out my v1 and put it on youtube? name on psn:B--MALIK-123
Написал: Zain Khan, 04.07.2014, 12:14

Add imGhostxo-- skaterlewis i subscribed as well
Написал: Trey Morse, 02.06.2014, 06:25

U got to be host
Написал: Trevor B, 07.06.2014, 06:58

I will b hosting this menu and giving out infections for 20 psn starting now add me and send me the code in a new message after u send friend request
Написал: malik greene, 27.01.2014, 02:53

my mod menu is bad but can u fix it I just need help on the infectionsmenu when I press dpad_down it goes to page2 and I done bind dpad_down vstr Option92 but didn't work can u fix it
Написал: malik greene, 27.01.2014, 16:20

that has bugs fixed
Написал: Axis, 02.03.2014, 13:40

How do i give everyone in my lobby 10th
Написал: Wolf_Kid186, 01.05.2014, 03:29

will it work if I take out the hard drive??
Написал: THE HAWK GAMER, 16.06.2014, 15:44

Написал: Ryan Carroll, 21.07.2014, 16:39

How do u be the host online because I have the mods I want to use them in multiplayer and zombies online.please reply fast :)
Написал: xProz Rhymes, 20.06.2014, 21:28

Add me xPr0zRhymes I we'll give u infection
Написал: xModderHD zFrenchMods, 29.12.2013, 16:06

+Squidward You have to be host when online
Написал: Nathgta09, 16.06.2014, 15:46

It would be a good menu if it didn't crash all the time!! 
Написал: Jordan Kurtz, 05.01.2014, 03:53

M8 on zombies my mod menu is invisible m8 what have I done wrong
Написал: ksawery sliwa, 18.06.2014, 12:47

how can i turn this on when i am at multiplayer online ranked match?[sorry for bad english]
Написал: Xxkingchaos1xX, 05.07.2014, 05:12

Some thing s don't sometime it freezes I'm not complaning just tell u 
Написал: sumthin3789, 14.06.2014, 22:37

the mod menu works but u cant connect to multilplayer unless u have a really strong internet connection
Написал: TGDxFTW, 16.02.2014, 05:54

The set round mod doesnt work or the skip round neither
Написал: james McAuley, 20.11.2013, 14:50

I got this menu but it freezes after 30 minutes
Написал: Nikita Morgan, 08.02.2014, 00:49

Really nice most amazing mods i ever had plus good idea for making it zombies and multiplayer and adding more than 1 mod menu