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Wood Turning Natural Edge Bowl "Maple Burl"

Продолжительность: 00:11:58

My New Channel http: Wood turning tips and projects and plans with Carl Jacobson. Wood turning basics on a Lathe with basic wood turning tools. Taking you from start to finish with a ruff piece of wood to your sanded and finished project with paste wax and mineral oil for a superb finish. Turning a natural edge bowl on the lathe.

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Написал: Luftbubblan, 03.04.2014, 14:06

Looks amazing :D
Написал: Harun R. POLAT, 08.12.2013, 00:53

what are you using with sanding? i mean is that varnish paste?
Написал: James HAGA,JR., 16.12.2013, 15:36

Where can I buy a cheap lathe to make bowls on I am disabled and cannot work but I think bowls would be a good hobby I would like to find a 18 or20 inch bench model because I don't have room for a full size one and I really don't care what it looks like even if it had a lot of rust on it and I could still use it. Thank you for your time.
Написал: Jim Knox, 21.12.2013, 22:22

Excellent video, thank you for sharing. I was given a large maple burl today and will be using some of your techniques to make a bow or two. I will probably have enough wood remaining to make a few pens as well. Great work you made an amazing looking bowl!
Написал: David Lilly, 03.07.2013, 22:13

Beautifully done Carl.
Написал: Carl Jacobson, 27.08.2012, 21:43

Hi Joe, I hope your just having a bad day :( and not just a angry bitter little man. I look on your channel thank you for sharing your talent. Take care, Carl
Написал: Dennis Adams, 25.04.2012, 11:20

I did not understand the comment about Cap'n Eddie here? Turners always like these bowls with bark on, Are they useful or just artsy?
Написал: Lui Ferreira, 15.01.2013, 05:02

Great work Carl. Beautiful piece. Have a good one! Lui
Написал: Carl Jacobson, 25.09.2012, 14:48

Yes, I only use a bowl gouge now.
Написал: sneezie22, 07.09.2012, 13:56

It came out beautifully despite "woodmanjoe's" comment. Keep up the good work and making these informative videos : )
Написал: kenny474, 20.09.2012, 06:56

You should have at least 90% of all tooling marks removed before increasing from initial grit. The higher grits are merely removing the scratches from the previous grit at this point, which is the desired effect. Also, stop the lathe and sand with the grain between grits, and blow off the piece with compressed air to remove any grit and debris left behind before moving up in grit.
Написал: Danny Coghlan, 01.03.2013, 19:31

Do you know when your just shaping the outside someone said you can't use a spindle gouge it has to be a bowl gouge
Написал: Carl Jacobson, 18.03.2013, 16:48

Only If your to far over the tool rest. I just use it to clean up after I hollow the bowl out.
Написал: woodmanjoe, 24.08.2012, 22:33

He seems to have no sense of style, design, or proportion.
Написал: TheGamingGuy2010, 19.10.2013, 22:27

what tools do you use for bowls?
Написал: kenny474, 20.09.2012, 06:57

You do quite well, no need to worry about one man's opinion. Pay no mind to the trolls, they go away soon enough if ignored...
Написал: adam seddon, 14.01.2013, 21:13

what is that wax called that you used with the sandpaper it makes it look so much better
Написал: Carl Jacobson, 30.01.2013, 05:45

No, I just like the hot glue.
Написал: Radomid, 24.06.2012, 05:50

I cut logs, but they got huge cracks and splits in them. Where/how do you store your wood?
Написал: Robert Grubb, 06.10.2012, 10:47

thats sick.
Написал: Danny Coghlan, 28.02.2013, 21:23

Is it ok to shape a bowl
Написал: Thaddeus M, 07.07.2013, 00:39

Написал: Carl Jacobson, 14.03.2013, 02:39

Hi Sarah, The set I have opens up to 3" and closed it's 1 1/2". This is a good all purpose set of jaws.
Написал: MrKelso159, 29.05.2013, 20:14

Yeah I saw that natural edge bowl right ! I get the older mesquite wood and it is as red as cherry or redwood. Looks alot like your cocobolo wood, but with alittle more red in it. Made a irish wedding goblet for my nephews wedding and they thought it was redwood. Cheers !
Написал: Carl Jacobson, 02.03.2013, 02:53

I wouldn't use a spindle gouge to shape something like this. A bowl gouge works much better. A spindle gouge is more for detail work.