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SHARE ON YOUR FACEBOOK NOW! Actually, SHARE EVERYWHERE! Has Scottie found a major biblical sign in the heavens which may point to the actual rapture of the Bride of Christ? Dive in and see the bigger picture of the future and its world-changing events which look to be right at the very door of history! This theory is for your discernment and is based on the shown evidence which in my opinion is very difficult to deny. Let me know what you think. I appreciate your thoughts. We are in this together, continuing to watch for the return of our King. My research is based on work by Mark Biltz and Rick Larson who deserve credit for pushing me to think in this direction. God bless you, friends. ~Scottie I would be extremely grateful at this time for your blessing of this ministry. Thank you SO much in advance and may YHWH bless you abundantly! Original 2011 Video - The Sun-Clad Woman in Revelation 12 Revealed! The Last Trump Exposed & Revealed! Music and Eclipse Charts by Michael Rogers - Thanks Mike! Music for sale on itunes and Amazon at: ---------------------------Salvation----------------------------- Do you need to be saved from your sin? Do you want to go to Heaven? Pray this prayer from your heart right now. "Dear Precious Lord Jesus; I need you; please, come into my heart and forgive me of my sin. I want to be saved and I want to be changed! I accept you, Jesus; as my Lord; as my Savior! Thank you for loving me. Jesus, I believe in you. I believe that you are the son of God and that you came to die for my sins because you know I cannot pay for them. It is your blood that now covers me and washes me clean, not because of anything I have done or can do, but by your amazing grace through my faith in you. I believe you defeated death and were raised back to life on the third day. Glory to you, Jesus! I repent from sin now and I will do my best to follow your laws and instructions for my life. Lead me and guide me this day forth. I love you and look forward to your coming. Write my name in the Book of Life. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Accept me as part of your bride and count me worthy to escape what is coming on the earth. I pray this in your mighty name, Jesus. Amen." Please contact me if you have questions. God bless you and welcome to the eternal family! Scottie

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Написал: ClusterVisionMach2, 03.08.2013, 10:47

Thank you for your fascinating work. Jesus said "nobody knows the day only the father" & that all his sheep would be called & will hear His voice. Trust in His words & the Father. Moses trusted, Abraham trusted - all Gods people trusted in Him & His word. The work presented here is very good & maybe it helps some people to awake to the necessarity to repent from their sins & this will be your "fruits", Scottie. Sincerely.
Написал: Bobbie Garwood, 16.10.2012, 01:46

YEAH U MADE A NEW VIDEO!! we missed u scottie :):) so glad u made one. thank u for all the hard work tht u do my brother in Christ God bless u scottie :)
Написал: Kristie Mobley, 24.04.2013, 01:40

I love all of your videos
Написал: liquidiz33, 15.10.2012, 17:05

new agers believe the signs in the heavens are a sign of the coming Miatreya, share international posts on this and benjamin creme propagates that lie. I feel like the scriptures tell of this but the new age has its own evil explanation.
Написал: CelticChik1, 19.11.2012, 05:14

Hey, Scottie. Thanks so much for this video. I'm wondering if you'll make this updated lunar eclipse chart available? I have an older one from Michael Rogers that you linked to on a previous video, but this chart has been updated and more complete, and I'd like to map out an overlay timeline from The Harbinger having to do with the Shemitah cycle and the Jewish feast days. Thanks for considering sharing.
Написал: MultiJimmyb, 20.12.2012, 16:43

The tribulation could very well start on Dec.21st. If it does, the rapture would have to happen around that date. But only GOD knows this, no man can KNOW, we can just guess.
Написал: sonlya2010, 26.11.2012, 22:25

very cool!
Написал: coherence2012, 18.08.2013, 22:57

dear brothers and sisters I very much recommend to watch 'The End Times' by Pastor Ben Heath on youtube. God Bless ~ Scottie, thanks for your great work!
Написал: MrToddG123, 25.03.2013, 19:55

Wow, You obviously put alot of work and alot of thought into this presentation...I find myself not in total agreement but also not in total disagreement...Opinions are good and provoke thought where perhaps there was none before...The whole spirits clothed/unclothed thing is certainly arguable since it is about perception and we may always perceive spirits as clothed..Consider the Angel in Jesus tomb...Clothed or Naked? A small thing but something perhaps requiring more thought when presenting.
Написал: Scottie Clarke, 15.10.2012, 17:15

All religions have their ideas about the end of the age. Only the Holy Scriptures will prove to be true. It is only Gods Word that in the end, is worth searching.