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I Was There - Agenda 21 Whistle Blower

Продолжительность: 00:48:53

Agenda21 Whistle Blower tells of her pesonal experience at the Rio Conference in 1992

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Написал: lettersquash, 17.08.2014, 00:34

So it sounds like something is going on, but I'm not sure what. I'm sure part of the problem is my own lack of background knowledge here, but there was too much "they are doing this" and "they want to do that"...they? The United Nations? The UNDP? I guess she doesn't know either from what she was saying. Also, her first shock seemed to be because developing nations were all demanding the USA pay for their (each country's) environmental development costs, so I got the picture that these small countries were the culprits, under the auspices of the UN. But her other conference revealed that the developed nations (or at least the powerful people at the conference) were making plans for the infrastructures of developing nations (without the latter's involvement). Then it all seemed to switch to the EU, with one of the clearest statements that Europe wants to turn Africa into the bread basket of the world so that it's not dependent on the USA anymore. Next there's a protection of the feelings of Moslems by not teaching the Holocaust in English schools. What? I haven't heard of that, but it doesn't even make sense. The Holocaust didn't involve Moslems at all centrally (are we suggesting not offending them by commiserating with their arch enemies!?), and I fail to see the relevance anyway. Similarly, if Sharia Law is infiltrating countries where Moslems are migrating to, eg. if Canada "allows honour killings" (again, I find that shocking to the point of disbelief, but I'll have to research it), wtf has that got to do with a Marxist NWO? I mean, one can construct paranoid possibilities, like giving the Moslems too much power to cause world war or enough war on terror to lock up all the old-school capitalists...but I think this is a long stretch from the evidence given - being shocked to find a bunch of countries arguing about how to deal with global warming! Finally, someone ("they") have dumbed down the US education system to the point of being an enormous babysitting enterprise, so that the American public won't understand their Constitution, know their history, etc. The dumbing down bit explains a lot...especially here on youtube! But generally, I'm left very confused. The bottom line seems to be that some powerful people are manipulating world politics. Crikey. You don't say. I did rather wince at her disgust that the dumbed-down populace won't be able to "run the world" anymore. Noooooo, really?! Stop this madness immediately!!!! Might I ask why the fuck the USA thinks it has the right to run the world? One thing I find particularly disturbing about all this is that, as I see it, capitalism and individual freedom ARE severe problems for the environment and our peaceful existence on the Earth. I keep seeing people blame some communistic conspiracy for all the damage being done around the world, but it is capitalism that allowed corporations to wield so much power that they now have pretty well bought our governments. It is still capitalist freedoms - the free market - free banking - that is still encroaching on democracy. And I worry that in facing the new global environmental realities we're waking up to (far too damn slowly) the USA's knee-jerk reaction is always to defend their right to FREEDOM - to do exactly what they want, including run the world, exploit resources to the full, etc. I still believe in the central principle that we must, as a world, find a way to put the collective good above the individual. The trick is, the hope would be, to do so without abusing the individual or enslaving him or her, so that together, and in the light of day, we work out how much freedom we can reasonably allow ourselves and each other. If we don't want to give up any of our individual freedom, we're just taking it away from our children. They will have to deal with the fallout from our selfishness. This is something I've never quite understood about the USA, when so many of its citizens identify with Christiantiy - sorry, I'm generalizing - they have absolutely no willingness to make any personal sacrifice. Their prophet made the ultimate sacrifice, wouldn't harm anyone, turned the other cheek, apparently so that the American can do anything, anywhere, wielding a big gun. And then, some have said there is more than a passing resemblance between Marxism and Christian ethics, but there's still this deep suspicion of Reds under the bed. I don't know Marx, but benign communism, if we could only figure out a way to do it, would be heaven on earth. One final curiosity is all the weird cloak-and-dagger stuff about this unidentifiable whistleblower, who then stood in front of a camera and said what her ex-husband's role was that got her the place at Rio, and several elite establishments where she was educated and taught. Thank heavens you didn't name her so Big Brother can't evaporate her.
Написал: john blaine, 11.11.2014, 02:57

why does she keep laughing?????
Написал: Snake Plissken, 14.11.2014, 07:20

Oh My God, What is this? this is horror...we all have to do something
Написал: Nathanial Tanis, 12.11.2014, 02:56

Agenda 21 isn't Communistic, because the powers that be don't believe in equality. The powers that be will have considerably more wealth and more rights, and it isn't in the best interest of the people. Agenda 21 is pure, unadulterated Fascism. The distribution of wealth is UNEQUAL in Agenda 21. 
Написал: CampConstitution, 01.01.2014, 16:45

While she was wrong on George Bush, (he did sign Agenda 21), she has some interesting comments.
Написал: Justin Lewis, 26.10.2014, 03:57

'Honour killings' on the rise in Canada: 
Написал: carlfinkle, 28.10.2014, 15:07

The US currently owes the the rest of the world 18 trillion dollars that about $2500 for every one on earth.
Написал: Bee Dee, 13.10.2014, 11:53

she lied about Canada honor killings being allowed, this is a blatant lie .
Написал: Antonio Ferrer, 14.03.2014, 07:05

I was floored too when I heard this woman. I thought she was about to criticise Agenda 21. Instead, she seems to believe the US are being too generous and spending too much money helping 3rd world countries and that Europe, Asia and the 3rd world are the root of present US problems. Man, all the rest of the world wants from you americans is for you to stay away from us as much as possible and for you to be peaceful and minimally honest when dealing with us. Please.
Написал: Felix Bloxham, 17.06.2014, 04:35

very good presentation thank you 
Написал: Robert Brown, 02.09.2014, 03:15

The last third or so of what I heard her say is quite to the point. She's not quite correct on one thing. It's not that the people are destroying the country, it's that they have allowed it to be destroyed. Much of what the Federal Government controls now, or substantially controls, is illegal at the most fundamental level - namely the Constitution. Education is legally under the control of the States, or is supposed to be under the Constitution. It is not. Most of this boils down to having a Federal income tax which makes the Federal Government not a limited government, but eventually (now) a ultra-strong, central government. Take California, what's our budget around $25B a year. How much doe we get back from the Federal Government per year, with legal strings attached? $90B or more? The Federal Government has us what, $17T in debt? Probably multiple times of that since they don't follow accounting principles but what crooks would. It's very simple, the Federal Government has most of the tax money, therefore it has most of the power. That's why the Constitution was written to KEEP the federal government a LIMITED government. Washington D.C. is a "one-stop shop for the crooks, the biggest crooks in the world. The Federal income tax instituted back in 1913, I think it was, was unforgiveable. We could not be defeated by force by other currents and they came up with the best plan to destroy us from within and basically took over our country through our Federal Representatives. It's that simple. I don't think the powers that be mind me saying this because they figure it's too late. And they're probably correct. People were much better educated back then but they didn't get what would happen and we let it continue until it was too late (now). The people of the United States, inadvertently, allowed this to happen. The people didn't destroy the country, they allowed it to be destroyed.
Написал: Green Crow, 28.01.2014, 18:52

This individual was impressed by GHWB and Barbara. Does she know the criminal history of the Bush family? Including involvement in the assassination of JFK. It would appear that she is another apple from the same tree as the Bush's (no pun intended).
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Написал: timsvid, 10.02.2014, 10:55

Screw africa and europe the UNITED STATES does not owe you a damn thing
Написал: Minimoy, 27.07.2014, 01:52

The United States has been used by the powers that be as an Imperialist Nation since mid-last century. It only starts bothering you now that you're near the short end of the stick. These people have been controlling you all along, it's nothing new.
Написал: Black Jews Salvation Coming Soon, 26.11.2014, 19:45

Написал: bloodyvaghole, 18.04.2014, 21:50

Написал: Ted B, 22.03.2014, 20:34

Environmentalism has failed, David Suzuki has already admitted as much. It was hijacked by the United Nations at the Earth Summit in Rio when the UN used it as the as the impetus to promote Agenda 21. We have since learned of their ulterior motives, to destroy individualism in the west and convert the world to a socialist community, ultimately leading to wealth sharing on a global basis as this lady explains in the video. To promote this Agenda and make wealth sharing more palatable, communism has been renamed communitarianism in the hope for broad acceptance by those in the west. If you don't think it is alive and well in Canada, check out ICLEI and Ontario's 'Places to Grow Act'. You'll discover it no longer has anything to do with environmentalism and everything to do with Agenda 21 and the new world order.
Написал: BBWulf, 28.06.2014, 04:57

I don't understand why there isn't anyone bringing legal charges against those who are destabilizing the USA in our govt intentionally under U.S.C Title 18 for Sedition & Treason to overthrow the USA ? Isn't that the job of the Attorney General & most of all, believe it or not whose responsibility it is, is the Coast Guard Jag Department who are responsible for bringing charges against anyone in congress & the government. Ever since I was a young child I noticed how big businesses and manufacturers were closing the companies and as a adult I know it is our own govt who is responsible for the intentional destruction of the USA.
Написал: timsvid, 10.02.2014, 10:59

Europe has been on the AMERICAN dole since after ww2 it's time to get these leeches off us no more giving money to europe no more letting these people from other countries fleecing us we have millions here with no money jobs or a future its time we take care of home screw these other countries taking advantage of our generosity
Написал: Gry Phyn, 31.03.2014, 06:33

Uh .. she is absolutely wrong about canada allowing mercy killings if the person is Muslim. It is not allowed and they go to jail for murder if they do that here. 
Написал: Joan Donnelly Ellis, 07.06.2014, 01:18

"Whistleblower Scientist Exposing Secrets of Agenda 21" Part1 and 2 on youtube
Написал: banjo01000, 05.06.2014, 02:02

first half a waste
Написал: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, 19.03.2014, 00:27

Though I agree with most of what you said on here.....we do NOT 'harbor' or allow immigrant murderers to get away free here in Canada. And this is one example. I hope the bastards never see the light of day again, after what they did to their own children, and sisters!
Написал: HeatherBrady63, 14.11.2012, 03:41

layman's video in movie style for those of you who are not accustomed to technical brief style presentations. so a search ere on you tube for: OzoN0IQsTAE scroll down to the JohnBirchSociety Agenda 21: How Will it Affect You vid. it's very good 20 minute movie and a easy watch. Pardon CampConstitution!