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Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike Tunnel-Quemahoning S Penn RR

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Also Check Out Ok Pennsylvania Turnpike Geeks--most of us know that there were actually 9 tunnels on the original Pennsylvania Turnpike plan in the late 1930s. Two were abandoned, due in part to the unstable condition, and the short distance to simply excavate the mountain. Negro Hill tunnel was to be located just north of where the Allegheny Mt tunnel is. The one you are seeing is the Quemahoning. Located at Mile post 106.5 West of Somerset exit, you can see the tunnel and the wooden supports that were used in the late 1800's when the south penn railroad was being constructed, also known as "Vanderbilt's Folly". This is one of the 9 Tunnels that were to be part of the South Penn Railroad to Pittsburgh. There are several remnants of the railroad bed near Somerset, as the turnpike did not follow the route exactly through here. I haven't gotten the nerve to get closer and shine a light in the tunnel, so sit back and enjoy!!! Visit Our online Store at

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Написал: Sheryl Hand, 17.02.2014, 16:25

Thanks for theses images. Nice work. We traveled this route coming back from Penn State. Unfortunately it was so snow covered, you couldn't see it.
Написал: Tony Mach, 09.09.2012, 12:22

Nothing says "death trap" quite like standing on top of a partially collapsed tunnel. Thanks for bringing us these images! It is always interesting to see historic routes and how they have changed over time.
Написал: nswkilla, 06.06.2009, 17:13

pronounced QUE ( KWEEE) not KWEYH
Написал: dirtrokker4, 09.10.2010, 03:10

Thanks 4 posting! Live right near it and never knew it was there!!
Написал: rand69vdhs, 25.12.2012, 06:02

We locals pronouce the name "kwee-mah-honing" About 20 miles North of Somerest, just off SR 601 is the Quemahoning Dam and lake, built about the same time was the Turnpike. Until the 1970's it was the largest earthen breast work dam in the world. Orignally leased to the Bethlehem Steel Co., it provided water to both the Steel Mills and city of Johnstown, anoher 15 miles to the North. Beatutiful in the Spring when water cascades off the massive concrete steps of the spillway! Nice to see..
Написал: BarryManilowFan4eva, 19.06.2008, 22:39

Also did u know that NYC wanted an easier way 2 get to Chicago. To make PRR run for it's money, & time for trips to chicago. The NYC laid out a route. But the line was never built. The line is where the PA Turnpike is today.
Написал: BaroqueMusicOnly, 05.11.2012, 16:28

is there a end on this tunnel can you go trough it?
Написал: Stuffthats Gone, 21.07.2009, 23:00

They uilt the cut to the right, and to level everything out, there was no need to go down as far--saved money too--remember they didn't have the same earthmoving equipment!~
Написал: paolito777, 30.09.2009, 12:58

Написал: merks62, 16.04.2009, 17:06

As a regular visitor to the Ray's Hill and Sideling Hill Tunnels - or at least as regular as you can be living 300 miles away! - you have my admiration for tracking down and showing us one of the considerably harder-to-discern artifacts from the Turnpike's rich, railroad-rooted history! This is exactly what YouTube should be about.
Написал: James Love, 08.07.2013, 17:41

finished, however it was the Pittsburgh Westmoreland & Somerset Railroad that finished building the Quemahoning tunnel. The Negro Mnt. Tunnel had been removed a few years ago, it was on the westbound side of Pike near pines and is near the site of the coal company and the old bridge that was removed. Russell Love will be more than happy to show you the full right of way from the Reading Railroad yard in Harrisburg back to Edgar Thompson Works. The SPRR is north south on and along the PA Turnpike
Написал: Cody Sipe, 05.01.2010, 22:11

I would go in
Написал: animal16365, 31.12.2011, 07:42

is there any pictures or video fotage of the negro mt tunnel?
Написал: Bryan Haugen, 16.03.2012, 15:18

very interesting, thank you for the video
Написал: OilHist, 09.10.2009, 03:46

Several years ago a friend and I tried to find this tunnel, but we were not successful. We parked just past the cut you show on the highway level as there is a place you can back a pickup truck into a spot that is safe from traffic. We looked too far north and too far from the Turnpike. We'll have to go back again and find it now that you've shown us exactly where it is. Thanks!
Написал: James Love, 08.07.2013, 17:36

Stuff that's gone people and and all who are interested in the Quemahohnin tunnel and the Negro Mountain tunnel, please call me James Love (412) 377-1972. My brother Russell Love has done at least 17 years of studying on the South Pennsylvania Railroad that William Vanderbilt had been building for Andrew Carnegie prior to his death of a heart attack. Sir as your parked westbound on PA Turnpike just west of the Husband PA bridges the Quemahoning tunnel was the only tunnel of the SPRR that was
Написал: Pennsylvania History Buff, 21.09.2009, 22:49

Thanks for posting this. I love odds and ends of PA.
Написал: edeggs, 18.06.2012, 15:28

how do trains go through that
Написал: Stuffthats Gone, 17.07.2010, 19:46

There is nothing reasonably Close.....
Написал: Kevin B, 29.06.2008, 00:25

I learned something today... nice.
Написал: Foam219, 12.01.2009, 02:45

Wow, that is truly neat. I'm a recent discoverer of the whole PA turnpike tunnel-history venture. I remember reading about this particular tunnel and i always thought it was much farther away from the main line then it really is. Good vid my friend.
Написал: rreidnauer, 15.11.2009, 01:01

Actually, while the SPRR itself never came to be, the tunnel WAS used briefly by the Pittsburgh, Westmoreland, & Somerset Railroad from 1909-1916. The turnpike commission later purchased the route from SPRR in 1937 and cut the pass you see today. Coincidentally, the now abandoned Laurel Hill turnpike tunnel was also built by SPRR.
Написал: Stuffthats Gone, 05.11.2012, 22:26

I have no idea...the other end is covered over...too scary to go in!
Написал: thesideboobgodfather, 11.07.2013, 00:30

Написал: Brian Zinchenko, 02.12.2011, 02:57

@theqman1956 Does wild animals Inhabit the tunnel? Or is it empty