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JAGDPANTHER - Firing it's main 88mm Gun.

Продолжительность: 00:00:37

The fully restored and fully working SdKfz Foundation Jagdpanther firing it's main gun at a public Military event in 2005 here in the UK. Each of the blanks were specifically made for this gun and were reported to have cost £280 each, very much appreciated being able to see this self propelled gun in action and feel the full force of the blast, even being stood at the rear it was still significant.

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Написал: Niklas Johansson, 05.10.2014, 22:31

Do the tigers 8.8cm, that would be impressive :) 
Написал: Shane Scaffa, 18.06.2014, 22:32

Since the Jagdpanther was built on the Panther's chasis, I wonder why they didn't put an 88mm on a Panther as well?
Написал: claude kim, 08.02.2014, 19:46

damn! 8.8 << most deadly gun during ww2 :P fuck yea!! 8,8 pak was also a huge ammo for its time... other than the sturm tig lol fires rockets hahah
Написал: Ze Doktor, 09.08.2014, 08:19

It would be cool if it wasn't a blank so you could hear the shell roar in the distance.
Написал: Battleship009, 30.07.2014, 02:51

Boy there is a crack in it's boom.
Написал: Lord Blaziken, 10.10.2014, 22:47

Not a self propelled gun; it's a tank destroyer... contrary to the video description...
Написал: zchen27, 03.10.2014, 00:17

After watching this. I feel that we really need to legalize beating the crap out of each other in replicas of mid-20th century AFVs as a sport. Doesn't have to be fatal, just use either dummy rounds or slap composite armor onto the replicas. Definitely will be an excellent spectator sport.
Написал: Laurence Abueg, 12.10.2014, 11:08

The French Embassy Called, THey Surrendered again after hearing it :)))
Написал: slimchancetoo, 21.09.2014, 11:43

Big boys and their toys.
Написал: Jason Donze, 02.07.2014, 22:27

22 Shermans dislike the video.
Написал: Boromir Smith, 22.02.2014, 17:45

this sound is so perfect on so many levels
Написал: Phil Maplesden, 01.04.2014, 14:28

so where the fuck is the recoil 
Написал: rulerss, 28.08.2014, 14:31

heil hitler 88mm gun !
Написал: Jason Donze, 29.06.2014, 22:03

8.8cm PaK 43
Написал: ThePeople'sPanzer, 27.04.2014, 11:34

Pak 43 L71 gun. L71 meaning the barrell is 71 times longer than the calibre (88mm) this is what gave it such a high muzzle velocity and such destructive power. The Tiger 1 had a much less powerful L56. This is the Tiger II's gun.
Написал: Th Eagle, 10.08.2014, 22:33

O my God *-*
Написал: Lightning206, 02.08.2014, 09:05

love that noise
Написал: Wm Beeman, 27.03.2014, 05:28

Написал: Malina Martin, 02.07.2014, 22:49

It is like 100 mm gun sound in war thunder.
Написал: Space Chair, 19.12.2013, 12:03

The BL-10 never left the testing grounds 
Написал: STriderFIN77, 08.03.2014, 03:07

Написал: NJtuber88, 05.07.2014, 17:54

WOW Awesome!!! JP was always my Fav AFV!!!
Написал: Sakkehattu, 07.12.2013, 15:33

Holy fucking shit that was glorious, I'm happy I wasn't one of the men on the business side of that thing :o
Написал: jonastti, 01.10.2013, 23:52

ALIED tanks in ww2(europe) =180,000. - lost = 140,000. - mechanical break downs or abandoned in battle = 20,000~30,000. - total Tanks destroyed by the Germans = 110,000-120,000. GERMAN tanks in ww2 = 49,777. - mechanical break downs or abandoned in battle = 12%. source - archives.g o v, englishrussia. c o m, Ellis, John statistical surveyWorld War II - A statistical survey and wwiidaybyday. c o m. ????" Few tanks are completely destroyed"??????
Написал: DevSolar, 25.06.2013, 14:12

The "some reason" was the higher muzzle velocity of the L/71 (better balistics and armor penetration).