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In this video, I teach you how to catch and breed your very own shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y! If you want to trade your shinies, check out my Shiny Showcase playlist below! PokeRadar Chaining Tutorials: SUBSCRIBE for more Pokemon X and Y content, as well as other gaming videos! Want more of The Average Joe? Check out the official Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks to O3Dzn for his free After Effects intro template! - Copyright Notes - Song Title: Call to Adventure Artist: Kevin MacLeod Call to Adventure is by Kevin MacLeod, and is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at The video game being shown in this video is Pokemon X, which is owned by Nintendo Co., Ltd. In this video, I share with viewers a detailed method on how to obtain a special type of Pokemon in-game. All associated commentary is meant to be educational, and to help viewers with this feature of the game. I find this video to follow Youtube's Guidelines for Video Game and Software Content. Use of this video is found to be fair use under section 107, for purposes of Teaching, Education, Comment, and Criticism.

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Написал: TheAverageJoe, 09.08.2014, 03:29

STOP TELLING ME THAT YOU CAN RUN FROM CHAIN FISHING! I made a mistake during this video and said that you couldn't - my bad. I now know that you can indeed run from chain fishing without breaking your chain. I get at least three comments a day telling me that you can, and it's becoming obnoxious. Also, there are some other minor mistakes this video, all corrected with annotations. Please give this comment a thumbs up so people can see. Thank you, and enjoy the video!
Написал: TheAverageJoe, 01.02.2014, 05:34

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the video. I'm looking for someone with a Normal type Friend Safari with Ditto in it... if any of you have that, please reply to this comment with your Friend Code is 2809 8207 8465 - I will add you back ASAP! :) Thanks!
Написал: TheAverageJoe, 22.12.2013, 08:53

Hey guys! Check out the Shiny Showcase on my channel if you're looking to trade your shiny Pokemon! Every Monday, I put up a new Shiny Pokemon for trade - so make sure you subscribe if you want to get them while they're available! Thanks for watching, and I hope this video helped you!
Написал: Quilava, 29.10.2014, 22:59

Add me! My friend code is: 0387 8836 5426 I'll add anyone who comments!
Написал: Rachel Hoff, 11.08.2014, 21:04

+TheAverageJoe thanks for the video u helped a lot.... and also people with a lot of shiny's ill battle u and if I win u give me one, u dont have to but if someone wants to we can.... and also how do u get your friend code? I dont know what mine is and ill give mine if someone comments and wants to battle me.... thanks! ^0^
Написал: Anthony Tijerina, 27.10.2014, 02:46

I found a shiny volbeat and accidently released it while I was slamming my hand on my screen...
Написал: Jeffery Fishman, 01.10.2014, 23:38

I have a shiny bidoof and don't know what to do with and my old shiny psyduck I accidentally wonder traded... I don't have much luck with shinys...
Написал: Jenna Green, 28.09.2014, 02:16

Ha. I found 3 random shinies. 1. Gurdurr 2. Fraxure 3. Druddigon
Написал: Josh Wise, 07.09.2014, 06:16

Написал: Ashton Rader, 23.11.2014, 16:41

I once was just walking In Grass and then boom a shiny heatmor! My luck...I did not even use a method
Написал: Yosuf Haqqi, 27.10.2014, 12:26

i got a shiny gastly after 17 eggs
Написал: Adrian Vargas, 10.09.2014, 05:57

Can anyone hook me up with a shiny froakie ill give you 4 pokemon in return i really want it badly. Thanks Here is my friend code- 1950-9859-6684 
Написал: Mike Bartkus, 22.07.2014, 17:01

You can find wild Dittos in the Pokemon Village you know. :P
Написал: Lilly Allison, 09.11.2014, 22:10

SRing 4 shiny cobalion while wayching this
Написал: Damo McLighter, 31.08.2014, 09:37

How dare you have a templated intro. Ask someone to make your intro for you. I'm not good enough to make a decent one for you, but come on man.
Написал: andres coloxo, 27.10.2014, 20:14

Написал: Beryl, 25.07.2014, 22:44

Isn't that song Call of Adventure by Kevin Macleod?
Написал: NormcraftHD, 10.10.2014, 13:16

ok i have tryed chain fishing so many times it hasnt worked once even when i got a chain of 30 so you must be missing out something cause theres no way i havent seen at least one shiny water type pokemon yet come on guys if u gonna record give every detail because when i do it it is utter ball crap.
Написал: truesage64, 21.09.2014, 18:25

Another pokemon that has Suction cups is Lileep and Cradily.
Написал: TheMysticalAngel, 13.10.2014, 23:33

I probably killed a shiny when I was 6... 
Написал: AdoptingYoishis, 23.07.2014, 04:34

I still have never got a shiny EVER except the red Garados. 
Написал: Donna Vickers, 12.10.2014, 21:14

i got a shiney furfou with out trying
Написал: iBanana CP, 11.10.2014, 11:13

Got shiny flabebe
Написал: Wolf games, 20.06.2014, 23:55

you can find zapdos outside the daycare. You'll see a flash when you encounter it
Написал: nathanial dosman, 26.09.2014, 00:08

I left 2 salamence in the day care one from japan and one from my own reigon i biked around a bit and then i whent back to the day care the man outside will not give me an egg did i do something wrong? Or what happened?