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Написал: yuki cross, 14.02.2013, 06:05

"you an not cry you must keep those feelings out of sight" I think is the meanest most cruel thing any could have ever said to him
Написал: alisha ramon, 10.02.2013, 18:02

poor guy... stupid klaus... i hope he's not dead from all that
Написал: Princesza Mikku, 01.02.2013, 15:39

is it just me or is Klaus' voice the same as kakashi's from naruto
Написал: Rendajno Junawl, 11.12.2012, 09:42

OH, SHIT, DID He die?!
Написал: Christian Kitty, 05.03.2013, 22:54

why is Taki so cute and Klauss's face is stoned to box
Написал: eeveelove, 27.01.2013, 23:00

taki is soOooOOOo cute!
Написал: Janice Tsang, 25.01.2013, 23:42

omg I thought Taki died after being raped by Klaus but after reading the comments I realized he just knocked out... the way he looked like afterwards was he was dead :s
Написал: LunaMidnightWolf, 13.03.2013, 00:11

The ending is so cute and funny (with the cats and dogs after the credits)
Написал: reapersab9997455, 02.03.2013, 16:59

@cheyenne nelson its actually possible.
Написал: LillytheWitch, 08.02.2013, 10:30

omfg even trolls are into yaoi xD
Написал: Alex Wendling, 28.02.2013, 00:34

i love the ending, so adorable!!!!! their tails swishing back and worth, the best >//////<
Написал: hedan397, 02.03.2013, 17:14

He didn't die. just hurt.
Написал: Mr. Fangirl, 11.03.2013, 21:09

Wait....... Is this going to make me cry like Winter Cicada? It actually didn't make me cry, I felt like it though. If so I kind of don't want to finish it.
Написал: Deborah Robb, 09.03.2013, 19:46

I am so happy to know I am not the only straight person to like this stuff. I feel less weird now, thank you.
Написал: YaoiPrincess007, 05.02.2013, 21:00

Yes that's true! I find it so hilarous. x'D
Написал: Emilia nyström, 07.03.2013, 18:02

10 idiot don't like perfect yaoi!
Написал: Neby Yu, 21.02.2013, 02:08

Omg are they all made of rubber??
Написал: Rendajno Junawl, 11.12.2012, 09:22

Написал: Lingaop, 23.02.2013, 01:59

I'm so furious when I watch papa to kiss in the dark! Mira cheated n he's nt feeling guilty at all !!@#$%& so this 1 definitely better!!
Написал: U.n Owen, 21.12.2012, 03:21

@Rendajno Junawl Nope, he was raped till he was knocked out XD. POOR TAKI, cant handle klauss' big dick :3
Написал: Elegance2108, 22.02.2013, 07:34

Oh, I see. What do you like about Tori?
Написал: U.n Owen, 21.12.2012, 03:22

Написал: Eden Spark, 28.01.2013, 18:32

taki is fucking adorable
Написал: IceLuna, 10.03.2013, 01:00

Wow... So good!!XD sad that he died/passed out thoXP
Написал: tamar yarde, 15.03.2013, 22:43