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Ducati Multistrada 1200 v KTM SMT v BMW GS v Tiger 1050

Продолжительность: 00:07:09

Ducati's new top-of-the-range adventure bike has four different riding modes - but can it beat its three best rivals in each of those applications? Watch the video to see the Multistrada 1200 take on the BMW R1200GS, KTM SMT and Triumph Tiger 1050.

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Написал: Michael Ayden, 21.12.2013, 17:37

Go Triumph!
Написал: Nobody, 29.01.2014, 22:14

Grandpa's ride GS's
Написал: Steve Penpraze, 31.01.2014, 23:02

I Have the Multistrada ST, its Brilliant, also have the new Generation hayabusa which I love, but for touring and comfort and the smile factor I would choose the Ducati any day.
Написал: WarriorScience1, 25.11.2013, 23:26

Well, with BMWs coming out of the Kymco Scooter factories, in the Koreas, I guess they would be preferred there. 
Написал: TheYellowZub, 03.08.2010, 19:53

I love the multistrada but it's not for me today :-( Sad that the price must be so high.
Написал: MonicaRidesMoto, 01.02.2011, 22:49

@lamilumag Oh yes, because, that's how I picture all Italian women. Just tiny little things. Um, no.
Написал: ciancio pilli, 24.04.2013, 23:28

Ducati è meglio, e TU sei una merda spagnola!
Написал: bfmv580, 29.04.2010, 18:01

This guy always makes good vids, the music was good too :-)
Написал: UltraSe7enl2, 02.11.2012, 16:59

ป้ายเหลืองรถ วินมอไซ์ เมืองไทย !!!
Написал: MrMorghath, 09.01.2012, 05:07

wow they go through puddles too
Написал: JayBrizzle, 30.04.2010, 06:10

Like the camera work in the opening of the film.
Написал: zaph0dbeeblebr0x, 29.04.2010, 17:06

@cowtipper84 haha... vmax
Написал: flyn2k, 24.01.2012, 18:21

@010totheteind Why?
Написал: ryan staton, 20.07.2010, 14:39

very informitive :D thanks a lot!
Написал: logaen, 31.03.2011, 12:31

I love the KTM :-)
Написал: 55URB, 31.10.2012, 00:04

Написал: Kaeben, 29.04.2010, 15:08

@daedalx I agree, i like the idea of traction control and ABS for when things go wrong to save you from a crash, but i don't think that they should be relied on. I just use emergency braking drills and its never failed me before
Написал: Al Sp, 01.08.2013, 16:44

Ducati ladies bike in my opinion
Написал: julingy, 03.05.2010, 20:53

lol the "BM" bowel movement?????
Написал: multistrata1200, 30.04.2010, 09:17

Great Video
Написал: markmywords312, 05.05.2012, 07:46

I saw a multistrada on the road for the first time yesterday and I had to do a double take. It looks absolutely brilliant and flew off so quick I couldnt get him on my gix 1000 k4. I commute 300 miles everry day and all of a sudden Im thinking Ducati. I cant get it out of my head
Написал: MonicaRidesMoto, 30.11.2010, 17:59

I don't agree with the woman sitting 2-up...the Multistrada was way uncomfortable for me and the Tiger was great. The grip bars on the Multistrada are made for someone with no hips or butt!! Additionally, the seat height on the Multi was a lot lower than the Tiger, which meant I couldn't see over the shoulder of the driver on it. I liked the Tiger much better.
Написал: Stephen Evans, 25.07.2012, 08:51

This is a load of shit. Do you guys know what means when you say adventure bike ridding. To me it is 75% dirt and sand, 10% mud, 15% road or tar. Please next time you test adventure bikes reguardless of brand, try to bring the adventuring idea forward. Than we will get a true idea of what bike to purchase.
Написал: thozz, 15.08.2010, 10:36

@TheYellowZub it's not just the price.. servicing is really expensive, and if you don't keep it serviced on time, regardless of milage, they won't honour any warranty work. My mate fell foul of this with his 1098.... the ECU blew 2 weeks out of warranty and cos he hadn't had it serviced after 1 year (with about 1800 miles on it) they told him to sling his hook. but the do look awsome
Написал: prepuce83, 16.07.2010, 07:31

so.. why the 1200 need enduro mode, when it have an abs & traction control just wasting money i think (the enduro mode) :P