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Marilyn Monroe - The Last Interview

Продолжительность: 00:26:57

1992 Documentary about Marilyn's last interview in July 1962 for Life magazine.With rare audio of Marilyn's interview and rare footage. Marilyn's words had been edited together for this show

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Написал: Marilyn Monroe History, 31.07.2014, 11:08

Marilyn Monroe - The Last Interview 1992 Documentary about Marilyn's last interview in July 1962 for Life magazine.With rare audio of Marilyn's interview and rare footage. Marilyn's words had been edited together for this show
Написал: Castaway, 28.06.2014, 19:02

She did not commit suicide. It was an accidental overdose. 
Написал: Robby Bonter, 11.08.2014, 00:43

Better put the "committed suicide" part in quotation marks. The public really can't be spoon fed the "suicide" angle, any more.
Написал: Amy al, 14.10.2014, 01:55

1926 -1962 hmmm
Написал: Avidcomp, 06.05.2014, 06:29

She more than likely did commit suicide. There's a very likely reason people look to other explanations to explain her death. I think they're most probably wrong. Marilyn probably suffered from depression and the reason people find it hard to accept that led to her suicide is mostly because they don't understand depression. So what is (severe)depression ? In order to understand what depression is, ask yourself what do you suppose is the opposite? Happiness? No. Happiness is an emotion. Depression is a sensation. The opposite of happiness is sadness. The opposite of depression is vitality, to be understood as a sensation. Therefore if vitality is the sensation of life as a positive then one can begin to imagine what it's opposite sensation must feel like as a sensory experience. A sufferer of depression won't be able to avoid the negative emotions that are a consequence of depression, but those emotions are automated and always in the present. So a sufferer would also be able to experience moments of happy emotional experiences whilst still having the underlying sensation of depression. One's rational cognitive focused mind can operate around this unless those negative emotions become too overwhelming. On occasion so overwhelming that it leads the sufferer to negate one's life, because the world and their self has no intrinsic value, regardless of all that might seem logical to the contrary. At some level people have a grasp of this, and to one degree or another have experiences on this level that are uncomfortable to deal with. So offering support to a sufferer of depression means to understand what it is, and so potentially confront such sensations within their self. Not necessarily, but even knowledge of the potential can be a worry. It is easier to keep a "safe" distance; often done in a variety of ways: Dismissive, rude, superficial empathy etc... i.e. "how are you?" without really wanting to know details if they're negative. The core of depression is self-esteem. A person cannot reduce it more than that. To what extent does one value their self? Does anyone know if she was on anti-depressants? I have issues with that form of chemically masking practice. comments?
Написал: Celina Jp, 31.08.2014, 15:24

It's so sad that even in death they try and make her seem less then she was. They said "she will be laid to rest close by where she started her mediocre rise to stardom". Wow little did they know how big of a legacy she would have. It's just to bad they make money for that because they really don't deserve it. 
Написал: Jonathan Muscella, 04.06.2014, 19:55

she didn't sound depressed to me
Написал: joselinema, 09.04.2014, 04:03

Her death was caused by her doctor....becareful of doctors, they could be killers just prescribing drugs like there's no tomorrow. your own research., dont trust them.
Написал: marktuyet, 01.09.2014, 02:04

She seemed pretty darn smart to me .
Написал: today, 31.07.2014, 16:27

Drug addicted slut no one should look up to her ridiculous
Написал: sonicawesomeness, 19.08.2014, 09:41

You can really hear the pain in her voice in this... it makes me kind of happy that she seemed to really get it all out right before she died... of course not her biggest secrets, but she at least told the world how she honestly felt about fame. 
Написал: edwah joshua, 17.04.2014, 01:53

What does millions of other women have that Marilyn has that they don't want to show >Bipolar disorder. This is not a statement to make fun of anyone it may be a snide remark but why did this women have to ask the question? Most women don't feel they have to act out and many more don't have IT in them; my humble opinion; However, what i have seen in Marilyn's movies I think she was living doll a beauty of femininity/feminity who came face to face with the artificial attraction she flunted which overshadowed the person of her heart was sickened by the reality/ shallowness of that attraction both of her flunting and those who gravitated toward it. I see her heart and felt sorry for her. There wasn't anyone to cover/guide/protect her as does a father or brother an uncle grandfather in the early days of growing up; so sad, sincerely ed
Написал: Directioner Babe, 04.08.2014, 13:09

Ah such a beautiful lady. I love her so much. I wish she had been around throughout my lifetime its such a shame that she has gone.
Написал: mahadragon, 02.08.2014, 09:15

MM continues to inspire to this day. Amazing woman and trailblazer. She accomplished her goal. One of the great artists of her time. Tirelessly and fearlessly working to improve herself. She had a remarkable eye. She recognized what looked good, on camera as well as on the silver screen. She was born to perform. I am deeply touched and feel blessed to have discovered her, even though I never paid much mind until the last couple months. 
Написал: Marilyn Monroe Video Archives, 31.07.2014, 10:19

Marilyn Monroe - The Last Interview 1992 Documentary about Marilyn's last interview in July 1962 for Life magazine.With rare audio of Marilyn's interview and rare footage. Marilyn's words had been edited together for this show
Написал: EARTH ONE, 30.07.2014, 04:22

See how Marilyn played to the cameras and the paparazzi, and smiled so seductively, giving back to her fans and the crowds? Kim Kraptrashian is a clueless tin pan moron with the personality of a paper cup.
Написал: Michel Blanchard, 07.10.2014, 14:20

She did not commit suicide. The FBI was in and out of her house in Brentwood. For ever. 
Написал: Miriam Warrior, 30.09.2014, 23:53

Wow, Hollywood has killed many many people!!
Написал: Sarah Smith, 07.04.2014, 09:23

How on Earth could anyone consider this woman fat? I would love to have her body. And she did not commit suicide, either. 
Написал: Erika Patterson, 22.09.2014, 01:58

you will never be a joke Marilyn <3
Написал: helder sufiano, 01.09.2014, 10:43

Написал: TIffany Oakes, 13.03.2014, 05:04

She did NOT commit suicide. It was the mistake of two doctors. Please read the Donald Spoto biography,
Написал: Anna Banana, 17.06.2014, 07:49

"Committed Suicide" Yeah, sure...
Написал: wendy thompson, 25.08.2014, 21:44

Was it proved she killed herself intentionally? To assume she did and report it that way, is not truthful.
Написал: Dagmar Bucher, 27.08.2014, 07:25