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Skyrim Mod: Immersive First Person View

Продолжительность: 00:02:37

Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Immersive First Person View Intro/Outro Music: CC BY 3.0 -

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Написал: Darksidegamerfull, 23.12.2013, 21:33

Anyone interested in a look at my channel I make videos showing mods too, but my videos are in Portuguese. Pardon if I made any mistake, I do not speak English very well
Написал: r3v4n21, 24.12.2013, 10:06

Very cool mod, the new 1st person reminds me of ARMA 2 But without some tweking in the MCM menu is this mod unplayable
Написал: CatroiOz, 25.12.2013, 20:53

This mod + Occulus Rift = ?
Написал: Hariskillsstuff, 23.12.2013, 21:42

its like playing with the occulus rift, without using the occulus rift!
Написал: digitalcake., 23.12.2013, 21:39

"-in our opinion"... its been one guy in all the brodual vids for a long while...
Написал: Ubeogesh, 23.12.2013, 21:32

Why this isn't present in the vanilla game...? I absolutely love TES games for first person view, this looks like a good improvement. Good that you stated the difference between this mod and the Joy of Perspective. Too bad both of them aren't very playable though... Joy of perspective could use some automatic patcher like ReProccer to make it compatible with all installed mods. Also I remember I used a similar mod for Oblivion, but couldn't stand the head bobbing - it made me really dizzy after some sneaking.
Написал: TheCookiezPlz, 23.12.2013, 21:14

Nice idea, but the way the camera clips through your arm when you draw a bow is a complete deal breaker for me. Not sure if you can hide that by tweaking the settings. I'm guessing not, since even on the tweaked version in the video it was still noticeable as the bow was being raised.
Написал: Machine Herald, 24.12.2013, 10:21

I'd have to remove the head bobbing if I were to use this. I got motion sick after watching this for 2 seconds.
Написал: CliventheTraveller, 23.12.2013, 23:09

Yeah brodual didn't tweak it nearly enough; it can look a lot better. Crosshair is a bit off, due to the way the game sets up the view, there's a fix you have to do on that, but it works. huge you wouldn't believe how matters
Написал: Rolling_Ruedo, 24.12.2013, 15:35

:O What about Kwanzaa Brodual?
Написал: Han Lockhart, 19.03.2014, 01:22

I love this Mod. I never leave home without it!
Написал: Jani SIr, 23.12.2013, 22:25

How to ruin you game: 1. Install a good body replacer and this. 2. Now you will keep looking down, thus you can't play the actual game. 3. ? 4. Profit. (?)
Написал: Kai cook, 15.07.2014, 01:38

Looks like it is a good idea and pretty well made but needs some tweaks before id use it
Написал: TheRexDark, 23.12.2013, 21:09

This seems to look better than Joy of Perspective. JoP had this thing where if I looked down with my Oculus Rift, I looked into the body model, through a hole where the neck should be.
Написал: King Sarathos, 08.05.2014, 19:32

:/ I love this mod, but I can't use it in combat. All of my settings are perfect, doesn't make me sick during any action. No clipping... Just perfect. But, I also can't tell when I have my freaking weapon out unless I equip a shield, and I play more of a spellsword, so that isn't particularly often. Swinging a weapon with this mod is barely noticeable, so combat, unless it's archery is rather dreadful. Not sure how they can fix it unless there were some animations built specifically to address these issues.
Написал: metalheadhobo1, 23.12.2013, 21:11

I can dig it
Написал: FatheredPuma81, 07.04.2014, 19:52

And this helps with fps? Interesting youtube...
Написал: PcGameHunter, 05.04.2014, 12:27

Me: Yes, i would like an immersive mod that either helps or doesn´t hinder gameplay please ..... This mod: U MAD BRO ?! 
Написал: Captjack208, 29.12.2013, 05:00

Definitely gonna give this mod a try, had no idea they made such an improvement for perspectives. 
Написал: Daggerfall, 27.04.2014, 04:25

This mod sucks...
Написал: Mark Quinn, 23.12.2013, 22:51

1:55 I agree completely. I can't see myself playing like that either, and I also can't see spending six hours in the MCM menu tweaking things to be just right every time I make a new character. However, it seems to me that the single greatest thing about this mod is that, at long last, we have an *almost* perfect solution for riding horses in first person. I say almost because when you turn your head all the way around you can see your head up close as opposed to seeing what's behind you, but it's a small annoyance considering what this mod does. I wish the author---or another mod-maker using his methods---would create a stand-alone mod which focuses SOLELY on first person riding. We haven't been able to do this since a much earlier patch, and even then the methods were clunky at best, requiring you to make ini tweaks and even then it never worked that well. Now we have it...we have first person riding and the only thing everyone wants to talk about is this "true" first person system that---admit it, everyone---is far too clumsy and imprecise for serious game-play. Go try to survive Forelhost or an encounter with, say, Malkoran using this silly jittery camera system. No, we need true, decent first person riding and we've needed it since November 11, 2011.
Написал: ProphetFilmsHD, 18.05.2014, 01:05

I hope the next Elder Scrolls game (Elder Scrolls 6 hopefully) implements this, though heavily refined and not as nauseating without having to tweak it all too much.
Написал: mikie1001421, 24.12.2013, 10:41

happy christmas everybody.thanks to you brodual and everyone involved in makin these videos all the best and god luck
Написал: Daniel Covington, 16.06.2014, 02:03

Nice dance bru
Написал: MrPorky, 23.12.2013, 21:15

This looks amazing. I have been using JoP for a long time and this is better!