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Shadow the Hedgehog ~ Never too Late

Продолжительность: 00:03:39

:3 I Love this Hedgie :DDD Add me on facebook?

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Написал: Emily Toney, 25.07.2014, 19:35

this song reminds me of a friend that has anger issues and tried killing herself a couple of times but she's still here even though i want her 2 stop trying 2 hurt herself
Написал: Carerin Ayling, 19.04.2014, 05:58

+Terra The Hedgehog T^T
Написал: FlyGirlCz, 07.04.2014, 19:19

Написал: Sophia Muth, 28.05.2014, 04:04

Shadow why in God's name would you shoot yourself in the mouth with a gun! I mean that's so sad😭
Написал: Dori Knowlton, 21.08.2014, 02:20

Me: It's never too late to start anew. Ask anyone. Shadow: That's crap. Me: Oh, really? In that case, you'd be dead. Several times over. Shadow: &$!@?
Написал: Göksen Seri, 20.08.2014, 18:50

hi hi
Написал: Heba Asawa, 13.08.2014, 18:25

three days grace - Never Too Late 
Написал: Jonelle Cochran, 12.08.2014, 00:40

NO HES MINE! !!!!!!!
Написал: Elsie Webb, 23.07.2014, 14:54

pops up on screen lays waffle down disappears
Написал: ghostly mann, 17.07.2014, 20:53

What is the name of the picture in 1:12 and where did you get it from?
Написал: Kids Only, 24.04.2014, 23:57

Shadow: oh man I'm bored ???: HEY GET BACK HERE YOU MONSTER!!! Shadow and ??? : * falls* ???: ow are you ok man? Shadow: yeah man here let me help you up man Shadow: ( oh wow she's so beautiful) ???: uh are you ok man? Shadow: uh yes who are you btw? ???: my name? The name is reshiram Shadow: reshiram I kinda like that name Reshiram: and you are? Shadow: the name is shadow shadow the hedgehog Reshiram: hm I like that name ???: WHAT ARE YOU LADIES DOING!?!? Shadow: hey that sounds familiar ???: oh...ANYWAYS what are you doing??? Reshiram: ugh you again what do you want zekrom?!?!? Shadow: zekrom? What's a zekrom? Zekrom: IM ZEKROM! AND WHO ARE YOU?? Shadow: my name is shadow the hedgehog!! Zekrom: well I will kill you now! Shadow and reshiram: BRING IT!!! 4 hours later Zekrom: UUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! fine you win this round but next time we meet it won't be easy * disappears* Reshiram: well shadow? Shadow: yes? Reshiram: do you want to be my girlfriend? Shadow: **** YES! Reshiram: aw yes! To be continued 
Написал: sarah berryhill, 11.07.2014, 15:21

love it
Написал: cRu II clan, 05.04.2014, 18:42

To all the fan girls who are in love with shadow, he is not real. He will probably not love you.why? He had a human friend once. Remember how that turned out. You dumbasses actually think he is real. Pathetic.
Написал: Serena Gomez, 04.07.2014, 13:48

Love the video and the song s
Написал: Ethan Sawyer, 19.06.2014, 15:39

Shadows Story is so sad
Написал: Amy RossX, 18.06.2014, 08:37

Aww... I love it song! And Shadow are very cute.
Написал: Silver Hedgehog, 01.03.2014, 20:15

Never to late
Написал: Nélson César, 28.02.2014, 23:44

1:57 my pic!!!
Написал: Cupcake the Pikachu, 20.02.2014, 02:08

shadow is totally swag and I love him and the song :3
Написал: Shad Lover, 18.04.2014, 20:56

I'll kill anyone 4 him sry everyone but Shadow is mine! :3
Написал: Sonallyrlz KC, 16.04.2014, 18:38

Написал: isaiah dodson, 06.01.2014, 22:38

This song is great to for shadow 
Написал: Padilla, 14.04.2014, 01:00

🔫DON'T make me kill u 🔫😠 SHADOW MINE 
Написал: cj lawson, 31.03.2014, 16:38

its varry sad but it's kinda like my life
Написал: Dayana Melisa, 30.12.2013, 23:51

Shadow is my favorite