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[K.F.R]Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo 64 VOSTFR

Продолжительность: 00:24:18

Kfr Fansub. Souscrivez à ma chaine pour nous encouragez ;). Un commentaire fais toujours plaisir.

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Написал: Imroatun Sholihah, 06.02.2014, 09:20

eng sub please T.T
Написал: Alcidedable, 21.02.2014, 06:49

tried watching this in french but 2 year of french classes in high school is not helping at all
Написал: Chronos Yami, 19.02.2014, 20:56

+Agus Hariono can pass me the link for the 01-148 episode?
Написал: Alcidedable, 21.02.2014, 05:37

someone need to translate the whole series pls
Написал: F.Seiei Setsuna, 03.06.2013, 07:29

lelouch, can I get the english subtitle from episode 64 until the last ? nowadays, I translating kindaichi to Indonesian until episode 63 based on english subtitle, but I haven't with episode 64 onwards, because of lacks of video materials and the subtitle itself. Could you please help me by sharing ur english subtitle sources ??? please PM me ASAP thanks in advance
Написал: Lelouch Vi Britannia, 11.12.2012, 12:06

Merci à vous de nous soutenir ^^
Написал: wanamir91, 17.06.2013, 19:55

thanks :)
Написал: praveen kumar, 14.05.2013, 15:46

Thank you very much.
Написал: MrDonTopo, 11.08.2013, 19:00

f u and your french gay subtitles son
Написал: tist satori, 03.01.2013, 20:28

merci j'adore !!!! ^^
Написал: praveen kumar, 23.03.2013, 06:31

Thanks for reply.Is there any where i can find the .srt file for th subtitle,So i can translate in Google and use thr english subs
Написал: Julian Stan, 04.06.2013, 17:14

Hey, check this out! kat_ph/kindaichi-case-files-064-mkv-english-subtitles-s-i-r-t7483869 By the way, if you're interested in auto-subbing in second and with the best quality out the check this out: syedgakbar_ If you want the japanese raw subtitle file,check this out: kitsunekko_ If you're still not content, then go back to the first link and perhaps give a thought to the proposal, you'll find there,if you would well please :) just google the links
Написал: praveen kumar, 07.02.2013, 17:01

Hi, Where can i find english subtitle for this video Thanks in Advance
Написал: Lelouch Vi Britannia, 24.03.2013, 00:29

I'm the only one, with other member of our team who have the subtile, but we only can share our .srt with other fansub, i'm not sure that other member will be okay to share with u. But, i will ask to them. Sorry for my english again lol
Написал: K.A.M.14114120, 17.12.2012, 23:47

Написал: Lelouch Vi Britannia, 09.02.2013, 22:03

i'm sorry but i think you can't, because the KNKF team who subtile kindaichi in english is not so far . Sorry for my bad english
Написал: yazide zaho, 31.07.2013, 06:20

merci bc
Написал: MJ MISSUSO, 02.01.2013, 02:06

C'est dommage que c'est pas en voix de kindaichi est beaucoup mieux en francais :p en japonais ça voix ménerve haha....mais merci en tout cas ;)
Написал: HannanekoMewsette, 10.12.2012, 11:30

Super travail comme d'habitude . Merci !
Написал: wanamir91, 11.06.2013, 09:16

please!!!!!somebody sub this anime in english!!i'm dying to watch this anime:((
Написал: Lelouch Vi Britannia, 11.12.2012, 12:06

On espère aussi !
Написал: wanamir91, 15.06.2013, 11:42

do u have the whole series? do u still sub-ing this anime?please upload somewhere so that all the fans can watch it...i dont where to find this anime...i just watch until episode 63...:(
Написал: waterswing, 10.02.2013, 08:25

I hope there will be an english subbed kindaichi episode of this..
Написал: Kany Toure, 31.12.2012, 17:38

Merci! :D
Написал: Agus Hariono, 14.06.2013, 09:05

i can give u file subtitle kindaichi from 1-148 (complete) but in chinese now i try to traslate it to indonesian but if u want tranlate to english i can give u file subtitle if u want please comment & give me u'r e-mail (nb: if u finis traslate dont forget forward to me) ~sorry for my bad english