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Написал: sirdrumawholelot, 17.06.2013, 12:37

Now I'm justobserver here.. it is good to test things of the spirit, but not go as far to limit the Christian experience only to what you have seen and heard. While there may be something that is product of the environment here, so is your logic. Likely you have come to these conclusions based on someone else's criticism of scripture, and that is not a bad thing.. Just make sure you keep it in check. Also if you want to talk about what is biblical and what is not, you should use scripture
Написал: Citlali L.Bautista, 02.04.2013, 07:52

Let heaven come!!! :)
Написал: William Thames, 29.05.2013, 14:00

Some here attribute this worship as of the devil. This worship is Spirit filled and Spirit led. If you attribute the works of the Holy Spirit to the devil, you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit which is a sin unpardonable/unforgivable. You will never know it because it is the Holy Spirit who brings conviction of sin which leads to repentance and forgiveness. Once the Holy Spirit has left you, you will never be convicted and no repentance and no forgiveness. Be very careful.
Написал: Missytrilakes, 14.05.2013, 18:38

Looks like chaos, a big show and some spirit that brings much attention to itself, not biblical at all, despite the good feelings, experiences, the seducing spirits are bringing into people. It really looks like the fallen ones taking inhabitance in the seed of men.
Написал: Missytrilakes, 17.05.2013, 00:21

Look there was ONE time of pentecost, not two. The real one men did not go to any alter, they didnt lay hands, they didnt call down fire or any holy spirit, God just came on them without any human intervention, I have seen so much of this stuff, it is exactly what occultist, witches, sorcers do. The bible speaks of NO revival at the end time, know the parable of the fig tree to Discern the time we live, the only one doing miracles signs and wonders are the false ones PERIOD, god does his
Написал: memama2, 11.03.2013, 17:06

Then watch YouTube = Jesus Culture L.A. 2012: Pure Penecostal Power...or, Polished Peddlers Pitching a..
Написал: sonnayhwh, 30.05.2013, 21:57

"For God is enthroned upon the praises of His people. . ." Just what did you think that would look like? Shalom!
Написал: Corina Marvel, 14.08.2013, 23:49

When we worship the Lord, He is in our midst and as we rejoice over Him, He rejoices over us with gladness, He quiets us with His love, and rejoices over us with singing. Zephaniah 3:14-17
Написал: Austin Mullen, 14.05.2013, 10:44

25:05, 'nuff said! Hallelujah!
Написал: Missytrilakes, 14.05.2013, 18:36

oh get off it, its the same as secular music, and displays the same beats and jumping , hypnotic universal affects that hindu's do , voodoo people do, has the same manifestations, you know the word says God will destroy the musical instruments, and those who bring the unclean spirit in the land, and the paid shepards and paid prophets will be destroyed, something for anyonne who loves truth to think about. What happened to singing real biblical psalms? There R@ many seducing spirits in there.
Написал: Jonathan Pereira, 05.05.2013, 22:58

Wasn't an accident :) ...
Написал: Brad P, 07.06.2013, 04:15

It amazes me how anyone could be so hardened as to not sense God's Spirit powerfully in this. Some just hate God and don't know him even though they claim to as the Pharisees did.
Написал: babybluepretty, 18.09.2013, 18:28

Написал: Paulo Junior, 25.03.2013, 04:12

Maravilhoso, Aqui no Brazil temos aprendido muito com a adoração Norte - Americana. Deus Abençoe a vocês. Somos um em Cristo!
Написал: Missytrilakes, 17.05.2013, 00:24

miracles without any practices, calling down, no hand to forhead spirit transfers or tons of people laying hands on someone, in the OCCULT PAGAN fashion. This spirit is conjoured, called upon and it flys from place to place when the real holy spirit has been in the holy temple all along, you! But if you walked away from what you first had, for another, its called spiritual adultry, you cannot take of the cup of the lord and that of demons.
Написал: Brad P, 07.06.2013, 22:06

Sorry Missy,you missed it lol.I am Greek and I can tell you what the original Greek means better than most scholars. But the point is that this claim that somehow you go on the word and faith and those who receive the gift of the Spirit go on 'experience' is hilarious. You see Missy, we both have the recipe book we both read it we both rely on it.Only you never baked a cake but ASSUME you know better how to do it than those who read more than you and actually bake having BOTH word and experience
Написал: Gustavo Henrique, 18.08.2013, 05:24

lindaaa cancaoooo
Написал: Tony Clay, 17.05.2013, 01:42

And let's also add this scripture to the mix... And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— John 14:16 Pentacost was a one time deal, but the Holy Spirit still works. yesterday, today, and forever.
Написал: Matt Cox, 05.03.2013, 04:55

Ive been looking for this video for so long..thank you SO changing.
Написал: LA Woman, 15.05.2013, 22:10

THis is totally manifesting in my life!! WOW
Написал: Gabriel Lanna, 16.04.2013, 20:06

Jeus i love you Brazil = Que venha o céu
Написал: Daniel Heiss, 15.04.2013, 20:05

Bahaha. Love it when the gold dust starts to sprinkle down. For all you skeptics out there, sorry if you can't believe it, or think its staged. It's hard to believe something like that I even if your witnessing it first hand. You find yourself looking at the air vents and seeing if there's any release point. Like, where are the feathers coming from? Or gold dust? It is even more unbelievable when the only logical answer that comes to mind is "oh, they are spontaneously appearing I. The air."
Написал: Brad P, 07.06.2013, 04:13

Seducing spirits is what you have when you deny the operation of the Holy are carnal not spiritual. Seducing spirits are what the Pharisees had. Notice that they got to the point where they hardened their hearts to the TRUE move of the Holy Spirit----and they always backed up their position with scripture to justify denying the move of the Holy Spirit. Common sense..YOU CANNOT ASK FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT AND GET A SNAKE OR SCORPION---Matt 7:10, Luke 11:11, Promise from Jesus
Написал: kjenamor08, 27.03.2013, 14:36

My church sung this in spanish and english last night! Honestly doesn't matter the language because throughout it all, you can still feel His presence <3 so glorious!! GLORY TO GOD ALWAYS!!!
Написал: TashieHairSalon, 29.08.2013, 05:54

I keep watching this over and over!! God is so good!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!