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Ace Combat 6 OST - The Liberation Of Gracemeria

Продолжительность: 00:07:24

The Liberation Of Gracemeria from Ace Combat 6: Soundtrack Enjoy

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Написал: Nickolis Dancy, 19.07.2014, 14:50

F-15mtd Ftw bitches Is better than the f 22 F15mtd is the best fighter
Написал: jj16802 of the Helghast Army, 20.09.2014, 21:44

Yo buddy, still alive? I can't believe it took me this long to get into the Ace Combat games. If this was on PS3, I would have gotten it immediately.
Написал: projectdelta50, 05.05.2014, 05:40

assault horizon was shit compared to this
Написал: Jordan Stewart, 30.07.2014, 15:07

Some say the best ace is Mobius, it may be true, but the best peacekeeper is probably Grauda, because he didn't let his war escalate like Galm and Razgriz.
Написал: Gr3nad1er12, 31.03.2014, 16:29

Calling all Strigon planes, Gracemaria shall be ours for the taking!
Написал: Cathy Iki, 28.04.2014, 15:54

"Come dance with angels!"
Написал: DuEol Lee, 12.09.2014, 13:45

"GO DANCE WITH TGE ANGELS!" I want to play this game again.
Написал: Jake Nethery, 12.08.2014, 19:10

Написал: IBT98, 25.01.2014, 04:15

F-15!!!! F-15 >_< F-15 NO. ONE!!
Написал: Esteban Vids, 18.07.2014, 04:03

Strigon team...the only enemy I actually ever respected in a game
Написал: Maxdragon269, 12.05.2014, 20:45

"May the golden king smile upon us!" -Garuda 2 *Shamrock*
Написал: Team Orion Win, 28.07.2014, 23:06

Написал: rockinpoweraxe, 28.09.2014, 07:43

This is so beautifully orchestrated. 
Написал: Inbounds Coin, 26.09.2014, 20:05

Galm one here's Galm two
Написал: SuperSonicfan89, 20.09.2014, 22:51

First time playing AC : FOL I was impressed. I played Ace Combat 4,5, and Zero, and LOVED them. FOL blew them out of the water. This song, this MUSIC during the part that mattered most in the game, fit PERFECTLY. Same with the intro. You don't need to press start to tell you you'll like this game. If you don't own AC 6, I highly recommend it. 
Написал: Marsproject11, 28.06.2014, 21:59

"All planes! We're going to take back Gracemeria today!" Best god damn line you could have had with this music. Also if you didn't do a fist pump I have NO respect for you.
Написал: FinePool, 10.09.2014, 04:59

3:14 always sends chills down my spine.
Написал: WinVisten, 01.03.2014, 16:44

The awesomeness made me have a fuel leak at my 6 O' clock OnO
Написал: Markov Sergeyovich, 02.05.2014, 06:34

This is shit compared to ace combat 5. Nuff said 
Написал: The Guy, 04.06.2014, 04:44

Написал: Darron Smallwood, 01.06.2014, 06:18

Bring so many good memories
Написал: Tsukihi Araragi, 31.01.2014, 19:53

I need to play this game again
Написал: heriblandt, 19.07.2014, 13:14

The most moving piece of music ever written for a video game. A lot of great music from Ace Combat but nothing as moving as this one
Написал: Thel 'Vadam, 17.07.2014, 03:28

Go dance with the angles!
Написал: ศิขรินทร์ เลากลาง, 15.07.2014, 14:08

This music suits the game best military undertakings.