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Ace Combat 6 OST - The Liberation Of Gracemeria

Продолжительность: 00:07:24

The Liberation Of Gracemeria from Ace Combat 6: Soundtrack Enjoy

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Написал: Nickolis Dancy, 19.07.2014, 14:50

F-15mtd Ftw bitches Is better than the f 22 F15mtd is the best fighter
Написал: projectdelta50, 05.05.2014, 05:40

assault horizon was shit compared to this
Написал: Jordan Stewart, 30.07.2014, 15:07

Some say the best ace is Mobius, it may be true, but the best peacekeeper is probably Grauda, because he didn't let his war escalate like Galm and Razgriz.
Написал: Gr3nad1er12, 31.03.2014, 16:29

Calling all Strigon planes, Gracemaria shall be ours for the taking!
Написал: Cathy Iki, 28.04.2014, 15:54

"Come dance with angels!"
Написал: DuEol Lee, 12.09.2014, 13:45

"GO DANCE WITH TGE ANGELS!" I want to play this game again.
Написал: Jake Nethery, 12.08.2014, 19:10

Написал: IBT98, 25.01.2014, 04:15

F-15!!!! F-15 >_< F-15 NO. ONE!!
Написал: Maxdragon269, 12.05.2014, 20:45

"May the golden king smile upon us!" -Garuda 2 *Shamrock*
Написал: Team Orion Win, 28.07.2014, 23:06

Написал: Marsproject11, 28.06.2014, 21:59

"All planes! We're going to take back Gracemeria today!" Best god damn line you could have had with this music. Also if you didn't do a fist pump I have NO respect for you.
Написал: FinePool, 10.09.2014, 04:59

3:14 always sends chills down my spine.
Написал: WinVisten, 01.03.2014, 16:44

The awesomeness made me have a fuel leak at my 6 O' clock OnO
Написал: Markov Sergeyovich, 02.05.2014, 06:34

This is shit compared to ace combat 5. Nuff said 
Написал: The Guy, 04.06.2014, 04:44

Написал: Darron Smallwood, 01.06.2014, 06:18

Bring so many good memories
Написал: Jazmillenium, 31.01.2014, 19:53

I need to play this game again
Написал: Esteban Vids, 18.07.2014, 04:03

Strigon team...the only enemy I actually ever respected in a game
Написал: heriblandt, 19.07.2014, 13:14

The most moving piece of music ever written for a video game. A lot of great music from Ace Combat but nothing as moving as this one
Написал: Thel 'Vadam, 17.07.2014, 03:28

Go dance with the angles!
Написал: ศิขรินทร์ เลากลาง, 15.07.2014, 14:08

This music suits the game best military undertakings.
Написал: King Dan, 21.04.2014, 14:37

Garuda team We took back Gracemaria
Написал: MichaelCasanovaMusic, 21.04.2014, 02:50

"We've got out runway back!" 
Написал: Silas Al Mowlay, 08.07.2014, 05:46

Wow it's actually amazing but never played the game!!
Написал: Maxdragon269, 12.05.2014, 20:47

"Strigon team, engage all hostiles following nimbus launch."