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Bass Lesson: Radiohead: Creep

Продолжительность: 00:08:52

My rendition of the Bass line in this great song, by Radiohead. This is an early lesson of mine, but I hope you still learn something from it! ★ TONS of free Bass lessons: ★ SUBSCRIBE: ★ FACEBOOK: ★ TWITTER: Learning Bass guitar made simple and easy for you!

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Написал: twinklesprinkle12, 01.08.2014, 20:09

Thanks for a brilliant tutorial! Can't find many tutorials where they show what the fingers are doing and as a learner I get confused if I can't see them. happy I can get to learn one of my fave songs : )
Написал: Nickropolis, 11.04.2014, 00:08

What's that black thing in front of you?
Написал: Chris Sparkes, 20.07.2014, 21:40

cool lesson
Написал: Yann LB, 16.03.2014, 09:15

No open A, listen to the song!
Написал: Jason Neeley, 12.01.2014, 20:44

I have no idea what it did to the quotation marks but when ever it says &quote it means beginning 9r end quotations, sorry
Написал: Jason Neeley, 12.01.2014, 20:43

Lesson was really really cool, I have a few suggestions if youd like to try them, "animal I have become" and "I hate everything about you" by three days grace, "fake it" by seether, and "I just wanna run" by the downtown fiction, those are just a few of the songs my band is dying to play and we can find tutorials for everything except bass (for the most part) anyway thanks in advance, you rock
Написал: hiephoi058, 02.02.2014, 01:32

not bad but no open strings has to be played.
Написал: MendozaMichelle100, 20.07.2010, 14:27

@Dmanlamius76 ok, only commenting/suggesting. I have no idea what a pointer or index is or ring finger, as it doesn't mean anything to me while playing, so i guess that's just me. i play lefthanded and don't wear rings. anyway, thanks for videos
Написал: Free Bass Lessons, 23.05.2010, 18:58

@drekinnn I am speaking English. I'm from England. It's English....Glad you enjoyed the lesson :)
Написал: 21Trea, 20.11.2010, 02:34

i love how you explain everything SO GOOD like thank you so much
Написал: Liam Gordon, 25.02.2012, 00:36

@Dmanlamius76 good point. i learn by ear usually but it never hurts to see the fingering of the notes
Написал: snowpunk41, 19.12.2010, 13:53

Can you make a video on how to do tool schims, I think I got it but every video I watch they use different frets, and the only on that sounds right is by a red neck I can't understand lol
Написал: tondragon500, 08.06.2012, 19:12

Awesome video dude! :)
Написал: freddystick8, 26.11.2011, 11:18

you make it so easy for people to learn
Написал: Linda4Conor, 07.10.2012, 01:10

i think u are so cool... thanks sooooooooo much... learning so much...never thought i would be able to play bass.. cheers mate :)) Linda
Написал: Chris Symonds, 03.04.2010, 02:05

@krad1314 ya a similar thing happens to me i get a growling fret interference
Написал: crazydonutz, 04.09.2010, 04:15

woah woah-slow down with the awesome fancy stuff..... how do you do that? eh i'lll just pause and play ^.^ thank you so much, this totally beats the scary bar chords with the guitar
Написал: yo123454321, 06.08.2010, 22:10

2 justin bieber fans >.<
Написал: Steven Wafflez, 10.03.2012, 10:45

thank u so much it helped alot (sorry for my crappy english im from greece :/)
Написал: Free Bass Lessons, 21.02.2012, 23:39

@gamedestroyer2000 If you learn by ear, why are you watching a youtube tutorial on how to play a song?!
Написал: juleskeen, 16.09.2012, 20:20

been using your vids for a few weeks now which is the time ive been playing and ive come on leaps and bounds. thanks man.......
Написал: Nick Wyatt, 06.06.2012, 15:00

Написал: drekinnn, 23.05.2010, 18:54

ugh next time can you speak english ? ;) thanks for the lesson btw
Написал: Pansit Pagdato, 01.05.2013, 01:59

Wow. This video is actually helping. Thanks bro!
Написал: Alex Thorne, 23.07.2010, 12:26

Yay, the first song I can play all the way through. Big confidence boost, thanks! I don't understand the comments about you talking too much, they talk too much. I prefer people to talk more than hardly at all, its how people learn, through communication. Anyway, thanks man!