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Muhammad Ali vs Joe Bugner 2 (1975) Rounds 2and3

Продолжительность: 00:08:50


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Написал: Joseph Scott, 26.11.2013, 07:57

Slipping several punches with his hands at his sides. Then, his hand speed! Astonishing rights late in round 3 so fast you have to run them back to be sure what you were seeing. 
Написал: MELANITE KING, 06.01.2014, 03:46

the white hope!!!!!!!
Написал: dargaga1974, 26.12.2013, 21:19

joe bugner ??? from the bud spencer films ......he was a boxer and fights with ali ???? o.k...!!!
Написал: mohammad siddique, 17.01.2014, 00:42

Mohammad Ali Is Greate Super Man
Написал: Chester von Doom, 27.12.2013, 15:09

2:19 Holy shit!
Написал: 324582782, 25.01.2012, 01:12

@hebay2 Watch the first fight, Ali looked very good and dominated the fight.
Написал: TruthSurge, 07.08.2012, 21:57

2:09 heheheh sounded like a cartoon hit
Написал: Vxik, 07.04.2012, 01:46

Try standing still in a heavyweight fight, You will have more powerful blows, But at the price of being an easy target. Clever movement is what Ali described when he couldn't dance. He said himself you can't dance for 12 rounds.
Написал: szerszamos, 05.12.2011, 21:14

@Da2faan vitaly is the real superman and best heavy ever not like bigmouth overrated drafdogger ali !!!!!
Написал: szerszamos, 31.08.2011, 22:17

this proves that ali is the most overrated fighter.....boring fights, no ko punch, gift decisions......vitaly klitschko is the real man and best ever heavy !!!!!
Написал: Miguel Torhern, 28.11.2011, 03:35

hahahahahahahahaha very funny how the whitie fears Muhamed Ali jhahahahaha
Написал: Jamal .Maximilian, 13.09.2011, 10:28

@szerszamos they klits allright, they just havent come across a good enough dick to fuck em
Написал: Jamal .Maximilian, 05.12.2011, 22:01

@szerszamos BIG ( : - O YAAaaaaWWWWwwwwNNNnnnnn
Написал: Alfie Bell, 19.12.2012, 21:02

listen to frazier call him clay :L
Написал: bilal milad, 23.08.2011, 16:54

Написал: UT5000, 02.02.2013, 05:56

because he stepped on hsi foot he fought with his legs thats not a knock down, stop being a thick headed baby fighting with your fweet isnt a knockdown, ALi clarified it in an interview and there wqere pictures, the only baby hear crying s you . put in Ali and Cossel part something of 18... sheesh you are a foolish child if you think kicking is okay in boxing...lolz... gud job!
Написал: seoservicescompanyx, 29.01.2013, 16:00

Come on people, this should have more likes
Написал: mark lee, 24.09.2011, 17:37

@szerszamos What ever makes you feel better.
Написал: crowley0312, 05.10.2011, 20:34

@Da2faan Visibly busted toe? Haye makes up shit like that all the time. If his toe was broken he would have pointed it out so he'd have an excuse to dodge Wladimir FOR A THIRD TIME. And Wlad beat David hands down, Haye fell on his ass in the 1st round. He looked like a bitch.
Написал: max martinez, 18.04.2013, 00:40

1975 was probably the last year muhammad looked good in the ring, to be honest.
Написал: LameAttendant, 01.04.2012, 21:49

(cont.) the other boxer everything they got, causing either severe damage or bro.....shut the fuck up and go back to your little school fights yall have by just swinging at nothing like if you were fucking swatting flies or some crap.
Написал: Freddy Chan, 03.09.2011, 21:38

did anyone else hear a guy say ghengis khan @ 7:04?
Написал: sergiunita, 10.07.2012, 15:30

why are people so fuckin retards.nobody knows the definition of irony .
Написал: djmax2k6, 05.09.2011, 13:17

@UntchA That maybe so, but i if you read my comment i mentioned one of Ali's great performances against cleveland. That certainly wasn't towards the end of his career.
Написал: Jamal .Maximilian, 12.09.2011, 20:28

@djmax2k6 ali would eat digest n then shit out the klitchko sisters in one night, vladmir was soo slow against a hyped haye that he missed allmost every punch he threw,haye was delibratly putting his hands down, no matter wat anyone thinks of hayes performance one thing is clear, and that is that david haye fought vladmir wis a visibly busted toe and vladmir still could nt do shit,ali had speed,reflexes, an iron chin and balls so big that the klitchko sisters would spend a life time sucking on.