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Faith Hill "Cry"

Продолжительность: 00:03:43

Faith Hill"Cry" from her DVD When the lights go down I have uploaded the complete DVD in HD . Just go to

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Написал: SuperDmparker, 27.02.2014, 14:27

Great song!!!
Написал: Stefan Bon Sade, 09.07.2014, 12:52

She's something we call a real SINGER! Great song, great performance!
Написал: Andybee Simms, 09.05.2014, 15:18

this song is epic, and i found it by change, i wish i had known it all these past years
Написал: Martha Amwaama, 03.02.2014, 00:38

Now this is what we call really m-u-s-i-c...
Написал: rouguy1972, 03.02.2014, 01:32

Написал: lucecita19, 16.07.2014, 05:00

I always play this song when i´m sad
Написал: Daniel Buckner, 12.03.2014, 19:32

her best song ever!!!
Написал: Jeremy Porter, 07.01.2014, 06:06

My favorite faith hill song next to if my heart had wings and where are you christmas
Написал: mydogspet, 16.12.2013, 06:18

Great performance.
Написал: Armando Leal, 05.07.2014, 03:34

Great Faith..
Написал: byronofcalgary, 12.01.2014, 04:49

a song i can never listen to just once... 15 times and counting...
Написал: rosentulpen, 01.05.2013, 02:18

wonderful and so strong!
Написал: André Moreira Ferreira, 17.02.2013, 14:52

faith hill didn't need studio... she's = live!
Написал: jezkn, 02.07.2013, 06:46

Aah - but one of the two 'official video' sites for Cry (the Warnerbros one) was haunted by a 'Spoller'. It wreaked havoc and had people up in arms. Hope your site has not been similarly 'possessed'. It's something to do with this amazing song (and the ghost children in the ghostly garden from the video - wououououo).
Написал: niklakis lakis, 19.12.2012, 17:35

massive sense in vocalising,georgeous lady...I like her better that Mrs Pope:)
Написал: remainuntaim, 28.08.2012, 14:43

Faith has a great voice! But she doesn't move around much or even shake it a little. I think The producer tells the backround singers to not dance or move there arms. It looks like they want to but can't or they would be fired. Still love faith. Alot of emotion in her face when she sings
Написал: jezkn, 22.09.2012, 01:22

It's live. And it's brilliant. It's also very rare. Because there isn't another live performance of Faith singing this fantastic song at this quality. Incidentally, although it's now muted in the mix, you can hear that out of tune guitar lick at 1.17 - that certainly ISN'T in the original. That's only error in it, and a little glitch at end. But it's a tribute not just to Faith but to all the other players that they could pull this incredibly challenging song off so FAITHfully to the original.
Написал: Alan Smyth, 13.12.2012, 18:05

Faith is great but stop it with dragging your old man out with you and your kids could careless just wanna hear her sing .
Написал: GaryYOfficial, 07.01.2012, 09:00

You're only a TRULY TALENTED singer if you sound the same live, as you do on the CD. Faith Hill is one of those blessed people. She sounds amazing. I feel like I'm listening to her singing on the radio, if not BETTER :)
Написал: Dada Domingo, 08.06.2013, 14:05

Just want to check the original version... This is one good heck of a choice for Cassadee Pope! :) Giving me the chills...
Написал: Wonderland1282, 15.04.2013, 19:08

She sounds phenomenal live!!!! I've seen her in concert. A vocalist
Написал: Andybee Simms, 08.09.2013, 22:32

androidtrunks2k1 im gonna slap yo balls or titties with my shoe laces, dont insult this legend
Написал: P Lee, 20.02.2012, 02:55

sometimes i get bored with her, other times i love her, great performance...
Написал: Kurt Aaron, 21.08.2012, 08:10

I really like the drummer; very versatile player; I think saw him with Jeff Beck; pretty sure he plays with several artists and does a lot of studio work, too.
Написал: jezkn, 01.07.2013, 18:51

I came to this song through the video version on YouTube. The strings on that are a REAL string section comprising violins, violas and cellos. And they are on the album too.. I can even list the players names for you. I'm not talking about this rendering, which is not a true live performance. Clearly the parts are all synthesised on this (if its NOT the original track) - so it's inferior. But the ORIGINAL Cry album has a mini orchestra (real instruments) on it including brass - even a harp..>