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Ethan Bortnick

Продолжительность: 00:03:32

Ethan Bortnick on the 2008 Chabad Telethon

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Написал: brooklynboy11219, 21.09.2008, 08:09

wow thumbs up for this little mentch! you're mamesh gevaldig! Long Live Chassidus!
Написал: Yvone Farini Boaventura, 26.07.2013, 19:41

He is fantastic!
Написал: Danny Agusto, 26.06.2013, 15:10

I don't even know why I said that
Написал: goinpeacenow, 09.12.2010, 19:56

Wow!! Hermana priscila! Digame si es cierto que este baby esta tocando el piano!!!!.... Yo creo que le tienen una grabadora dentro del piano.
Написал: zzzmarjmd2, 26.05.2010, 12:22

he's so adorable!
Написал: ember5411, 12.10.2009, 00:57

i like Emily bear better and if you don't then watch emily bear on youtube
Написал: Danny Agusto, 07.06.2011, 20:14

I'm sure that ethan isn't jewish. idk y he's wearing that little hat thing.
Написал: LadyPonine, 12.01.2011, 22:04

Il est excellent, il a un grand sens du rythme et de la mesure, bravo
Написал: Catherine tt, 26.06.2013, 20:42

2 years will do that to ya lmao
Написал: Manuel Vizcaino, 07.02.2010, 15:02

Ethan is cute. He does very good. YHWH bless him.
Написал: Cstar4k60, 19.07.2009, 20:46

Написал: MultiReviewer, 01.01.2010, 23:46

Ethan is going to join the dark side when he grows up muahaha (sarcasm)
Написал: BeccaandBri, 15.07.2010, 00:26

@ember5411 thats kinda mean
Написал: babynicovids, 28.10.2010, 12:54

Написал: calikushmj420, 12.09.2010, 22:58

now this kid has talent, not justin beiber
Написал: haitianprincess85, 02.09.2009, 18:25

Написал: sportsportsport, 29.04.2012, 12:10

As soon as he starts speaking I just think... meh.. leaving.
Написал: GirlDreamer90210, 29.09.2012, 16:56

I don't think he's shy at all, he has had so many concerts already. An admirable confident young man to me :)
Написал: Catherine tt, 08.03.2013, 05:47

maybe because hes jewish?
Написал: Ydel Spatz, 12.10.2010, 09:09

Mazal tov !!!! from Brasil!!
Написал: Pffs, 30.12.2009, 18:55

What´s wrong with you people. "Abnormal, autistic and "ash ole" (sic). He seems normal to me, do you expect a little kid to talk on tv like an adult? He´s maybe shy, but he expresses himself normally. Autistic? Obviously you don´t have a clue of what autism is. Anyway, you must be really bored or mean to make such comments in a video of a child playing the piano. Very sad.
Написал: BeccaandBri, 15.07.2010, 00:30

some people can be so mean. they dont need to say he looks abnormal and autistic. very saf
Написал: bobbiegirl1000, 08.01.2010, 00:55

Ethan, you're the best-est pianist in the world! I'm your fan!
Написал: CC126, 06.07.2011, 19:20

jorgemares100@ he's only a child, the retarted is you, idiot.
Написал: darkstar1345a, 03.12.2010, 02:55

@calikushmj420 it is a well known fact and it reminds me of an advert for kit kat : you cant sing , you cant play , you clothes are horrible , you`re gonna go a long way !!!!! POP Stars HAVE NO TALENT = FACT