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Mini Chat - Charter Arms "Liberty" 38 Special Undercover Lite Revolver

Продолжительность: 00:01:31

Jeff Quinn ( tests the New "Liberty" 38 Special Undercover Lite Revolver from Charter Arms. For more info, go to

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Написал: Pigeaterdlx, 15.04.2013, 00:05

Heard some of these Charter 38's have rough trigger pulls Jeff seemed to manage quite nicely! I'm used to some old school heavy triggers, Think I may look into the Charters!
Написал: Mrbeanutube, 03.07.2010, 02:13

Nice gun, love the bulldogs,Ty
Написал: Strikehold1, 13.03.2013, 10:02

Whoops...I commented on the wrong video...sorry gunblaster. I had just watched a video about a "CA Chic Lady" where some guys were bashing women for wanting a pink firearm. I guess I accidentally hit the back button.
Написал: NoiseMostBeautiful, 03.07.2010, 06:28

I like them too. After I bought my 642 smith my wife wanted a dao charter arms. They've got their own particular frame shape and size that sets them apart, and that gives them their own style I've found. Good guns. Like that group. I have to work hard with my snubby to get groups that look easy for you :-) Thanks Jeff.
Написал: Sunny441, 01.10.2012, 20:40

+P ok in this?
Написал: jonboat2, 05.04.2011, 00:55

Earning a good living are we?
Написал: scrutch48, 19.08.2011, 04:45

Jeff, Love your reviews. Man, you make tight those groups look easy. :-)
Написал: 13098519, 02.07.2010, 19:21

Looks like Uncle Sam hocked a lugy on that bad boy
Написал: Tardisius, 02.07.2010, 21:08

Looks like it would be great for 'social' work.
Написал: Peidmonte89, 28.07.2011, 03:30

didnt charter make a model in honor of you for all the great reviews on them? You need to flaunt that one on screen jeff!
Написал: Robert Jackson, 14.08.2010, 10:53

You're the man Jeff!!!!
Написал: robert scherer, 22.09.2013, 13:32

Revolver. Any again thanks for realistic intelligent reviews. We'll done sir
Написал: TNMinuteMan, 23.01.2012, 22:17

Hey Jeff, hope your doing okay brother. Just got a quick question for you, which small .38 snub revolver do you think is better, the Taurus 85 or the Charter Arms Undercover. Both are equally priced about same and both serve the same purpose. Ive heard good things about Charter Arms and ive heard good things about Taurus, but which has the better double action and which one is more inherently accurate? Just asking for your opinion brother, take care.
Написал: Gunblastdotcom, 28.07.2011, 14:35

Not really for doing anything. It was just a special promotion they did, making a few revolvers with special finish and Gunblast serial numbers. Jeff
Написал: Gunblastdotcom, 08.10.2012, 16:17

I apologize for the delay in answering. I have been on the road at shooting events in South Carolina and Florida for the past week. Yes, plus p ammo is okay in the Charter. Jeff
Написал: krazy45cat, 02.07.2010, 19:18

I still have a pair of the original bulldogs :)
Написал: Gunblastdotcom, 24.01.2012, 22:48

I have observed no difference in accuracy. The Taurus has a more highly-polished finish, but either is a good weapon. Jeff
Написал: bladeimm, 02.07.2010, 21:34

Regarding reality for the regular guy, revolvers remain relevant.
Написал: Gunblastdotcom, 05.04.2011, 03:44

God has been good to us.
Написал: tiny31409, 21.02.2013, 05:23

I did read that +P is a waste of money when it comes to a gun that is so short. The manual mentions that the barrel is not long enough to build up the pressure required for it to be more powerful then a regular 38 around.
Написал: HiCapacity, 02.07.2010, 20:00

Man that thing is ugly.
Написал: robert scherer, 22.09.2013, 13:31

Jeff, just wanted to say thanks for keeping your reviews & simple. Yours are some of the best because they are realistic. I get so tired of seeing guys saying " we'll this trigger pull is this or this safety is that. They try to real technical & in reality they don't know shit. I have had to pull my weapon twice in a defensive situation. Thank God I never had to fire them. But when I did the last thing I was worried about was " gee this revolver has long pull". No shit Sherlock it's a defensive
Написал: MacProDanFan, 02.07.2010, 19:15

Great little revolver! Thanks for the information.
Написал: Strikehold1, 13.03.2013, 09:57

I'll tell you, would I choose a pink gun, not on your life. Nonetheless, just in the last week I've seen two women down at a local gun store who each purchased a Charter Arms revolver;one with a lavender colored frame and the other in what looked to be a turquoise colored frame. They both appeared to be excited about their purchase. Who am I to rain on their parade...if stuff like this gets women out enjoying the shooting sports or carrying for self defense, then that's good enough with me.
Написал: VinnyS914, 02.07.2010, 21:48

@PooPoo2U Yonkers NY home of Kimber. Jeff knows I love his reviews he knows I mean no harm. He also knows I'm voting for Change We Can Believe In this November.