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Air Force honor guard

Продолжительность: 00:02:12

Air Force honor guard

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Написал: Anthony Gallad, 05.02.2014, 05:43

Pretty cool...but the honor guards better be careful with those bayonets, we cannot have a cadet with a slit throat. 
Написал: RedNeckFloridaStyle, 22.08.2009, 00:27

im a girl and in afjrotc what is the airforce and basic training like?
Написал: Taylor Ferry, 23.08.2010, 00:26

@gasman681 Silly chairforce.
Написал: jkilla199, 02.09.2011, 05:39

thats just a sample of the AMERICAN military discipline USAF all the way USA USA USA!!
Написал: cAtKitty47, 08.12.2009, 13:51

TOTAL WOW. At the end I saw these guys are from Scott Air Force Base near me.
Написал: joeywatson15, 25.12.2009, 04:56

wtf??? u know nothing haha there are no pilots in the honor guard.. i would know im IN the air force honor guard
Написал: RandomSpeakage, 08.12.2010, 19:45

@pgwar22 Thanks man
Написал: Hunter Coolican, 01.04.2011, 21:06

@Caf33naddikZ Don't get shot.
Написал: Ryan Regnier, 14.02.2011, 03:42

Написал: ukanian, 18.10.2009, 18:10

eh, isnt that 'honour'?
Написал: carnal188, 13.07.2010, 18:58

@AerrowsGirl368 it's not "kernel" it's Colonel
Написал: Caf33naddikZ, 24.01.2011, 23:22

@MrTetsujin I'm really thinking about joining air force to become a Combat Controller. Any advice?
Написал: Beholdendamage, 04.12.2009, 20:14

no u dont have to learn how to spin to fly u do however need to get a bachelors degree and get commisioned as an officer and no it doesnt take ages to learn when i was in high school i learned how to spin in a matter of weeks
Написал: Adarios Zeller, 31.03.2013, 00:40

These are adults, Civil Air Patrol are teenagers so there is no comparason.
Написал: supercharged04gt, 15.06.2011, 16:46

actually most of dont care who the fuck they are doing a ceremony for they just want to get the fucking job done, most of them hate this job.
Написал: systematic101, 14.09.2009, 18:47

tally ho was used to urge hounds on during a fox hunt.
Написал: Val Cavazos, 11.10.2010, 01:07

@MrTreyGunner hey i make fun cuz i can..besides i served in the army so sit down..
Написал: MrTetsujin, 04.04.2010, 17:22

@TheActionGuy1 They are qualified air traffic controllers who deploy into combat zones and manage air operations like air strikes, reconnaissance and other air support for ground forces. The training is extremely hard and is similar to that of the Navy SEALs, Air Force Pararescue and other special operations units.
Написал: TheJoelsanchez, 14.08.2009, 02:51

Good Luck and thanks for your service
Написал: John Nguyen, 11.11.2009, 14:59

Написал: Carlos Colon, 09.10.2010, 19:56

wow go air force..... and i am in the air force. but, the marines are very good as well and there uniform is flawless i love any member of the air force and other military branch we are all one if there is competition lets make it friendly...
Написал: GamersUnitedX, 05.08.2011, 03:25

@Seashepherdfan Dude, you have no idea who you insulted. Civil Air Patrol is USAF's auxilary. There are many senior members and cadets you just insulted. I'm a Civil Air Patrol member. You are a disgrace. Basically you insulted the Air Force. I can't believe you live in America.
Написал: Afro Sama, 30.11.2009, 21:13

theyre over 9000
Написал: adamjohnwest, 15.09.2009, 14:51

Wow, that's pretty low. Where were any of our armed forces on 9/11? Oh yeah, that's right, we were attacked by surprise. Before you blame the military for what happened that day why don't you do some research into what the government agencies (namely the FBI) were doing about it at that time. If anyone screwed up it was the government bureaucracy. The military is efficient and decisive in obtaining their objectives. The government...not so much.
Написал: joeywatson15, 25.12.2009, 05:02

*BASE honor guard not the same pal