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Dr. Amarjit SINGH & Butcher KP Gill on Radio India

Продолжительность: 00:42:52

Dr. Amarjit Singh's views on India's so called "BLACK LIST OF SIKHS."

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Написал: pompsjackal, 14.11.2014, 12:34

To all khalistani terrorists on this forum... u guys are going to die in canada ;-) loosers!! ..try to understands your relatives were basically terrorists who fled to canada, they r still wanted!!...if u got brains then just think why they fled.... now spend rest of your life in canada or try to get help from pakistan which your uncle bhindranwale took ... Thanks to KPS Gill our hero!!.. 
Написал: Harpreet Singh, 15.06.2014, 21:24

Does he have any explanation for Jaswant singh kalra murder case ? May have Born in sikh family but lived life as deaf, dumb, blind or more likely a gandhI's bander. Shameless killed thousands innocent Sikhs. I could have shot him there and then. He is the one and only "Head of all Terrorist's". I am shocked people like him say they are Sikhs.
Написал: amitpal singh, 27.09.2014, 20:17

jat are gaddars
Написал: amitpal singh, 27.09.2014, 20:17

kps gill is he a jat
Написал: Balbir Singh, 27.07.2014, 23:01

Написал: DrSingha23, 10.07.2014, 18:18

Sellout motherfucker kp gill
Написал: DR. Dreeu, 05.06.2014, 03:32

so call gill ass hole ru grace to khalsa ur betraying ur own relative& family same thing ur son was doing !!! who r u to talk about ethics hv open debate u piece of shit !!!! then talk !!! 
Написал: DR. Dreeu, 05.06.2014, 03:15

even india got freedom bcz of gaadaari baba /babber they r the one who started in 1907 sikh is the only one who think free & for freedom bcz of baani ,baana 
Написал: sikhrambo, 05.05.2013, 00:42

your sister daughter or mother will or has run off with a sikh hence your hatred lol
Написал: Singh Singh, 16.04.2012, 21:23

Mr.KPS Gill is the biggest mother fucker & not a sikh. He is among the gay group of Pakistan.
Написал: rajbir dhillon, 04.07.2013, 02:37

brother u very learned but u know we sikhs are always treated as first cousin not as brother by fellow u konw the formation of punjab state 1965 got blood of my fellow punjabis,sikhs our language got destroyed in punjab ,bhaiyas of bihar killed sikhs in ludhiana whwnever they got chance ,our religion is constanly in danger we r written as hindus in indian constitution although we r the creator of the nation ,read about the sikh genocide,and indian attrocities on sikhs then talk
Написал: rajdhillon30, 27.03.2012, 23:40

bilkul sahi kiha veer tusi
Написал: samanachd, 28.03.2012, 13:40

fuck indian democracy stupid indian system
Написал: extreme0420, 20.09.2012, 17:51

Abuse holy place?? Personal adda? What are you talking about anyway?
Написал: Dra9180, 20.04.2013, 23:08

Sikhs are so ugly and hairy!!! hate them.
Написал: Vidhyut Akash, 18.03.2013, 02:22

Hi, Brother u can call mr gill a singh or kumar a khan or whatever but a true Sikh will and always remove "Singh" from his surname and guess what u like it or not but it will happn, and do u think that we give a dam about he is a jatt, or whatever, and dont be a judge and call people Criminals and drunkards, if u want to debate plz do it in a proper manner, thanks
Написал: Simmer Virk, 07.03.2012, 03:08

@MrRange12345 fuck u Hindu Terrorist....
Написал: rajbir dhillon, 07.07.2013, 02:53

y don't u try strong without punjab idiots ,o salyo pakistaniya ne tadi bund parh deni lunn nu poojan waleye kaume
Написал: extreme0420, 27.12.2012, 14:07

Kudi chod daya tanu akal kidan gal kari di kise naal. Salia net te kyn tappi jana?? Sahmne aake mil lai apne baap nu ainni hi agg aa maa da yar apdi da kudian nu galan kadd de sharam ni aondi?? Kithae aa tere Hindu Sanskar salia fudua.
Написал: ksameer2222, 04.07.2013, 09:51

Today our prime minister,our Army chief are shikhs..Whole India has much respect for shikhs...Its amazing, why u feel this way.. On appeal of shikh gurus many Elder sons of Hindu family join Khalsa.. & about riots like is very unfortunate but it not happens not only with shikh.It is instant reaction from socity.. Same is happened with Brahmin when Gandhiji was killed by Godse (Hindu Brahmin).. many brahmin houses thrown in to fire ..same riot was observed.. Its on u hw u would take this
Написал: ksameer2222, 12.07.2013, 03:29

Look whatever is better that ll sustain.. About Bhagawat gita I just came across one guy JEW scholar "Radhanath Swami' who came all the way from US.. He lived in India for many years & when he came in contact with ISKON he became swami.. now he only talking about Bhgawatgita all over the world.. even he adviced in british parliment also.. search on you tube.. I don't know what u heard but Don't judge on what other are bombarding.. Search about ISKON popularity in western world..
Написал: ajaymandd, 29.11.2011, 02:19

gurpreet kaum de gadaar.
Написал: extreme0420, 20.09.2012, 18:32

Thank you uploader and Dr. Amarjit Singh ji Kaafi gallan tuc clear kitian ne. "Nische kar Apni Jeet karu"
Написал: Vasco1701, 21.11.2012, 09:19

im half hindu half sikh in the uk.. 250 gurdwareh v haggeh teh 240 mandir ah Doabeh deh lokh uj kal Gurdwareh mandir v jhaandeh key vaari Mai Singh Sabha East London Jhaanda teh Kei Vari Hare Krishna vi ( changiyah recipe miljandiyah)
Написал: Grewal792, 13.03.2012, 08:00

Fuck you bitches!!!!! Bhinderwala Jindabad!! You idiots are fucken rotting under this rule.....Sikhs don't quit we will get our JUSTICE!!!