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Vocaloid Manga Oficial

Продолжительность: 00:02:42

Pues aqui un video del manga oficial de vocaloid ^o^....esta en ingles pero si se entiende :3 bueno! disfrutenlo! ^0^ pongan ver con alta calidad ow~

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Написал: crystal pan, 29.01.2014, 04:51

This is the manga Hatsune Mix!
Написал: Kimilou, 27.07.2010, 17:23

@KnAtiOn12 Honey, do not be an idiot. It is not official. It is not sponsored by Cypton or Yamaha, which is why its not official.
Написал: derpy herpy, 27.06.2011, 03:35

@RandomChat100 i think it says unnofficial because its just a random story ^^ and Rin and Len wasn't supposed to be twins, so...yeah... Their just made by Kei, the one who designed Miku,rin,len,luka, others... :P
Написал: PhyscoTeddeh, 21.11.2010, 00:20

it is official its called hatsune mix :] i read it
Написал: Emilie Young, 26.09.2010, 17:54

i lold at the soft yaoi in the end XD
Написал: ☆ Shin, 04.09.2009, 19:09

Nyaaaaaa~~ *¬* quiero la imagen del final!!! Estan tan monos *.* Coff, coff... volviendo al video Gracias por la subida^^ este era el capi 2 del manga si no voy mal... Bueno, creo que esta en español, (lo vi que estaba para descargar en no se que página xD)
Написал: ichigo1x, 15.02.2011, 08:20

where can we find this manga??
Написал: KnAtiOn12, 27.07.2010, 16:53

@Kimilouluvspie It is official. it's called "Hatsune Mix!" look it up.
Написал: luka megurine, 23.10.2012, 21:13

lesson: dont mess with miku
Написал: Luchia27Nanami, 17.12.2010, 14:09

Entiendo algo pero la mayoría no.Me gustaría verlo en Español
Написал: frncox, 13.09.2009, 13:12

ay esta re bueno el video alguien save si ya hisieron la serie de este manga? y otra cosa que no me queda claro es si el nobmre del manga es vocaliod o es el nombre de u personaje porque estoy interesado en ver la serie si alguien em dice gracias
Написал: Kimilou, 23.07.2010, 16:20

i think its silly for those who believe its the official ._.
Написал: TheLink26, 07.12.2010, 18:25

buena cancion!!
Написал: Marikoneko100, 10.11.2011, 15:18

@LegacyTiger1 Kinda ... you can find it on .... I think it's just with the vocaloid characters but not really the manga.... Well it's still really nice
Написал: Wolfie Broz, 10.11.2011, 18:39

@Marikoneko100 Yeah. I just finished it... I wonder when is there new chapter coming out. Its been a long time.
Написал: kawaiikishu, 12.02.2011, 16:36

omg!!!! len is giving kaito the rape look X0
Написал: KagamineLen0011, 18.07.2013, 09:25

The manga is hatsune mix! its relly fanny
Написал: alicekpa, 20.04.2011, 13:32

yeah esta en espaniol >:D
Написал: ☆ Shin, 13.09.2009, 13:31

Se llama "Maker Hikoshiki Hatsune Mix", y esta en Mcanime para descargar, creo
Написал: VanAkita, 25.05.2011, 00:55

it is not an official manga, it is just a manga based on vocaloid made by KEI, the person who illustrated Miku, rin len and luka
Написал: darklightoverrule, 04.08.2011, 17:03

@iewan1992 actualy, in japanese, they roll the r's to make the 'L' sound, so with that in thought, Ren and Len are both right. i prefer Len though
Написал: Wolfie Broz, 31.10.2011, 16:45

Im thinking if this is not official, then It is a doujin?
Написал: Laura Lucero, 18.09.2011, 04:07

SUGOI!! n.n yo tengo el mismo en mi canal pero en español n.n
Написал: xRockonPeoplex, 09.07.2011, 16:02

is it me, or does len look better in manga form? O_o
Написал: alicekpa, 20.04.2011, 13:32

yeah esta en espaniol >:D.... D:<