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Maputing Cooking Pilot - Pritong Bangus (Foreigner cooks Filipino food, speaks Tagalog)

Продолжительность: 00:15:11

Foreigner speaking Tagalog and cooking Filipino food: My name is Chris, I'm an Australian living in Manila who loves to cook and match delicious Aussie wines to my dishes. I also love getting among the fresh produce and the hardworking Filipinos in the local markets around Metro Manila -- in fact I learnt a lot of my Tagalog from these very people years ago! Join me as I cook my favourite Filipino recipes with a twist, and teach you how to match these with great Australian wines. Feel free to drop me a line with any thoughts, feedback or if you want to know more about how to buy and enjoy wine in Manila. I look forward to hearing from you. Facebook -- Maputing Cooking Twitter - @maputingcooking chris@ In this video I prepare fried bangus (milkfish) and a spicy ampalaya (bitter melon) salad. I match this to an off-dry Riesling from the Clare Valley, Australia. The video also includes scenes of me gathering ingredients at the Farmers Market in Cubao. Foreigner speaking Filipino and cooking Filipino food

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Написал: ianrudy, 01.04.2014, 15:28

paksiw na lechon
Написал: maputingcooking, 31.08.2014, 10:57

Написал: livelovelatte, 30.08.2014, 21:43

Bagong subscriber dito! Lumaki ako sa States. Noong 23 years old ako, lumipat ako sa Pinas para sampung taon. Doon ako natutu magtagalog, magpalengke, at magluto. Yun ang aking Tagalog na barok! Anyway, you remind me of good times, good food, and good friends. Maraming salamat!
Написал: blessie alferez, 02.10.2014, 05:45

Your so nice to every filipino people and i admire you . Keep it up! Australians are really good people i always talk to them since i am call center agent... they are sweet and lovable like you. 
Написал: Marky Doly, 27.09.2014, 00:46

Is that hard to learn Filipino words in USA?
Написал: Anabel Competente, 02.10.2014, 16:17

Hmmmm ,,,nice favorite ko yong salad mong ampalaya ,,bakit di mo subukan mag loto ng bikol express maanghang yun tas may bagoong ,,,taga bikol pala ako naginjoy ako for watching ure vedio,,good job,??
Написал: Franklin Bonafe, 29.09.2014, 05:40

Pritong bangus is my favorite and I love ampalaya! My mom's family is from Bicol, Iriga and she loves spicy food alright:) Great job Chris! Keep up the good work--I'm going to try some of your recipes--especially the tuna mango salsa and the thyme longanisa pasta:) I love to cook too:)
Написал: Albert Medina, 19.09.2014, 05:08

Chris, can you do a Filipino Australian fusion dish paired with an Australian wine?
Написал: Rick Radam, 02.09.2014, 07:32

subscribed! =) awww... you're fun to watch. =) I also love bangus and ampalaya salad. nagutom ako sa pag watch ng vid mo. hihi! can you cook bulanglang or karekare next time? hihi!! =)
Написал: jocelyn nacua, 06.08.2014, 15:06

Kuya Chris taga Australia Ka paka ako rin taga Australia Sa Sydney Richmond road 209 .. Ngayon balik na kami Sa Cebu .. Tnx po Sa Luto mo sarAp tnx po
Написал: Tomat0Nose, 30.07.2014, 01:12

You're quite amazing Chris! I couldn't watch the video from Unang Hirit because its not available in US. I was just curious how long it took you to learn and how long have you been staying in Philippines?
Написал: Tricia Michaela Centena, 26.07.2014, 05:33

Oh my gosh. I am so impressed! Hit 'subscribe' button after watching this video. Keep it up! 👍
Написал: Dane C, 13.07.2014, 15:00

So humble. Love it :D Idol kita
Написал: chai cher, 14.07.2014, 20:03

OMG you're absolutely amasing! You're a star mate xxxxx
Написал: Sheila Arrazola-Blancia, 14.07.2014, 07:25

Chris, you're great! I love watching your videos. Keep it up.
Написал: maputingcooking, 17.02.2014, 14:08

Super excited to cook my pinaka-favorite Pinoy dish in Maputing Cooking 4: Laing!!! Be sure to stick around right to the end to hear some exciting news from me.... not to mention see some surefire evidence I watch way too much TV Patrol...
Написал: Mark Jereos, 10.07.2014, 22:06

Regarding on the wines, maybe you could make an episode where you would suggest the kind of wine to match Filipino dishes. Hope to see it soon on one of your videos. Thanks!
Написал: Onehit Combo, 06.09.2014, 01:46

ang galing at ang kulit mo sir...
Написал: Karla Mojar, 08.07.2014, 04:11

Pinoy na Pinoy ka kuya ah.Tama yan tumawad ka sa palengke pag bibili ka.galing magTagalog.Thumbs up!!!
Написал: Derek Cb, 03.09.2014, 19:53

Luto ba yung bagoong?
Написал: Faizah Samporna, 10.04.2014, 08:48

Grabe ka! Hahaha ang cute cute mo kuya chris! Patikim naman po ng luto mo :-) chaka yung WINE hehehe
Написал: Barnekkid, 27.08.2014, 00:54

Pretty good, I'm impressed.
Написал: Jen Damaso, 15.06.2014, 18:51

thanks for sharing this video,.speak tagalog proud poh ako sayo..really i missed filipino food..
Написал: danh bernardo, 13.08.2014, 12:20

ang galing mo!
Написал: Centhy Bacz, 13.06.2014, 16:20

I enjoyed watching:-)more update for your cooking sir;-)
Написал: maputingcooking, 02.02.2014, 08:42

kakarelease ko lang ang bagong Maputing Cooking - Episode 3: Puttanesca!!! Pwede kayong magpanood sa link nito: More maputing cooking, more wine, more bloopers Enjoy!