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When Nimrod, a BLACK MAN Ruled the World

Продолжительность: 00:02:58

A brief presentation showing that once in very ancient history, in the days of antiquity, a BLACK MAN ruled the known world!

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Написал: Demonte Douglas, 11.08.2014, 01:16

Egyptian are Africans are the same but not the American black people its like saying a French guy is a Swedish guy yes they might be the same white but they are 2 different nation of people like china or Japanese go to Hebrew Israelite the black Americans are the real jews not the white man 
Написал: Lily Estar, 17.08.2014, 16:52

nimrod is black? do you think jesus is black(arabian) in fact?
Написал: Richard Stapleton, 28.10.2014, 00:09

HE WAS "NOT" A REBEL!!!! The bible says he was a "Might Hunter Before The Lord!" Obviously, God was pleased with him. This man, in an attempt to highlight Nimrod, did the same as Europe and tried to paint a negative character. He was not a rebel as suggested by the maker of this video!
Написал: limitlessbar goup, 18.10.2014, 01:59

Написал: Scrambler Scrambleton, 23.10.2014, 10:00

Well obviously the first man to rule the world was black considering Black people were the first race. All of our ancestors are black. We all have black in us. No matter if you like it or not. I'm saying this as a white person.
Написал: Edward Jones, 22.06.2014, 07:05

Farrakhan says we are not of ham.. That was racist Jewish rhetoric. But the rest is true.
Написал: Tiago Banto, 19.09.2014, 12:26

Nimrod was not black he was the first man to have power in the earth he is the father white supremacy god give him power to rule and he was in rebellion with gods nature like whites are still today caucasians before the middle east caucasians become Muslims they were in rebellion with the nature of God and a lot of them are still today they do not follow Islam righteous .... sorry but that video is wrong 
Написал: Franzell Panky, 07.09.2014, 02:15

Nimrod was a Black Ruler? No wonder God fucked him up good.
Написал: William Weir, 11.04.2014, 03:27

Nimord was not black you foolish people! You Afrocentric loons are very comical. Your self-hate is so powerful that you resort to stealing other peoples histories and personas smh Please get a an education for gods sake.
Написал: Alfredo Perez Velazques, 07.08.2014, 02:44

Nimrod is another word for MORON.
Написал: WLUP1, 16.10.2014, 00:11

There is no doubt whatsoever that on Noah's Ark that one of his sons had to be black. That is very much clear but remember there was also Shem who's bloodline leads to not only King David but to the bloodline of our Savior Christ the King. According to the Book of Enoch and the Bible, Ham had sex anal sex with his own father, seeing his father naked wouldn't be something that Noah would curse but having anal sex he would put a curse on. Also in the Book of Jasher it is told that Ham stole Adam's skins that Our Most High gave to both Adam and Eve after they left the Garden of Eden and hid it and gave it to his son Cush and in turn Cush gave it to Nimrod. So not only was the line of Cush cursed but they stole off of Noah their own father and grandfather. To be honest I would be ashamed to be of the Cush bloodline, not proud in the least. Nimrod was as evil and the Egyptians and everyone around had to follow Nimrod's beliefs or be killed. Esau from the line of Shem from the Father of Abraham his son killed Nimrod, why is that you say because of all the pure evil He was teaching mankind at that time. If you look at the Pyramids not only did Blacks build it but every color on this Earth, red man, white man and yellow man. The Pyramids were built long before the flood as well as the Sphinx. When the flood happened all the languages of Egypt were lost for thousands of years, only the Rosetta Stone gave man the wisdom to decipher the Sumerian alphabet if you call it. How many people do you think were in the land when Nimrod became King? These people were mainly in one area until the Tower of Babel was destroyed, then they moved slowly east and west and north and south as most are still there today. The bloodline of Ham is cursed in the Book of Revelations when it mentions the 12 Tribes of Israel it does not mention Ham descendants whatsoever being part of the 144,000. Now why is that? Why would they be left off, you may ask, because this is a cursed bloodline. Period. I don't believe that all of the blacks on this Earth are cursed but I believe that they are part of the line of Shem or Japheth and whatever people Ham's people are makes no difference if they were black, red or yellow or white because Our Creator Cursed them. Period. If Nimrod was black back then it would not be a big issue because all races were having sex with each other at the time so that would not be an issue as it appears to be today. As far as slavery goes the Hebrews were the first slaves and other countries had slaves as well over the thousands of years man has walked this earth. More Hebrews not Jews as people incorrectly call them were slaves and have been persecuted than any other race in the world. Yes, Hebrews were all races, all races when the Ten Commandments were given to mankind. Do you think only Moses gave it to the Hebrews so called Jews only. No but all of mankind. We all are sinners not just the Hebrews and we needed to follow Our Makers rules and not mans. Some people say that the Garden of Eden was in Africa but I believe it was either in Turkey or Iraq. They found not only Nimrod in Iraq but all of his bloodline that followed there. The Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Hebrews all fought and died for land as well as for their beliefs in their gods. Pretty much as today. Nimrod more than likely will be the Anti-Christ described in Revelations 9-11. Ring a bell. 9-11 where it all starts what they have already put into action to destroy mankind. Why worry what someone's color was, but worry who will want to kill, steal and destroy your soul. One final thing, although I am pretty sure most Christians will be killed similar to the Jews, there is a Bible scripture that Our Savior said, Don't worry about those who will kill your body but worry about those who will kill your soul. Now that is scary. We all will die one day, they can only kill you one time but Satan wants to kill your soul. This is something that you should Never allow. The Bible scripture that scares me and it should do the same for you is in Matthew 24, The Love of Many will wax cold. That means they will forget who died for us and turn to the sins of this world. I pray that never happens to me or you whoever is reading this. Look up for your redeemer promised to save us and bring His Kingdom down to Earth after He cleanses it and removes all the filth and washes it clean. Peace.
Написал: C.L. Banks, 12.10.2014, 02:45

As far as the first man ruling the world, it is hard to say exactly who did because Enoch was above all the kings of the earth during his time and all the kings of the earth came to Enoch for guidance. Nonetheless, the Black man was the first ruler of the world, it just wasn't Nimrod. Nimrod would be the first Anti-Christ per se.
Написал: wvchieflh, 26.07.2014, 19:39

Of all the black folk that were good and decent people to take pride in and emulate. Why in the hell would you make a video showing your pride in a man that is consider the most vile, satanic, and antichrist spirit in human history? It is the one major person that you should be deeply ashamed of being black, lie about it, and disown him. You're a damn dumb fool
Написал: silk don, 04.04.2014, 08:35

stop caring what the European think, your gonna go to great lengths to prove a child of Satan. just cause he look like us doesn't mean we have the same father, Cain and Abel had different fathers, Esau and Jacob had different fathers, (spiritually of course) now physically where not from the seed of ham, but yes they had mighty men. but shem chopped up his nephew nimrod in the name of the father, you can compare your latest gangster rapper to nimrod, sure he can be influential but doesn't mean it righteous. now if u need an example use jesus, hey you went to great lengths to research someone to represent the whole black race. put that energy into documenting isreal. god compared us to Ethiopia (ham) Amos 9:7.the Egyptian (ham) where black, that's why Moses Joseph and Paul were all Israelite, but was assumed to be Egyptian but they where jews, thats path of the most high which is a better case study. unless were being educated on our enemy 
Написал: silat72, 07.07.2014, 09:10

Makes you wonder how Nimrod was a black man when we know his great grandfather and aunt were white!!
Написал: Todd O'Sullivan, 18.08.2014, 17:29

Of course black folks had mighty kingdoms though out history, Egypt, Carthage and many more I'm sure......The African civilizations were around long before the Greeks. The Egyptians of today are a mixture of African, Greek and Arab, but those that built the pyramids were dark skinned African, absolutely. Even the Hebrew slaves of Egypt and Moses were dark skinned. I don't understand why something so obvious is hard for people to believe. Biblical Israelites were dark skinned. EOS 
Написал: Big Mike Texas, 30.03.2014, 14:45

one thing you guys did not know is that Nimrod was a Nephal, or giant. noahs son ham and his decendents also had giant blood in them. That is why the land of Canann was cursed. The giants were the result of the 200 fallen angels that mated with the daughters of man. Hams wife was the one that carried the giants blood line after the flood that God sent to wipe out all of the Giants. Please get your history straight.
Написал: jrtien, 19.04.2014, 09:56

It's sickening to me that some folks are so much more concerned with the color of skin than the contents of the heart and the virtue of a persons actions. Nimrod being the trash that he was, and whatever color the scum may have been, is nobody to be proud of. It is a form of mental enslavement to take pride in those who would oppress you, whatever color their skin might be...
Написал: MrBillH60, 05.09.2014, 21:53

At 2:41, is this suppose to be a feather in the cap for us blacks? You are pointing out what could've been one of the most horrible person in history ahead of Adulf Hitler and this is suppose to stake some good thing in the face of "YOUR" white supremacist? You couldn't find any other black man to state your cause other then "SATAN" and this is suppose to be a good thing you're doing. This must come from low self esteem you have of your self as a black man. As a man you are created in the image of God and that should raise your low self esteem...some I hope. As a man who is black, man being first who happened to be black, there are thousands of men that are black you could've used; DR. Martin Luther King Jr, the men who were black that fought in WWI and WWII. The archeutics, doctors, scholars, there are so many that you didn't have to use Satan. And you better believe that if Nimrod was black he was killing black people as well as black babies. And you think this is something good to point out? YOU NEED JESUS...BADLY. 
Написал: Andy Watson, 20.09.2014, 23:10

Looks as though once again an Evil Back Man Rules the Earth,Once Again He is An Antichrist. Repent People.
Написал: Shaun MacMillan, 01.09.2014, 05:24

OK so if nimrod and his followers were so epic why is it that he does not rule...? Or his ancestors or the many of his bretheeren
Написал: D Billinz, 06.11.2013, 17:38

White people are proud of Hitler. There's a group, Neonazi. I would've thought a white person would know about them. There are white people proud to be skin heads, nazi, KKK, so on and so fourth, but if black people take pride in ANYTHING that MIGHT have a positive twist to it (such as the thought of a black man ruling the world) white people don't like that. What white people forget is that this book was written for you, which is why "Egypt is bad" in it, even though reality is that - Cont-
Написал: teal tee, 05.11.2013, 07:53

Wow I guess some on this page should study the Bible.I don't care what color Nimrod was he was a rebellious man and wanted to be a God on earth and even tried to build a tower to heaven to kill God so there you go sounds like many gods on earth that have been our presidents.There is a problem on earth will all those that run it , you know who you are ELITE you all want to be god but their is only ONE GOD AND THATS JESUS so let me know how its working for you when your butts are in hell.
Написал: Bill25le, 26.10.2013, 18:54

Bitch,you talking about africans as a disgrace,fuck you!! The fucking tainos woud still be aive if it wasn't for fucking demons like you so fuck off and stop acting as if your race all the did was good to the planet. Genocide and destruction all around the world.