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When Nimrod, a BLACK MAN Ruled the World

Продолжительность: 00:02:58

A brief presentation showing that once in very ancient history, in the days of antiquity, a BLACK MAN ruled the known world!

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Написал: hellavadeal, 11.11.2013, 13:39

The white man was content to hunt and raise sheep. Then Came Nimrod. The curse of Noah came true. Now what? Another black rebel trying for world control? Most of Egyptian kings were black also.
Написал: WILLIAM HAL ANDERS JR, 10.03.2014, 18:14

Interesting that he was considered an Antichrist, when now we know the Annunaki whom where fallen beings, came to Earth and altering captured members of the worlds tribes, created the first slave race, and current model Human. These stars of Genesis, where not and will never be Gods. The flood at first created by the destruction of Maldek, (Former hiding place of the fallen Elohim, until Galactic forces destroyed it) was later exacerbated by Nibiru's return into our solar system, causing another flood altering the world map. The reason certain people received warnings is because they where hybrids, like Noah whose name is also Zuisudra, an there masters did not all believe the Altered humans should die. Why did they Enki and Enlil want us dead? Revolt leaving the Garden of Eden or slave mansion with the first born altered humans, when they came and informed us dum (naked) Adams what was going on. Thank you to literetro for posting video. I think Obama is Nimrod, because in the past he came to rule an abomination, and now it the same thing. lol another name for the Annunaki is Ama Ra Ka.
Написал: Sophia Ariel, 23.12.2013, 07:57

Are you kidding me?? Nimrod like the rest of the wicked was a seed of Satan.
Написал: cosMICjester, 20.02.2014, 22:41

Heres some of those "black' Egyptians
Написал: jrtien, 19.04.2014, 09:56

It's sickening to me that some folks are so much more concerned with the color of skin than the contents of the heart and the virtue of a persons actions. Nimrod being the trash that he was, and whatever color the scum may have been, is nobody to be proud of. It is a form of mental enslavement to take pride in those who would oppress you, whatever color their skin might be...
Написал: Big Mike Texas, 30.03.2014, 14:45

one thing you guys did not know is that Nimrod was a Nephal, or giant. noahs son ham and his decendents also had giant blood in them. That is why the land of Canann was cursed. The giants were the result of the 200 fallen angels that mated with the daughters of man. Hams wife was the one that carried the giants blood line after the flood that God sent to wipe out all of the Giants. Please get your history straight.
Написал: Robert Burchett, 06.01.2014, 12:26

At one time in history the red man was the dominant people around the world! After century's of intermixing with other tribes and almost completely being wiped out by other tribes of people, the red man lost his high status in the civilized world. Just look at our own American history and how we just about wiped out the American Indians. If you look at old pictures of the native Indians of the U.S. and around the world , you will see that they most resemble the paintings on the walls of Egypt. Especially skin color and the large bridge of the nose. I have seen many , many paintings from the walls of Egypt and some of the paintings show black men with ropes around their necks and red men pulling them or leading them around. Just because someone posts a picture of a king with black features doesn't mean they were black! The Red man had black slaves and mated with black women for hundreds of years , It would only seem right that at some time there would be a black king. If you look at most of the pictures on the walls of the pyramids you will see that the skin color of most of the people including most of the slaves were red. A slave was a slave, there was no distinction by skin color back then. Even the white Europeans had white slaves! The black kingdoms enslaved there own color also.
Написал: diongwi, 21.12.2013, 21:51

LMFAO Afrocentric rewrite of history and twisting of facts no Respectable Professor of ANY race would say any of this is true. As for those who keep claiming their history was stripped from them, again LOL. Just because you want other peoples history doesn't mean you can have it. Africans had great empires and history, I find you people pathetic who remain ignorant of your histories and claim others just because it's more recognizable.
Написал: silk don, 04.04.2014, 08:35

stop caring what the European think, your gonna go to great lengths to prove a child of Satan. just cause he look like us doesn't mean we have the same father, Cain and Abel had different fathers, Esau and Jacob had different fathers, (spiritually of course) now physically where not from the seed of ham, but yes they had mighty men. but shem chopped up his nephew nimrod in the name of the father, you can compare your latest gangster rapper to nimrod, sure he can be influential but doesn't mean it righteous. now if u need an example use jesus, hey you went to great lengths to research someone to represent the whole black race. put that energy into documenting isreal. god compared us to Ethiopia (ham) Amos 9:7.the Egyptian (ham) where black, that's why Moses Joseph and Paul were all Israelite, but was assumed to be Egyptian but they where jews, thats path of the most high which is a better case study. unless were being educated on our enemy 
Написал: takfam07, 22.11.2013, 01:04

If humans could build a time machine and travel back in time, we'd see just what we'd expect: the first civilizations of humankind being built by Caucasoids in the Near East and Egypt, as well as by Mongoloids in China. We would see Negroid peoples living in static tribal primitivism, in the same Neolithic (at best) state as when they were first discovered by Arab, European and Chinese travelers to sub-Sahara in the Middle Ages. It is amusing-yet-sad to see modern blacks churlishly insisting that their black ancestors were something they never were. This is a profound cultural insecurity, a poignant self-protective reaction against the reality of their REAL ancestral history of slavery, colonization and inevitable failure to advance once "freedom" is gained. And the reason this history was foisted upon blacks was simply because the dominant races had infinitely superior cultural and technological development compared to sub-Saharan Negroid peoples. This doesn't mean that Negroids were "bad people" or "losers." One could say they were "victims." But at the same time, blacks always seem strangely complicit in their own exploitation by others, and their own subsequent cultural ruin. In fact, blacks do not even need an antagonist to effect their downward spiral. All they need is a taste of another culture's advanced goods, and they will end up destroying one another to obtain it. This is why they sold each other by the millions to Arabs and whites. For whatever reason, it is evident that blacks as a whole (because there are always some exceptions) do not truly care about "cause-and-effect" or the "consequences of actions" the way other races do. They are not imbued with the pride, will, vision or energy to advance their race as other races have. This is why there is always that inevitable, inexorable pull back down to subsistence tribal living once "freedom" or "independence" is gained. That's because they never cultivated nor possessed civilizational attributes in the first place. Perhaps this is because in tropical Africa, they did not need these qualities to survive. Therefore these were not naturally selected survival traits in the black gene pool, as they were in races that had to survive different geographical climates.
Написал: Dannosuke25, 16.12.2013, 20:39

Who cares skin color does not matter at all. Just live your life and be good to one another. Why is this very simple concept so hard for humans? I do it everyday with no problem. 
Написал: MsMommaRose, 25.02.2014, 02:42

No one person has ever ruled the world. Silly theist.
Написал: MrMiamiswaggz305, 13.11.2013, 05:06

So what if Nimrod was black. Nimrod was evil and we should be happy that his white or black ass is dead, I bet blacks would be quick to claim Satan if he were black. We're tripping as a people. Not saying that he wasn't black but ........ Yeah many things have been white washed but will it help us in the end?
Написал: mehamed k, 18.03.2014, 21:56

Nimrod was not black you morons, but light brown! he was where Iraq is today, you can find how those people looked by their ancient paintings and carvings an they look like Persians today, Nimrod does not look at all like a negro. stop with the dumb retarded negro nonsense!!
Написал: Shaun Dee, 05.01.2014, 17:22

You can quote all the bible quote you want but i am 100% sure white people (europians) wrote the bible so why they would but in code that blacks are gos makes no sense mate
Написал: Philemon 1:3, 23.02.2014, 02:15

Lets assume for a moment that this is all true. Then you have the very first world leader, the most powerful man of that time, a Black ruler incurring the wrath of GOD. That's not a good thing. To be the first EVER and then mess it up by making GOD angry sets the example of how the world views you for generations to come. And now the most powerful man in the world is black and doing the same things Nimrod did, which is angering GOD. I do not see this ending well.
Написал: Omega1st, 10.01.2014, 05:48

Abraham is Myth.
Написал: Samsonite Dread, 22.11.2013, 02:16

Really , we'll that could be said about most of Europe also . Tell me this , how did most of Europen people live 3 ,4 thousand years ago??? I know the answer. They lived in complete backwards savagery. Whites of this time were primatives,and lived in tribe's, or clans also .Did you know many so called primative african tribes were smelting iron ,when Europeans were in the bronze age?? Of course you can look at the greatness of Greece,are Rome , but these two empires viewed the majority of whites as barbarians. As in the Celts ,Gauls , many Germanic tribes, all violent barbarians. You people were no where near being civilized. Yet most of you guys ignore this fact. Africa on the other hand had many astounding kingdoms , besides Egypt, which is really called Kemet, land of the blacks. Yes Africans lived in huts, and many were primatives, but that was not All Africa !!! Just like not all of Europe ,was granite buildings, and paved streets.
Написал: Childof Yahweh, 19.03.2014, 23:34

From what I know of Nimrod I wouldn't want to be proud of the fact he was of my race. That's like a white person being proud of Hitler. 
Написал: Sananda Maitreya's Apparition, 15.02.2014, 08:36

It is, if my memory serves me correctly, Nimrod of the very Biblical that broke musas ( Moses) civilization. Also, If I may again extemporize,it is Also this same Nimrod,in whom was born on December 25, and not the jesus prophet born 2000 years ago. I believe if my memory serves me correctly,it's Nirods Birthday that is commonly celebrated as Christmas. This is great subject matter. I'm blessed to have a opportunity to study and Learn from it. Thank you for the presentation..
Написал: William Weir, 11.04.2014, 03:27

Nimord was not black you foolish people! You Afrocentric loons are very comical. Your self-hate is so powerful that you resort to stealing other peoples histories and personas smh Please get a an education for gods sake.
Написал: Dawn Rich, 24.06.2014, 17:27

My son who is 35 yrs old brought this to my attention a few years ago. We realized that Nimrod is in fact the figurative"sun god" We also realized that the pagan holiday which is called "christmas" is actually the birthday of Nimrod/sun god. We actually had a good laugh while we discussed this subject because as my son put it "There's a whole lot of people who are going to stop celebrating christmas once they find out that they have been celebrating a "black man's" birthday every year. Ha!!!!
Написал: kim jun ew, 29.11.2013, 17:06

i've read a book on this too, but some info is still a tad bit confusing. i'll figure it out though. it's still a good documentary though. :)
Написал: Edward Jones, 22.06.2014, 07:05

Farrakhan says we are not of ham.. That was racist Jewish rhetoric. But the rest is true.
Написал: Benjamin Israel, 01.02.2014, 22:40

Nimrod chose the g d of evil and blasphemy satan over THEE CREATOR though His father Ham was taught the RIGHTEOUS way to go by Noah. Nimrod's was the first demonic empire on earth after the flood. Before the flood it was Cain who murdered his brother Abel due to intense hatred, greed, lust, jealousies, the CREATOR put a mark upon him vanquishing him from Eden-Jerusalem to the land of Nod where the demon g d satan showed him how to be extraordinarily evil. I believe to this day, that Cain was made into a caucasian leper and his leper genetics were passed onto his children throughout the centuries up until the flood came, whereas none of his descendants made it unto the flood, including the many other descendants of Adam that partook in devil worship though they were Negro.