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Arnel Pineda Journey new song "After all this Years"

Продолжительность: 00:05:05

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Написал: august2776, 02.09.2014, 02:38

You are the man Arnel. Love to hear you sing.
Написал: Anita Kearney, 22.08.2014, 20:45

Perry was indeed great but he is no longer member of the band. Why not judge Arnel on his own vocal ability which by the way is simply awesome...
Написал: Angie Buschur, 12.05.2014, 00:48

LOVE this song :-)
Написал: Dag Koj, 19.01.2014, 21:56

Wow!! it's great song. I cannot believe people still don't know that it's not Steve Perry who sang this song. This song was written way way way after Steve Perry was gone. And Arnel didn't sound anything like Steve Perry, if they want someone who sing like Steve Perry then they would have kept Steve Augeri. They kept Arnel because for his extreme vocal range and ability to perform all of their songs. Just for your information, Steve Perry has a more crist and clear sound. Arnel has a stronger and more powerful sound. They simply didn't and never sounded the same or even close to the same. 
Написал: Cheche Cuizon, 15.11.2013, 01:56

I love you arnel...youre song is verry nice..godbless you
Написал: Cheche Cuizon, 15.11.2013, 01:56

I love you arnel...youre song is verry nice..godbless you
Написал: Jena McIntosh, 02.10.2008, 08:45

Should have been #1!!!
Написал: ebizzyboy, 16.10.2009, 03:17

Wow...after listening to this song I am now more convinced than ever that Steve Perry was and is the heart and soul of Journey...this song sounds nothing like the Journey that I grew up with...good luck to them though...but I won't be buying any of their new music...I'll be happily listening to my old Journey LP's and CD's or downloading the original Journey songs off iTunes...
Написал: lavjourney nealjonarnelrossdeen, 10.12.2012, 01:17

hoorayy! found my journey....!Keep up the good work Arnel, JOURNEY is still kicking !
Написал: Fairythel Obina, 11.11.2008, 12:52

am a great fan of arnel. i already took notice of his voice the frist time i saw him as part of the zoo band way back when they guested in a TV show (Unang Hirit). But hey guys, sorry to break the euphoria--- but the correct line should be "after all THESE years" and not "this"...grammatically wrong to say so.
Написал: cass2chk, 28.09.2008, 16:44

the song is #9 in Casey Casem American Top 10 charts dated 28 Sept 2008. All comments are welcome to boost all good wishes. I hope I heared it right this AM in Monterey radio FM96.9 it said a week 4 entry.
Написал: Jena McIntosh, 19.09.2008, 04:40

This song is soooooo amazing. It says everything about the way I feel about my husband. We have had our share of life's turmoils and still are, but as long as we have each other, our faith and our love, we will make it through anything. That which does not break us, makes us stronger and with what we have been through,and are still going thru, we are stronger for it. Keep the faith!! Keep the love!!
Написал: bedzable, 25.11.2010, 22:44

i realy like the song so nice in arnel's voice perfect....i love you arnel pineda♥♥♥
Написал: enchut, 15.05.2008, 18:28

Nice video... for the lovers out there!!!
Написал: wisconsincheddar249, 12.07.2008, 03:08

This is a great song... Arnel's voice is about identical to Steve Perry's voice as you can get. Wow, I'm impressed.
Написал: kawaiileena, 09.05.2009, 14:21

Really good song. It sounds old-fashioned but in a good way. Great single! Love JOURNEY~
Написал: 1angrywhite, 04.02.2010, 03:41

Nice song!!! After you heard him sound like perry; how many were expecting that extra 16% that Perry gives you which makes the song perfect and when you think it's great he pulls the 4% more out on the end letting you know there was nothing left in the tank. Aaaahhh......SP is the best. I give Arnel an 80. Oh yeah, J.Cain and N. Schon wrote everything. I would like to have seen Arnel bound and gagged in his harness as he tried to give input, believing he is in the band. lol
Написал: GA5XA, 06.06.2008, 12:23

I'm still in debt after all this years. Marriage is hard to maintain if you are poor.
Написал: noel353, 10.06.2008, 22:18

LOVE the background Schon's lead guitar not too overpowering, perfect amount. Schon really did a great guitar magic on this revelation album.
Написал: Von Akuma, 10.06.2009, 23:29

67cabman what do you mean butchering perry's song. arnel sing it perfectly!!!
Написал: SKOKIE26, 17.05.2008, 11:13

My mother in law keeps nagging me after all this years. But she helps us a lot. I'm jobless.
Написал: treegoatman, 04.07.2008, 18:22

amazing end of
Написал: monnix, 17.05.2008, 06:34

Journey 4ever.. tnx for posting ;)
Написал: ZBSTFCUK, 12.11.2008, 02:40

journey rocks!! amen there back
Написал: victoria blaides, 17.09.2013, 23:30

That's your opinion.