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How to colorize your drawings like Sonic Team style, the easiest way!

Продолжительность: 00:09:58

[The introduction music belongs to Sega-SonicTeam] In this video I show how to colorize your drawings easily just like Sonic Team does. (Skip to 2:07 to see only the coloring style) (Sorry for the video quality, I had so much problems with this video in Windows Movie Maker, so I had no other choice) With this colorizing style you can make your drawings and specially your Sonic drawings look really good, this style only works on the computer, specially using photoshop. If you try to do this colorizing style, prepare for a lot of patient and hand hability, but once you get the hang of it, it doesn't take you too much work; the video is sped up because it took 1h13 to finish. (I didn't notice it) In this video, I colorize my own Shadow the Hedgehog drawing if you notice, this picture is going to be used in a distant future, I was suposed to not reveal it before time. Click in this link for the Ultimate Sonic artwork contest: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music: His World Remix / Fight the Knight/ Never Turn Back/ It doesn't matter All this music belongs to Sega-Sonic Team

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Написал: Spoon Fork, 31.12.2011, 08:15

@Hexthemaster hey wat program are u using??
Написал: Hexthemaster, 21.09.2010, 21:18

@FlazeTheHedgehog1 But it wouldn't be so exacly and you wouldn't have the brush tool that makes you draw with that color dissolving effect.
Написал: fireblaze6, 04.10.2011, 03:38

Hey I use the same method when I'm coloring in Photoshop too!!
Написал: Spikey Acorn, 12.05.2013, 21:54

Написал: theALTUMITlifeFORM1, 01.02.2012, 00:38

i'm not judgen' i'm just sayin'
Написал: Sir, TotallyCooki, 21.09.2010, 10:57

@Hexthemaster Nah the easiest way can be done with multiple programs select the whole "collor area" and then just draw a lighter stroke in it if you really wanna be carefull do it with a line/curve tool
Написал: Hexthemaster, 17.10.2010, 02:47

@pyroken67 Well that's the method I use, what method do you use to do this?
Написал: Darkfoxdragon101, 14.05.2011, 09:14

i use paint net!
Написал: tummywar123, 16.07.2012, 19:59

HEY i well do drawings that you send me them on the conputer if i like them and give them color if you send me your drawings guys i well make them look cool but i only have the paint app so it mite not look that good so ya send me thaings (I WOUNT PUT THEM ON YOUTUBE BECUSE I CANT SORRY) :)
Написал: imred3345l, 30.05.2010, 00:52

wow ur good
Написал: 碧 chan, 23.10.2011, 23:48

Nice work,man. ^^
Написал: InfernalAge, 19.01.2013, 20:36

Mother Fucker Zebrahead Bitch! (one referece for the song XD)
Написал: Hexthemaster, 29.01.2011, 01:33

@TheraHedgehog2 "Never turn back", from Shadow the Hedgehog
Написал: raymart pascua, 21.11.2010, 05:19

@hexthemaster paint is easier than that i think
Написал: Hexthemaster, 20.09.2010, 21:40

@FlazeTheHedgehog1 What? Using the Polygonal Lasso in Phtotoshop isn't the easiest way.
Написал: Choco_mint.ღ, 16.05.2013, 11:22

I want to hug him!!!! :3
Написал: GohanSN, 31.03.2010, 18:44

Looks good, I tried it and it was a bit hard, maybe if I try as you it gonna be easier, lol
Написал: Hexthemaster, 09.02.2011, 03:04

@vampirehunterXD you're welcome :)
Написал: ambereyed1, 23.07.2012, 23:52

Hex my friend, there's a reason that Photoshop, GIMP, SAI, and many other programs like them have the layers option. :3
Написал: assassin2552, 01.07.2011, 14:16

i love your pictures!!!!!!
Написал: shahla ali, 14.12.2012, 19:17

Написал: Rosey Wolf, 20.05.2013, 15:49

Could you draw Sally Acorn next?
Написал: Hexthemaster, 17.10.2010, 03:20

@pyroken67 Uh, okay, what I get is that you want to know how to draw Sonic hands?
Написал: Hexthemaster, 01.02.2012, 02:31

@theALTUMITlifeFORM1 Yes , I know.
Написал: blueberryblast1, 18.09.2011, 22:25

@shadmart That's photoshop!