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Luffy Vs. Bellamy - One Punch [FULL SCENE]

Продолжительность: 00:04:57

SABO'S DRAGON CLAW ATTACK: Check out my One Piece playlist for more HD videos: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scene from One Piece episode 151 This channel is made for non-profit uses. Visual content administered by: Funimation Entertainment Base79 (Base79/1)

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Написал: Gabriel Sanchez, 19.10.2014, 06:35

Observation Haki?
Написал: Mano Orange, 28.08.2014, 01:25

he didn't even use his gomu gomu no mi
Написал: Kristoffer Pettersson, 05.10.2014, 19:12

Man I want this kind of animation back. it looks so much more alive than the current flat and plastered on animation !! Also I think bellamy should get a place on luffy's ship. It seems like he only wants to be a pirate and to belong to a crew, he is just missguided and I think Luffy can get him on the right track, i'm starting to rute for bellamy a little !! though I hope chicken head is first in line.
Написал: Łukasz Maciszewski, 28.09.2014, 21:27

Hahh Belamy poor boy,earlier Luffy now Bartolomeo 
Написал: Quinn Nijhuis, 09.09.2014, 17:25

Bellamy has the lamest devil fruit power in history.
Написал: Kévin Parent, 08.11.2014, 06:10

Написал: Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος, 13.10.2014, 16:36

EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Написал: Regyturbo, 29.09.2014, 23:00

The best thing about one piece is that when a character gets a scar, it stays there for the rest of the anime
Написал: LightningLegend12, 16.04.2014, 03:37

You know, sometimes I find it really difficult to remember that Luffy is technically the bad guy in this show.
Написал: vL lOis, 27.11.2014, 15:23

Hahahah! Am I the one who's watching this again because of the recent manga release? xD
Написал: Jamie CheezeCake, 09.06.2014, 12:53

I wish i could have luffys fist imprinted on my skull too :3 <33
Написал: thiago luiz, 26.11.2014, 00:35

Написал: Red Malachi 怠惰な人柱力, 24.08.2014, 12:19

Raditz is That you?
Написал: Jaysus777Live, 25.07.2014, 14:02

Bellamy is a bitch here and in new world.
Написал: theworldowner111, 04.11.2014, 17:08

Написал: Joey McClendon, 04.08.2014, 13:56

That face do (-) and then punch fuck u Bellamy 
Написал: S-class Mystogan, 13.04.2014, 03:30

The single hadedly Te most devistateing and embarrassing loss in ALL one piece histroy
Написал: Fabian Palma, 19.10.2014, 19:44

Observation haki much?
Написал: darrius13sniper, 15.02.2014, 04:16

You know you're punched really hard when the man's knuckle shape imprints on your skull.
Написал: mjg01906, 10.10.2014, 20:27

GOMU GOMU NO..................... FALCON PUNCH!!!!
Написал: Jason Yuan, 23.07.2014, 01:54

Написал: Shaquille Pompey, 19.07.2014, 01:29

Time Skip Bellammy is like twice luffy's height xD hes probably a late bloomer or something
Написал: 13Cucl, 24.02.2014, 20:33

the New World Bellamy looks so retarded :P
Написал: Mia Quetua, 23.06.2014, 21:14

Why does EVERYONE underestimate Luffy?!?!
Написал: Fubuki Shirou, 28.02.2014, 00:42

I just noticed after two years Bellamy's bounty is higher than Zoro's and Sanji's, they REALLY need an update