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Написал: YamiPoyo, 10.02.2013, 05:11

Case one the winner is a total racist bitch
Написал: YamiPoyo, 17.02.2013, 23:43

No thats what the woman said 2
Написал: Sianostrakarenrenren, 31.12.2012, 20:48

These people annoy the fuck out of me. Pain and suffering is if say, you lost an arm, was bedridden for six months, or lost a family member, not "Cause I was so stressed."
Написал: Aicha El, 29.01.2013, 03:12

You are very dense. Our own government stiffs us.
Написал: Shun-Guan Takari, 04.01.2013, 18:30

And God bless her for it. What a beautiful troll. <3
Написал: PancakeSally, 01.03.2013, 00:23

The defendant in the first case really annoys me . . . WOW! Tears and all while she didn't mind ripping off her "friend."
Написал: AsheeshAnand, 18.12.2012, 21:12

Umm, in the second case, what was the defendant doing borrowing a dress from the plaintiff? They're not remotely the same size. I find it highly unlikely that it was necessary for anyone to grab the dress, for it to come undone.
Написал: UhTheeNuh89, 14.03.2013, 10:41

Even if he was parked illegally... you always have to look before and as you reverse! What if a person had been walking or standing there?
Написал: George Randolph, 07.01.2013, 06:21

second case . . .defendant's a leech who is full of crap and the plaintiff is a moron that doesn't know how to say no - no sympathy for this bimbo.
Написал: richboyk1, 09.02.2013, 10:43

how so?
Написал: gargoyle1701, 02.01.2013, 01:41

fuckin drama queen !!
Написал: Joseph Kalavas, 11.03.2013, 13:07

Thank you for your time.great VIDS.
Написал: Scherzadee C., 28.04.2013, 04:37

Ohhh, I love you, that's my thoughts, exactly
Написал: Samuel Spark, 21.02.2013, 22:50

mama mia
Написал: SchizophrenicSmurf, 23.02.2013, 09:19

American in the context of the USA IS a race as much as Italian. But no, they don't have as much of a wonderful history as the Italians. They're still young. Americans are in NO way better than Italians, except maybe economy?
Написал: richboyk1, 07.02.2013, 07:13

I'm from Georgia dumb-ass.
Написал: kitkatt24, 20.12.2012, 14:52

old people...
Написал: oldbag699, 26.12.2012, 12:09

she is emotional because she doesnt want to pay any money and she is an italian lol and the sick act is a whole load of baloney
Написал: nocutesayn, 08.01.2013, 22:04

My apologies for not making myself more clear. It was not my intent to offend nor to be mistaken.
Написал: theR1ch, 29.01.2013, 01:23

You mean the announcer doesn't already creep you out?
Написал: DAXDEXICO, 08.02.2013, 20:58

Note to foreigner: You're damned right! Sincerely, an American.
Написал: larissaj, 27.03.2013, 17:48

Don't loan money to friends or family. If you do, consider it a GIFT and if they pay it back? It's a blessing.
Написал: Tenshi Chan, 28.01.2013, 21:57

The irony is, most other countries DO have closed borders and STRICT immigration policies. In some countries, you can't buy land or a house UNLESS you're a citizen, and in some places it takes sponsorship from a native born citizen in addition to mountains of paperwork to become a citizen. Those countries are lauded as being smart. If we try to do that here, even on a small scale, we're "racist"? I don't see why a double standard applies.
Написал: Adrian Anderson, 17.12.2012, 17:38

Написал: tartra, 16.12.2012, 21:48

I think he's tired of dealing with stupid people. :P He's like one of those guys who thought it was really funny when it started, but now he's just like, 'Ugh, all of you are annoying.'