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Написал: Junior, 27.02.2014, 00:13

I have a question: I saw the American Telephone and Telegraph building @ 32:04 and I was just wondering, was this movie released before the split of AT&T or after?
Написал: Kent Manthie, 17.06.2014, 23:57

AT&T wasn't broken up until 1983. So to answer your question - it was BEFORE the breakup. In 1979, AT&T was the only game in town, as far as telephone service was concerned.
Написал: Lisa Foster, 19.05.2014, 05:51

GEM ALERT-- concept starwars weapons sytems-but w twist, STAR studded cast was first bigtime movie of Meteor title 1979, hi tech for age// H fonda President,Maldon,Sean Connery,Natalie Wood ,Brian Keefe?WOW,stars bigtime production on ABC movie of wk. Woods dies shortlyinunrelated CA boat thing, close-following year or 2?,fictional in film she almost drowns, ouch-trade centers(9yrs old!) on fire then fall.-- GEM GEM GEM-check it out or find where you can -have never seen until today,thx for adding
Написал: Thor Odinson, 01.01.2014, 06:59

Deliciously ridiculous and awful.
Написал: 2028 END, 10.05.2014, 20:07

A Meteor is coming !!!! 2028END d o t c o m !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Написал: David Currie, 17.02.2014, 22:34

I thought Martin landau was Hilarious..I knotted my self when he said "since were redundant here"...just a film.. not to be taken seriously...could happen though!
Написал: qiviut queen, 16.02.2014, 18:30

ok film, Wonder when this will happen for real ?
Написал: functionalschizophr, 12.01.2014, 21:56

its funny to see people arguing over a fictional story...
Написал: Vic Smith, 14.06.2014, 20:59

Don't worry yourself over the rights and wrongs of this movie just enjoy it,that's what there for , After,all u can pick holes in every film your ever see
Написал: gjc82071, 12.06.2014, 12:37

This makes 2 movies that Henry Fonda was portrayed as a US President. (the other being "Fail Safe" (1964)
Написал: James Tyrrell, 02.12.2013, 20:11

I didn't know that Brian Keith was 'actually' fluent in Russian. Who knew :P.
Написал: Villiago, 22.02.2014, 20:21

What is a hundred piece orchestra doing on a meteor?
Написал: Mike Roberts, 02.06.2014, 13:28

I'm sure Connery needed to make a mortgage payment or two, which is why he took this role.
Написал: dinomate01, 21.05.2014, 10:18

I loved this Movie ! It just had something to it ! Thanks for Uploading ! I just received the Original Soundtrack CD to Meteor - the music was excellent and help make the film what it is !
Написал: Johan Tronestam, 16.05.2014, 20:15

The sound effect you hear each time the "space stone" comes into picture is of course awesome ;)
Написал: LoveFlatfootin1, 14.05.2014, 02:33

Enjoyed the film and the chance to see some of my favorite actors. Thanks for the upload.
Написал: Wispier Tetrahedrons, 26.04.2014, 02:44

13:25 I lost it. I wish I watched this movie sooner if only to have that line in my arsenal.
Написал: Lisa Foster, 19.05.2014, 05:56

think this is amazing star studded, big time film ;was preteen never saw !!!!but does anybody wonder if Reagon did??? two concepts in this abc movie of wk-he never budged on(paratroka follows this, in his term). GEM before computer and way before other movies w/subject title, Art/Life thing?now thesereal concern world does not think- just sci fi theory Luv Luv Luv!
Написал: finaltom5, 31.12.2013, 01:51

I bet the military generals of today are just as stupid as the one in this movie. That would explain alot.
Написал: Professor6871, 13.04.2014, 13:13

Simply chucking nukes at giant asteroid coming towards us wouldn't destroy it. A spacecraft would use its gravity to change its trajectory so it would safely pass the earth. 
Написал: Paul Banta, 31.03.2014, 19:11

LOL! Loved this movie as a kid and also now as a campy classic, featuring the coolest AMT model kits and one of the noisiest meteors in outer space! Thanks for posting! Swiiiissshhh--whooosssh!
Написал: Malcolm MacKinney, 03.04.2014, 23:47

Urban renewal atits fiest
Написал: Tom Guzzetta, 02.04.2014, 00:23

if USA and FSU were allies , ....... it would make an unstoppable force . 
Написал: Paul Brightner, 06.04.2014, 19:51

Karl Malden, very underrated actor. And Natalie Wood, tragic accident that killed her.
Написал: Audioquest56, 26.03.2014, 13:26

"Why don't you stick a broom up my ass? I could sweep the carpet on the way out." Not even Connery could save this turd...